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Murica has the best economic policy

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Everyone else doesn't know what's going on. Long live the USA!!!!!!
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Yeah. America has the biggest trade deficit in the world. We are #1.
The US imports a lot of shit. Big surprise.
Lots of developed countries have trade deficits.
The USA also exports less than it imports, meaning there is less demand for United States goods and therefore less wealth in the United States. This trade deficit is only increasing with the appreciation of the USD.
I know. I get it. But The US has had a trade defifict since the 70s. I'm not an economist so I won't go too into it. But I guess it will be alright.


Nonetheless, The US is pretty sucessful economically.
Yes, the USA has had a trade deficit pretty much since Bretton Woods was disbanded. There needs to be serious changes to US fiscal and monetary policy or else the United States will have a balance of payments crisis similar to the Eurozone. This means increased domestic government spending, increased money supply, increased taxes, and the devaluation of the dollar. Government spending does little if it is invested abroad. Needless to say the American economy has a lot of problems.
Also, here is a good article about the United States crisis in the 70's.
We could start by in some legal and non-oppresive way forcing our corporations and companies to return productions of goods to the US.

Doubt it.
Wow. Looks good.
Thanks anon.
In my opinion the greatest problem facing the United States is corporate tax loopholes and generally money in politics. We are reaching Gilded Age income inequality where the top 1% of people are sending wealth overseas and draining American production. This has caused the dollar to appreciate, leading to as I have mentioned before, the huge trade deficit. Outsourcing is a huge problem and that problem will be exacerbated with the new transatlantic and pacific partnerships. That is why we need to encourage corporate investment in America by increasing government spending and the money supply. Corporate tax cuts theoretically don't work and have proven not to work.
Again, I'm no expert. But how many loopholes are there? and where all of them closed (hard to do I imagine) how good would it be to the economy?

I keep hearing about loopholes but I never even hear for a proposal to increase taxes to the entire country. AFAIK european nation have much greater tax rates. Woulnd't an increase in those help? But of course noone wants them.
>all americans ITT

where the hell are the european memers?
Corporate taxes are among the highest in the world. That is a facade and our taxes are unenforced. Many of America's most profitable corporations have payed almost nothing in income taxes while the rest of Americans foot the bill. Comcast received more from the government than it paid in taxes. Look up corporate tax loopholes for examples. Those were paid for by money in politics.

If the US Govt can receive more taxes it can increase government spending and borrow less from foreign lenders as it has done for the past couple of decades. Granted US foreign assets have very low interest rates compared to domestic foreign assets meaning that the US pays very little for borrowing. Check out the USA Financial Account for more information on foreign borrowing.

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