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Any converted nofuns on here? Post your conversion stories here.

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Any converted nofuns on here? Post your conversion stories here.

>New Years Day 2012
>used to be bleeding-heart liberal but a year working in the worst part of my town changed most of that
>still unsure about guns though
>after all I worked in a building with security and there were lots of cops around
>still of the mindset that only police and soldiers really NEEEED guns
>on road trip to Florida with friends
>have to stop for gas in a really bad part of Albany
>hungry as fuck
>walk around the corner to a McDickbutts to get chicken nuggets
>as I'm walking out a melanin enriched youth approaches, flashes a gun in his waistband, tells me to give him my wallet
>the closest thing to a weapon I have on me is a shitty little mini Swiss
>I'm shitting brix too so he'd probably have half a magazine in me before I could even open the damn thing
>give him my wallet
>lose about 80 bucks in cash, have to call my bank and deactivate my debit card and get a new one, and need new DL
>plus the wallet itself was my first wallet I ever owned, a bit of a beater but it was leather and I loved it
>hasguns friend hears my story
>we cut the trip short, go to gun store
>explains guns to me
>BUYS ME MY FIRST PISTOL (a shitty used Glock but still)
>takes me to ranges etc.
>after about 4 months tells me about /k/
>I now CC almost everywhere (tfw Vermont)
>also starting to get into rifles
>this Thanksgiving I'm actually kind of glad I got mugged, because it finally woke me up
>still miss that wallet though
Wasent exactly nofun but was not even close to profun.

>Working as usual
>God damn stuck in a rut lifestyle
>Most of friends off to college as i work up to have enough for it.
>One friend has always wanted to be military so he's not in college.
>Asks if we wana hangout and see a cool movie for shits and giggles.
>Thank god something to do that isent work or sleep.
>Drive down to his place.
>"Hi how are ya?" And shit
>"Oh also Anon check this out."
>Some guitar case.
>Pulls out a single shot break action 12g
>In 10 seconds he rushes through saftey before practacally throwing it to me.
>"Hey dad can we show Anon some stuff in the safe?"
>Next thing i know im being passed and shown all kinds of guns.
>Nugget, revolver, more break actions, leaver actions, an AR.
>Finnally get to another one.
>"This one is a semi."
>It really looks cool
>Bayonet and everything about thisone has me grinning like a madman.
"What is this one called?"
>"Its an SKS."
>Long silence as i keep drooling over the whold experience.
>Friends dad smiles.
>"I can see it, you really wana fire that thing."

They offered to hold onto an SKS for me if i payed for it while i applied and waited for a licence.
Love those people.
>be six years old
>terrified of guns because guns are loud
>plug my ears whenever I see one, even if it's just sitting on a rack or holstered or getting cleaned
>dad says it's high time I stop acting like a god damn queer and takes me to the range to watch him shoot
>no longer scared of guns
>get my first .22 three Christmases later
That's a good friend.
>Be born
>Parents get divorced
>Mom starts dating step dad when I was 4
>Step dad is into guns
>Teaches me to shoot at 6
>Gives me a Marlin 60 at 8
>Go shooting regularly
>Teaches me everything he knows about AR-15s at 13
>Gives me SKS with ~1,200 rounds of Chicom surplus 7.62x39 at my 18th birthday
>Gives me his pre ban Colt Match Target HBar for my 21st birthday

All in all he's kind of disappointed in me because I'm not into tacticool AR-15s like he is and I prefer AKs and 5.45x39 over ARs and 5.56
>be six years old
>dad says it's high time I stop acting like a god damn queer
You're gonna need therapy.

Not as much therapy as a kid whose dad never made him grow up
>be born
>moms a crackhead
>dad left her obviously because he's a good man
>dad never talks to me...
>around 10-12 find pop cans with holes in it
>wtf is this shit mom
>'oh i was making disney characters for you son'
>yeah, whatever
>get into drugs heavily myself when i was 15/16 needles and opiates and weed
>fuck this shit
>work my ass off
>still not done high school
>fuck that shit i'll work full time like a nigger
>work all the time
>still no money to show for it
>fuck it i'll go to another country and buy guns
And that's what i'm doing.
Hey liberals, you know some white people get the short stick right? It's not all niggers eh?
Fucking cunts
>read in the newspaper today at pizza 73 (18 paying with my own money of course)
>some white girl in toronto holding a sign saying
>I shit you not
>"white priviledge is real"
>those words exactly
Man, fuck this place.
Not as much therapy as the kid who got raped by his dad.
>this is why kids need guns
Used to be before I was 10 I was afraid of fireworks and hated the loud noises they made
>be at Boy Scout summer camp when 10
>alright y'all gonna shoot
>get some shitty donated cricket
>suck at aiming but I love it
>go to range all through the camp
>get into guns after that and get a mosin from my dad when I was 16
>discover /k/ at 19
I guess I just used to be afraid of the noise and never considered the freedom side but now that I'm older I love explosions and loud noises.
Weird how that works out
What's pop cans with holes in it mean?
Some sort of drug making
When I was in middle school we would turn pop cans into "one-hitters" by crushing one side in and poking holes and a carb.
> be me
> last may
> total fucking tumblirite
> total liberal
> find gun blogs
> think theyre cool
> some how find /K/
> delete my blog

Now I have a rifle, and I'm probably going to get some sort of shotgun
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>First wallet
Still have my "save the kiwi birds" wallet from newzeland.

