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Who else /wantstodie/ here?

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Who else /wantstodie/ here?
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reporting in
Still waiting for someone pure of heart to end me.
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>i know this feel
Can I have a hug before you try
Why do you want to die?
rn I dont
might change in the next hours, BPD is fun
Yep. I probably will not make it to the end of summer.
what does that feel like?
if i dont exercise every 48 hours i get suicidal ideation
I knew a guy with bdd like that. He joined the Marines and I never saw him again.
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of course
Generic no bf feels & insecurities about my looks.
I don't want to die but I don't necessarily want to live either
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You rang?
Hmm... no partner can be lonely. But everyone has concerns about their looks. No one is perfect so don't get hung up if you notice something you think is a flaw, chances are other people dont notice it.
How do you feel about the fact that your body keeps you alive 24/7 regardless of what you think?
disappointed...and a little surprised it hasn't conked out yet
yup, but too cowardly to do it myself. also would rather not intentionally hurt the people i know.

It's not even a single flaw, I just hate my face and body and look at them and think about things I would change.
Change what you can. Maybe it will be enough.

Personally I know I will never like my body and it is probably only a matter of time before I self destruct.
>Personally I know I will never like my body and it is probably only a matter of time before I self destruct.

This is pretty much how I feel too
Missed my appt with Dr for my hrt today on purpose. I laid in bed and cried all day instead. I'll never be normal I'm stuck as a man forever
me too
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tfw want to die buy cant figure out how to tie a noose with pratice rope
what's up

>try to take control of life
>exercise, doctor, socialize
>present as hon for first time
>feels good

>brain decides feeling too good
>impending doom sense triggered
>spend next month alternately locked in room and binge eating

yeah I don't know if I can keep up this pattern much longer. even though I'm probably the closest i've ever been to seizing control of my life. it just seems impossible, especially if my brain interprets positive improvements in my life as an existential threat and I succumb to overwhelming depression/anxiety

i have a meeting with a new therapist in the morning at least
>tfw I have been feeling like doing that
>tfw I read your post and know that this is exactly what would happen to me
It's time to jump from that building I guess.
as long as i don't fuck up and become homeless at the end of this month i'll keep slamming my head against that wall

but if i can crack the code & focus on my self-improvement long enough that I can have a functional, sustainable life involving social/romantic interaction, physical activity (hiking/cycling/etc.), educational/intellectual development, and creative/artistic pursuits i'm gonna make an incredible person

kind of shitty that i'm such a pathetic mess of a human though
Fucking end me
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need to vent
>make friends
>haha sam you're so annoying I hate you xD
>i am le : ^ ) randum funny friend bonk bonk
>pretend I don't want to die cause everyone thinks that and hurt my feelings a lot
try a secret hobby/skill. secret so you can get good and have reasons to be confident before you share with your friends so you don't get all anxious and weird about it. you need something else to focus on in your life, developing a talent will give you something compelling instead of le randum bullshit.

it's worth developing a few close friendships and maintaining them.. hobbies that you can do together can help with that too

trust me it just gets exponentially harder to make real friends as you age
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Goodnight le prince.png
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yes. pls help me. so lonely
being unpassable is the worst fucking bullshit ever
Sadly I doubt anyone can relate to you here it is tho I wish god allowed me to die in birth it's like a cruel joke. My mom asked me why my voice is so deep the other day she said you used to sound like me. Fucking end me.
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Train Your Brain to Get Happy.jpg
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>too feminine to look like a man
>too masculine to look like a woman
>thought I was trans and posted in passgen regularly
>actually wasn't trans but just liked cosplay
>satisfied with being a man now but terrified because my pictures are on 4chan forever

I had a mini mental breakdown when this finally hit me (and still feel awful). My privacy is compromised and I was a fool for believing that 4chan was at least partly anonymous.

Can anyone relate?
mood swings? it can be ridiculous, from suicidal to euphoric, my life is in total ruins but when it feels good I don't care
I just need friendly happy people to feed of but Ive been alone forever and online socialization barely helps
thats some hardcore self sabotage, well done my man
Say you like to cosplay unless you posted nudes no one will really care if you look like a bitch already it won't be surprising to see you dressed as one.
I know but I don't want anyone to find out about it. My family would be shocked, so would my friends
Family i can understand most are stuck with a 1950s mindset when it comes to this shit but friends freaking out dude it 2017 cosplay is everywhere and crossplaying is extremely common dump the normie friends.
Thread posts: 42
Thread images: 10

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