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Concealed Carry

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Let's get a concealed carry thread going

Turning 21 this month and plan on buying my first concealable handgun. Can't quite sure what to get. Right now I'm leaning towards subcompact because I want to be able to carry at University.

My buddy has a Ruger LC9s that he swears by, but I'm not so sure. I'd probably like to keep it under $500. Any /k/omrades have any suggestions for me?
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Been considering the Kel Tec PF9 as well; it's significantly cheaper and I heard it performs rather well
Used Sig P229 anon.
Does it conceal well? I've got a P226 and absolutely adore it, but another sig might be out of my price point
the LC9 is fine. My padre' carries one and he seems to like it.

Really depends on where you intend to carry though. Are you going to pocket carry or IWB carry?

I've got a Kahr PM9 that I carry IWB (appendix) but that fucker can get painful when seated. I can carry it much easier at the small of the back but it is more likely to be uncovered in that area.

If you intend to pocket carry, you really want to look at the smaller, lighter .380s like the LCP, CW380, Bodyguard, P238 (used), etc.

Also, save yourself the hassle and don't get a fucking Kel-Tek or Diamondback or Taurus.
unless youre a chick or super skinny and are required to dress a certain way at work; dont over think compacts/subcompacts, they are more difficult to operate relative to fullsizes, and there very well may be a fullsize out there for ya and a good holster to go along with it thatll make it easy and comfortable

im 5'10, 180 and I iwb a fullsize on a daily basis comfortable and discreet for years(1911)

look for a gun you're comfortable and competent with shooting first, do not use size to narrow your search pool yet.

after you have what you like, then look for a holster that suits it

note that despite what I said earlier, common sense still applies; like a deagle or sw500 is too big no matter how you spin it etc...
> kek tec
> ever
I'd rather carry pocket sand
My nigga. I haven't gotten my CCW yet but I have a Kahr 40 waiting to be used.
I basically stole my PM9. got it at auction for a fraction of what even used ones tend to go for. Comfy little shooter. For as light as the thing is I was completely surprised at how little it kicked. I imagine the same to be true for the 40
subcompacts are significantly trickier to shoot well with, but don't lump compacts (something like a G19) in with bra derringers
The main reason I want a subcompact is to carry at university. You're allowed to carry a concealed weapon on campus if you have a permit, but the university absolutely abhors that law. They claim that if you ever see anyone with a weapon, even if it's just printing, the safest course of action is to dial 911 and inform the police.
My dad used a lc9 but it sucks for practice shooting, uncomfortable as hell. I plan to get my carry permit soon and plan to carry my pk380. Small easy to shoot and in most situations a 380 personal defence round will drop someone.
that comes down much more to your holster and clothing than the gun itself

theres nothing "wrong" with subcompacts in general, theyre a little trickier to use, but still perfectly usable. First gun I edcc'd was a glock33 in my pocket, that was perfectly fine. But to be honest, I find the 1911 in a slim iwb at 3 oclock to be much more comfortable AND discreet; but that comes down to holster, and no you dont need to buy the exact same holster as me, there are lots out there, and everyone is shaped slightly differently so whats good for me isnt necessarily good for you.

But id really reccomend going for a gun you like to shoot first and then trying to find a good way to carry it; AS OPPOSED to finding something you think will be good to cc and THEN trying to get good with it.

Especially if this is your first handgun purchase

it might even be better to go and buy something you're never going to carry to familiarize yourself with pistols and shooting prior to choosing your primary defense gun

or go and rent a bunch of different things at a range and try find something you like.

There are many many factors you should consider long long before overall size and concealability like if the grip fits in your hand, if all the switches and stuff are easily manipulated by your hands (some subcompacts have very very small high resistance switches which are damn hard to operate if you have bigger hands/short fingernails), hows the slide pull? the trigger pull? etc...

think of this as test driving a car before just trying to buy the smallest one since you live in the city and the parking situation is tight
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 3

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