>dad called my cousin crazy for ccw
>dad is fudddddd
>native homeless guy sets up a shack nearby
>guy has been to jail 14 times, I shit you not
>3 times for shooting at people
We didn't pay him any mind until...
>clearing brush on side of road
>using it to build up a river levee
>just back up the truck to the levee and throw the brush in
>native shows up
>gose of on how the levee is native land and his
>the levee is right on a public road
>this guy is going on about how natives have been here for 3000 years before Jesus
>rips of his shirt and gose after my dad
Had a bro there helping lucky
>bro and me have little brush chainsaws
>veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrppp verp verrp!
>native gets gone
We're all scared and say fuck it lets go home
>FucKing nigger is shooting
>we gtfo
>cops wouldn't do shit cuz he's a native

Dad starts carrying next day. Don't need permit in my state, just strappon a pistol.
File: 18uza4udqlsbajpg.jpg (13KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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John Redcorn juat wanted his land back
>rips off his shirt

It really was John Redcorn
Nah I've always been smart
Jk. My dad is extremely conservative so I grew up never really hating on guns or anything.
I'd like to think that even if I lived in some liberal shithole I would still like guns.
>It's also better to have a dad who doesn't rape you
>be approx. 6 years old
>Find guns extremely interesting
>Nag dad with questions about them all the time
>Become 9 years old
>Be dragged to the rifle range by said dad
>Still be there 15 years later
>Also a regular on two other ranges shooting pistols and rifles all day long
>have access to 5 ranges within 30 minutes of driving

There is still hope, even for Europe
Barre or Rutland?
>Be Portuguese
>Noguns country
>Even owning air rifle is seen as craziness
>Grow up thinking that guns are bad
>Watch Bowling for Columbine as a teen
>Spew this shit during my teenage years
>Move to Swissland
>Visit a friend we were both 16-17 years old
>Motherfucker has two Stgw 90s in his room along with ammo since he shoots them plenty of times
>He explains the Swiss gun ownership system
>Blown away by it
>Realize that guns are not evil
>Be like 24 years old
>Decide to apply for a gun permit to see if I could buy a Glock 19
>Permit accepted even though I've never held a gun in my fucking life
>No training at all
>Go to gun shop
>Guy tries to sell me a HK and a CZ for the same price as the Glock 19
>Nope. Only want the Glock 19 since that's all I know from the movies
>Buy Glock 19
>Take it home
>Go to the range
>Shoot it
>Love it
>Start buying more guns
>Love guns
honestly you should have just walked into mcdicklets. florida niggers don't try angry white people and even our niggers realize they'll get life for shooting someone over 20 bucks of tipping money.

Don't be a pussy, pussy
>or talk to random street bums beyond "I ain't go no cash bruh" or "fuck off"
I'm british and although i was never against guns as i shot them a lot as a kid i used to think it was stupid how Americans are allowed to carry. Once i started browsing /k/ i realised its a completely different country to what we have here and although we dont need it in this country its a good idea.

Also kinda recently finally convinced my dad that guns arnt bad and he agreed to let me keep them at his house so i can get a license. Hopefully he will come shooting once i get it.
>its a completely different country to what we have here and although we dont need it in this country its a good idea.

Yes and no. Like in the UK, the overwhelming majority of violent crime is confined to deep urban areas with high minority populations on the dole.

I don't know how it is in the UK, but in the US, those populations tend to bleed out into the surrounding areas while taking their, er, "culture" with them.
I'm noticing a trend in these testamonials:

>hate guns
>touch guns
>love guns

They're like the ebola of liberty. One touch and within 8 days, you've got a 90% chance of contracting a terminal case of FREEDOM.
>>Guy tries to sell me a HK and a CZ for the same price as the Glock 19
>>Nope. Only want the Glock 19 since that's all I know from the movies
You poor, poor fool.
You could have at least turned the HK for a profit.
You either

> bought a glock 19 at HK prices


> said no to buying an HK at glock prices

Go back in time and punch yourself in the dick.
a crack pipe in this scenario.
I think its more like es cargo. Get over the hype, or in our case, media formed negative image, and its good.

