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Babbys First Gun/ CCW

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Looking to get my CCW, but no idea where to start.

>Good gun for a beginner?
>Live in MO. Do CCW laws vary county to county ?
>Do a lot of traveling from STL to KC. Also visit Illinois pretty frequently. Will I get fucked of I get pulled over in IL, even if I have my CCW for MO?

Like I said... I have no idea where to start. Any help and advice is much appreciated.
>Good gun for a beginner
Glock 19 or S&W Shield. Get a GUN BELT. Extra thick leather or rigid nylon. Get a decent holster for your specific gun. If a holster is "universal" it's "a piece of shit."

I'm not familiar with the laws up there.
Get a Hi-Point, you are only going to end up carrying a few days then giving up when you realize it's not as fun as you thought, so don't waste too much money.
Go take a CHL class at a range or something. It will answer all of your questions. As for what to carry, it's mostly personal preference. Try some before you buy and decide what, if any, safety features you want.
Do the exact opposite of this. Get something that is comfortable to carry, but that you also like shooting, so when you decide "Eh I don't feel like carrying anymore" you at least have a nice range toy

As for what gun...


What is fine for some may not be fine for all. Glocks are nice guns, reliable, simple and cheap, but some people (myself included) just don't find them comfortable. Find out what you like with Ergos, controls etc, and then go from there
Don't listen to this dicksucker, there is nothing wrong with a Hi-Point, and you will still be able to afford your McDonald's highlight of the week dinner.
There isn't a damn thing wrong with a Hi-Point....If thats all you can afford, they're reliable with hot ammo and the warranty is god-tier. However, they also have the Ergonomics of a Gorilla turd
I want to lick her toes.
Yeah pretty much man i love carrying even if it's uncomfortable some times. As long as you wear appropriate clothing carry whatever you want. The only people perceptive enough to see if you are printing a bit are other ccers 90% of the time so it doesn't really matter much.

I carried a PT 92 for a while and it still only printed a little. Went to the gunshow with the intent to trade it for something a bit more suitable for carrying and ended up trading for a Walther p38. I said fuck it and decided to cc that every now and again i like it actually.
>Damage control

Just drop the trip and shut the fuck up, this turd burgling flyover wants good advice.
Where in MO? Springfield mo reporting in.
^ knows what he is talking about glock 19 is a good go to pistol.
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> Implying that post was DC

Just because that's all you can afford doesn't mean that recommending OP Get a hi-point for his first CC is even a remotely good Idea

Go troll somewhere else
>All I can afford

kek, the guy is a wanting a single gun on a whim, and is a flyover, there is no need to bust his budget on a paperweight. I've met too many people like this, same goes for computers, buy to your level.
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Yes, and if he is wanting a single gun, why not have him get something that is actually nice so that he enjoys shooting. That's how you bring people into a hobby.

Also, its not like guns lose tons of value like computers do, worst case scenario he just resells it

Also, I apologize, nice wheelguns., What year is the hand nugget
You can conceal carry anywhere in mo with your ccw, except the prohibited areas. Which you should know very well. By the time you ger it. As for your question about Illinois, you can carry in your car, but you have to leave it in your car if you get out, and has to be locked up too.

>Where in MO?
KC but I spend a fair amount of time in STL/St, Clair/Richwoods

Thank you so much.
Get yourself a little sccy and call it good.
I rented the g19, LC9, a sig and the Shield, settled on the Shield and I'm pretty happy so far. Good balance between comfort shooting and comfort carrying.

I suggest you rent a bunch OR, some beginner classes teach you a bunch and let you try a variety of guns during the class. I would've saved some money if I knew about it before hand.

I wish I can rent a variety of holsters but right now I'm just buying a few used off eBay to settle on a style I prefer.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 4

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