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What is happening here?

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What is happening here?
Just another mudslime shithole I suppose.
A lot of Shia who it turns out to be ethnically related to the Tibetans

Persecution of the Sunni majority

Beautiful landscape

Separatist movement
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/trv/fag here.

I went to Jammu and Kashmir back in summer of 2014, shortly before the floods in Srinagar. I spent a while in the capital of the state, explored the wilderness, and went around some of the smaller towns as well as Jammu City.

What do you want to know?

Pic related.
Contested border by China and India, hence, the broken line. It's just a random mountainous area.
Designated Conflict Zone
Thanks, I didn't really have any specific questions in mind - I was just interested in general state of things (I never hear anything about those regions), like whether it's populated or it's mostly landscapes and valleys in the middle of nowhere.
Looks nice, how safe is travel to this area? how easy is to rent a motorcycle there?
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J&K is pretty sparsely populated compared to Punjab and Haryana down below. However, as is the case with most of India, you will find a lot of small villages, towns, and settlements scattered virtually anywhere you can imagine. The terrain really intensifies north of Jammu City, and most of the "civilization" in Kashmir proper is found within the Kashmir Valley.

The Kashmir portion of the state in particular has a ton of Muslims as well as an identity which isn't exactly Indian. It's a little pathetic, because "Islam" has become the odd sort of cultural appendage for politicians and ordinary people alike. I've traveled around the Middle-East quite a lot, and I have never seen folks raging over Gaza and Palestine like in Kashmir.

The Israeli government had to issue a travel warning for J&K and several Israeli nationals were allegedly beaten in the Old City section of Srinagar.

You see a lot of incredibly stupid sentiments being literally painted onto walls. There were pro-Taliban slogans etched in rock or graffiti near major bazaars and markets, as well as signs over mosques telling women that they were failing as Muslims if they didn't cover their faces.

It felt way more like Pakistan than anywhere else in India.

Bear in mind that the tension with Pakistan in J&K is much more of a visible problem than with China.
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I'd say it's quite safe as long as you're not an idiot about what you say or where you go. In India, the biggest problems you'll face are the same in virtually all of the country - food poisoning, pickpocketing, and petty theft. There's still an insurgency in Kashmir, as well as anti-Western sentiment, but the tourist industry is integral and important enough that most people don't mind foreign visitors. The region has really sprung back in recent years, too. I guess J&K is finally getting more tourists after a long time, both from overseas and other parts of India.

I've only rented motorcycles in Delhi and Goa but I doubt it would be hard in Kashmir. A lot of people rent bikes to take up to Leh and Ladakh, which is higher in the Himalayas and renowned for its natural beauty (with Ladakh being a region within J&K).

So far as threats go, just pay attention to the political climate and natural happenings and you'll be good. I left Srinagar only a few days before massive floods swept through the city and necessitated the rescue of tens of thousands of people.

Beautiful area but I didn't like Kashmiri people very much, for whatever that's worth.
Pakistan thinks Kashmir belongs to them because of its Islamic population but lost every war it has fought till date to India.
So Pakistan government sends terrorist groups to attack in kashmir every week almost
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