I didn't have any revelation whwn gettin into guns, but it is an itimidating hobby. Not many people like to openly talk about it, and LGSs have a bad reputation for being infriendly.

protip: if you're a noguns contemplating visiting your lgs, call first, ask if they have tactical 10/22s in stock. That reaponse directly correlates with the impending attitude you will receive in store. If you dont like it, go to another lgs.
File: b-30.jpg (600KB, 1440x2227px)
600KB, 1440x2227px
> Grow up innagermany, living with Grandparents
> Grandma is from a hunting family
> But mom is a hardcore pacifist
> "These stupid people with their stupid guns. Good thing we aren't stupid, right, anon?" quoth mom
> Grandparents want me to shoot an air rifle, I chicken out
> Become left-wing idiot

> Fast forward 20 years
> Been attarange, done some shooting
> Browse /k/ a lot
> Became right-wing idiot
> MFW No money for guns
Never really been against guns, but I have to thank my cousin for making me fall in love with CS and consequently, guns.
>be 10
>visit extended family in China over the summer
>cousin introduces me to Counter Strike
>fall in love with it, especially the OMGkewlGUnzzzz
>First thing I do when I get back stateside is ask mom to buy CS anthology for me
>buy nerf and toy guns and try to reenact game modes with friends IRL

>be 14
>tryna become hasgunz
>parents say no, too dangerous
>let me collect swords and knives instead
>after 2 years of buying budk shit, discover SBG and start getting into real swords
>move to yurop when 16 due to dad's job, but I get to bring all my swords and shit so it's cool
>eagerly awaiting college so I can be hasgunz

>be 18
>first thing I do when I turn 18 is get an AR since parents are stuck in yurop
> Parents worried, but overall cool with it
>buy a nugget and cz within a year of buying AR
>still havent told my parents I got the CZ since they get more worried with each purchase I make

19 now, and life is good.
Wot, SBG existed 5 years ago?
Well that explains their medieval-quality website design.
found em when I was almost 16 (2011), but according to their site copyright, they've been there since 2005.
Ha! Your step dads a fuckin mall ninja! All that aside he seems pretty cool. I too, like more simplistic, practical firearms.
>Don't need permit in my state
Looks like you live in a free state anon. I'm a free man living in a slightly non-free state.
Uhh the US is not a violent shithole like its made out to be.
Not exactly nofuns but:

>7 years old
>find my dad's 1911
>unloaded so I feel its okay to play with it
>dad comes in and grabs me by the hair
>"you want to play with guns?"
>god damn right dad
>he takes me to the range
>loads up the 1911
>stands behind me holding my shoulder and my shooting arm
>pull the trigger
>fuckall just happened bitch
>in speechless shellshock
>dad is an asshole and "forgot" to give me hearing protection
>hated guns for years because of that
>10 years later, he gets me into guns and gun safety
>get a CHL asap
>9 months ago
>nig nog taps on my glass with a knife demanding my wallet
>pull out the glock with a TLR
>nig nog runs a sub minute mile

Thanks pops, I took your lesson to heart
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>salty about guns because europoor
>find out i'm in slovakia
>gun permits are literally 3 payments and one skin color check
>personally witness a village idiot at gun law exam be given 2 options for an answer, choose the wrong one and still get the permit
>met some wonderful people at last all-slovak gun owner's get-together
>shoot like 6 different calibers from various guns
>watch a man shoot WWII FA guns, didn't shoot them only because the line was so long
>regularly go to IDPA, would do IPSC if I wasn't so poor

I'm so sorry for all you people who had to experience something shitty to get into guns
TIL I almost chainsawed John Redcorn
It could have been used or maybe a trade in.
>sweden tier liberal
>browse 4chan
>discover /k/ at some point
>gradually my mind is cleared of Muh Feelings
>owning pic related here will cost me at least €180 + criminal record
>would love to move to the US
>probably can't deal with American politics/work ethic
>why live

the thing is that liberals and anti-gun folks imagine guns as this metaphysical source of evil, this primordial "other" in their heads and through passing shite laws, whining, and refusing to even be around someone who knows someone who was around guns once as a kid, they actually manage to avoid firearms in positive situations like a PDW at their friends. This ensures they only see guns either in military movies, on cops, or while getting mugged so they believe guns are either for cops, soldiers, or mugging ONLY.

The only way to really circumvent this is to force them to hold and become familiar with it. There's a great video of five hipster anti-funs going for a round at the range and at the beginning they were all strongly anti but at the end they were all "that wasn't as bad as i thought, that was kinda fun, it was cool, but i'm conflicted" and one was "this was fucking awesome and i'm buying a gun now".
>be brit
>dont need guns
>highest crime rate in da world

Enjoy not removing kebab and them raping your kids.
Glocks cost around 1k in Switzerland. About the same price as CZs.
nothing like the concussive blast of x54 screaming out of a 20" barrel
move to Czechlandia or Norwegia or Germania
pistols aren't shit anymore. you really want to toe the line then at least get a mag fed semi auto.
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