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is it just me?

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So i dont know about you guys but i get a little hurt and maybe a little annoyed when my girlfriend (she's pan or bi I'm not sure, she says different things) shares pictures of guy celebs with their shirts off, or like..you know, when she shares pictures of some celebs and i know she's got a crush on them and idk if it's illogical or something but it kinda hurts..maybe it's stupid, but it kinda hurts because like.. i don't know. I guess I'll never be as good as a guy, because i don't have the whole abs and muscles and shit and i don't know. I'm probably just being fucking dumb but it's like.. you know.. we're dating...
And it sometimes has me wondering , if she met someone like that, what would happen?
Stupid. I'm sorry. I'm just kinda jealous. I'm not sexy, I'm just some bitter jealous gay girl.
I just don't want anyone to take her away from me. Its long distance and my biggest fear is that some muscly "hot guy" will take her away from me. I just don't want that. I know she says she loves me. And i love her too. But i just get so fucking anxious. Any advice on how to not feel like this?
I think it's okay to be jealous.
She can have a crush on whatever she wants though, I don't think she would want to date them, it's probably only sexual
>Any advice on how to not feel like this?

I don't think it's something you can just shut off.

Just try not to worry a lot about her celebrity crushes. Most of us have them, and we are aware of the fact that it is just fantasy.
>long distance
>constantly talking about hot guys
uhh yeah i wouldn't
>having a relationship with a biscum
smh fam we've had hundreds of threads warning us about biscums tbh

Best you can do is pull the plug early and let the healing begin.
Nah she's not talking about them, but from tome to time she shares pictures on facebook or tumblr of them
I don't wanna break up with her fam. Its just the pictures of "hot" guys that are annoying. I'm not gonna end anything. I just wish she wouldn't like... be so.. blatant about it.
Yeah. I know. I have a few too, but i try not to be, like i said, blatant about it. I don't want her to feel like shit, or jealous, if all i do is keep sharing pictures of like.. Jessica Nigri.
I kinda follow a rule of if I'm in a relationship, i don't brag about crushes.
Its kinda like.. if I'm dating someone, I'm gonna focus on her, not on others.
But i guess not everyone has the same heart as me. I dunno.
Why is it okay for girls to brag about their celebrity crushes when they're in a relationship with someone, but considering the fact that those celebrities are still regular guys, they're technically just bragging about other guys,
But it's not really okay for girls to brag about regular guys when they're in a relationship.
You ever think about that?
Thats kinda confusing and tbh they're being a bit of an asshole. Tiny bit. A little bit.
You know?
Well, my girlfriend is also that kind of those who said they're not sure, but she's definitely a bi

Currently we're in a long distance relationship and will not be able to meet till christmas

Today she went out with her friends, apparently they're bowling.

When she's finally home she sent me a screenshot of her messages with a male friend. Something like 'why didn't you stay any longer, I still want to see those tits jiggling when you play', he even asked her about masturbating, well, a very inappropriate conversation, in my opinion. But, she's cool with talking about that stuff to her so called male best friends, what can I do, I'm just a sore jealous loser, the fact that she's so out of my league does not help at all, now I'm just sad :(

Sorry for the rant, just want to get this off
That sucks,
I can't tell you what to do but that definitely does hurt. If it was my girlfriend, I don't know what I'd do, but that would definitely make me uncomfortable. I personally don't find that acceptable.
If i were you I'd talk to her about how you feel. I'm sorry im not much help, but that does suck ass.
That's bullshit anon, it's not okay for her to be messaging back and forth with guys who are clearly trying to fuck her.
Anon is right, you know.
It's not okay.
I wouldn't say he's just a "best friend" either. Sorry to break that to ya, but i think you should end it before you get hurt even more.
She's not into you. Prepare for the hurt, I've been in that situation. Sorry, bro. You're one of the many, many victims of LDR now.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 2

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