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Can I just have a list of all the hundreds of fucking acronyms I see on this board? Like what's an agp, or aap or whatever.
Fuck, what even is a blanchard?
It's all autistic gender fan fiction.
Why would you want to get wrapped up in that bullshit?
Why not just go to /mlp/ and ask them to explain all the ponies and pony terms and shit to you?
>tfw I identify as GSRM but not as GLBTQIA
I feel like every time i open a thread on this degenerate board i discover a new fuckin term. In 3 years this i what i suspect the format of every post will be.

Blanchard is a doctor who coined AGP and HSTS to describe two broad categories of transwomen. He's an outlier in transgender studies who believes that transfeminine identities are dysfunctions of male sexuality. Everyone who subscribes to this theory (even him) is slippery on whether that means the gender identities of transwomen should be identities formally recognized in public life.

AGP stands for "autogynephile," and it's generally applied to older transitioners (mid 20s and up) and transwomen who are attracted to other women.
HSTS stands for "homosexual transexual," and it applies to younger transitioners who are attracted to men and might have been gender nonconforming or lived as gay men before coming out.

Which is which, which is better to be, which are "actually" trans is debated endlessly here. AGP is sometimes used as a descriptor but often as an insult. HSTS is usually a compliment but the better someone thinks it is to be HSTS, the definition becomes more exclusive.
>Legit terms
MtF - male to female transsexual
FtM - female to male transsexual
cis - cisgender, as in anyone who isn't transgender

>Troll terms

hon - insult meaning unpassable or embarassing trans person. This comes from old trans communities from the 90s

AGP - autogynephilia, person who is turned on by the thought of being a girl
AAP - autoandrophilia, person who is turned on by the thought of being a guy
HSTS - homosexual transsexual, person who is attracted to same sex as their birth sex who is transsexual

These come from outdated pseudoscience ramblings of a discredited trans researcher. Very easy to pretend to take these concepts seriously to discredit trans people
Okay, let's start from the top...

BLANCHARD - Biphobic Lecherous 'Murican Neocon transCanadian HickHating Asexualphobic Rimjob Detractor
Can someone explain fucking desu while we're at it?
T B H -desu

also desu
I'm not really sure what means desu = I'm not really sure desu ?

Cool makes sense.
desu Doesn't have any meaning. Literally it's only purpose is to make a sentence in japanese sound more polite when it ends in desu, so long as that sentence doesn't end in a verb, otherwise it would be grammatically incorrect.
For real, desu?

So the only reason it gets used here is because this board is full of a bunch of weebs.
desu is akin to the verb to be. It has meaning it's repeated a lot in japanese because is a common verb
AGP is NOT a dysfunction. It is a natural variation.

But really desu is the Japanese verb 'to be' or 'is'

Why t-b-h gets filtered to desu in particular is a mystery though
Since becoming a camgirl I don't know if this means 'what the fuck' or 'want to fuck' anymore lol
That's definitely one side but I see a lot of posts here that presume it's an unhealthy thing that negatively impacts a person's mental health and there's no effective treatment for it.
So many users here seem to think that AGPs shouldn't transition or that transitioning ultimately won't help AGPs.
I don't get "homosexual transsexual" though. If you transition as a gay or lesbian to the other gender you wouldn't be homosexual anymore
That's exactly what I don't like about the term, it implies that straight transwomen are actually and always will be gay men.
Not Op, but I always thought that HSTS stands for Hunter S. Thompson Syndrome (because it makes sense to extent).
Blanchard is very hateful towards trans, this is to be expected
You newfag. Try typing t-b-h without the hyphens. You'll get desu because jap Moot had a filter on it and f-a-m, which becomes senpai
the saga continues...
I still like to think some people actually type out senpai, or at least type the word it filters to knowing it'll become senpai here.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 1

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