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Trans swimming

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Is swimming basically off the table for trans people?

I used to be a really good swimmer, I was doing lifeguard training and everything
I was obviously quite uncomfortable with my body, and jealous of the girls there etc but I didn't actually quit until just before I started shaving my legs at about 16 or 17, because my parents were very harsh on my attendance and hardly ever let me miss swimming even if I was unwell

I pass pre HRT but my body is still shit the less clothes I have on, and there's no way Im getting in a swim suit with a dick between my legs

But I do kinda miss just being able to swim. Is there hope? Can trans people ever look okay in swimsuits and not have to worry?

Pic unrelated
If you get a neo vagina you can wear a bikini and go swimming. You know, just costs a bunch of money.
>just costs a bunch of money.
Not in the UK

But do people pass well enough after HRT to basically almost be naked? I think I've seen 2` trans people in swim suits, one is from that ftm mtf couple who transitioned young, and the other is a pornstar who's keeping the dick
Only if you exercise well and make sure you target the right areas. You want to slim down your stomach, but make sure you're working on getting bigger thighs/glute so your butt/legs are bigger. Don't get big arms. Lots of bike riding and stair climbing is good for your legs, then focus on cardio. If you do it right, and you pass moderately well, you'll have guys checking you at the beach.

Honestly, that's normal girl problems though. Lots of girls are super self conscious about their bodies, and guys aren't necessarily looking at you because they think something is off about you. Guys check out everyone, and if you pass moderately well you're just like any other girl (who hopefully has a nice butt to show off in your new bikini).
I pass quite well despite being pre HRT because the NHS is absolute shit.
I get a lot of attention when I go on nights out. I think its mostly because of my face and legs though. My face passes if I just wear eyeliner, and my legs are quite toned. My arms are a bit too thick though, and upper body is a bit too muscular, its not too out of the ordinary when Im fully dressed but I don't wear sleeveless shirts at all.
Is HRT gonna fix all my problems?
wear a bikini for your boobs and swimming shorts for the bottom (tuck your girlcock with the original bottom of the bikini under the shorts). maybe you can't swim like that on a pool, but on a beach – sure.
I'm sure you've read about what HRT does, but I think it will help especially if you're already passing decently well. If you're not satisfied with your breasts you can always look into augmentation. Not many girls have big arms, mostly just body builder girls. It's up to you whether that's okay with you or not.

If you already pass well and you learn to tuck well/get SRS you'll have no problem at the beach (if you can get over the hurdle of being mostly naked in public). It can actually be a super awesome feeling.
My arms aren't all that muscular, they're definitely not toned at all. They're just thicker than cis girls, not even by that much, but enough for me to notice all the time and try to hide
On HRT you'll lose muscle mass. So chances are your arms will decrease in size, so will your shoulders. How much depends on your current size, if you're already skinny you won't lose much. Big guys can become small girls though.
Well I'm definitely not skinny. Not even close to fat either. Thin-ish. I could lose weight but I'm doing okay. It's mostly muscle in just unable to shift. I gave up sports completely, I don't do anything that'd even remotely build muscle other than walk up a hill every couple of days.
You'll be fine. Don't sweat it.
>Wear bikini
>Wear swimming trunks over bottoms
>Look kinda flat but who even cares
>Wear a wetshirt if you're really weird about it

It's not impossible, no. 4 months into HRT I went to a waterpark, only 1 month into going girlmode. Don't be a pussy, OP.
Pretty much this

OP, just learn to hard tuck and layer things well. You can still be stylish even preop. I've been to the beach twice since I started transition (although tbh I'll be happy when it's not a worry anymore)
Where in the UK? i know one london district has either a weekly or monthly swimming thing.

I'm considering just swimming in shorts and a t-shirt, since i'm nowhere near there.
Some times Wales, sometimes midlands
I basically did the same thing, except I went with a skirtkini. It also covers down there pretty well if I use another tighter layer underneath to hold things together. I went to a water park with friends and it was fun like 1 month into HRT, and 2 months into transition.
Thread posts: 16
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