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Backpacking/plinking rifles?

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My chiappa little badger in .22lr. I've got it folding down to 7 inches across with the bottom rail removed, 16.5 inches long.

50 feet of paracord wrapping the stock, trs-25 red dot, stock rear sight removed just because it's shit, front will be off soon when I get around to looking at how to remove it without wrecking it.
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Full length with xbox controller for comprehension of how small it really is
Thats mighty neat
yeah i'm jealous.
I think it's pretty dope, faggots.
I was going to get one, but the store here sells them without the picatinny rails.
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I want a little badger.

Are they nice? I've heard great things about them?

Can I find the Deluxe version anywhere? I want the wooden stock because fudd
Are these guys commiefornia legal?
No complaints on it so far, shoots well, packs small, fun customization possible, weighs 2 pounds, dunno what they are talking about on the site saying 3.

Got mine from wanstallsonline for 187.
File: Crickett_3.jpg (217KB, 4288x2848px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How light is it? There's a "Pack Rifle Kit" for the Cricket, it makes the 15.2 oz. Doesn't look the most ergonomic though
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I met a guy who had something like that in .22 magnum.

Kinda felt like a toy when I was shooting it and I'm pretty sure the red dot he had on it weighed more than the gun.

I never thought I would find a rifle that was too light for my tastes, but that chiappa definitely is.

Anyway, don't let me keep you from enjoying it, I still think its a pretty cool idea in theory.
Should be, they're not semi auto at all, even if they were they don't have any assault weapon features.
That looks so uncomfortable to shoot it's actually impressive.

Literally those 2x4 shotguns look easier to hold.
my only issue with the badger is that there's literally no reason for it not to breakdown into two pieces and it looks awkward to me when folded in half. Two pieces with a way to then attach the barrel to the side of the stock (metal clips or something) would make it perfect. As such, I can't into it.
>chiappa little badger in .22lr.

That's really a cool little rifle OP.
Site says 3 pounds, but its 2.1 or so. maybe 3 with a scope and paracord wrapped but even then its doubtful.

From factory it doesnt but would be reidicuously easy to modify it to break down to 2 pieces. I've already done a full break down, and to split it in two just takes two toonies or loonies, quarters would probably work just fine too. Proper sized bolt, maybe a wingnut for easy break down or a locking pin for even quicker and you've got a 3 second breakdown.

I saw the .22 mag but the ammo is too expensive for how often i like to go plinking, you can apparently shoot the .22lr out of the .22 mag, with just a bit of case bulging, but it isnt recommended, so id rather not risk the wear on the chamber.

And it is very, very light. which is the main reason people get it for backpacking and such.
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I don't get what people say about it having a bad trigger. Mine sits at about 4lbs and has almost no travel
I want this in 7.62x39
Looking at it, it wouldn't take much. Replace the firing pin with a centre fire configuration, larger barrel, remove the extractor, and dassit.
File: littlebadger.jpg (245KB, 1024x340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've got one in .17

It's aight. Trigger is surprisingly good
Thread posts: 20
Thread images: 8

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