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>tfw trying to get one gf >fail hard >tfw no gf

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sad timomn.jpg
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>tfw trying to get one gf
>fail hard
>tfw no gf
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>tfw no gf for 22 years
>tfw no gf for 20 years
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fucking losers
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tfw gf
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>never had a gf
>starting to get the feels
>realize that I shot down 3 girls in the past
>wonder what I'm doing with my life
did you even kiss a girl even once you faggots?
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>tfw first gf was too far away, had to dump her
>tfw second gf was one step beyond underage (15), had huge boobs, beautiful hair but was completely insane, had to dump her
>tfw third gf was a year older with very stable mentality and was easy to make her happy but didn't take care of her looks, wasn't pretty to begin with, didn't talk at all (if I shut up there would be awkward silence for 5 hours straight and she wouldn't notice something's odd, tested this), had to dump her
Fuck relationships
enjoy my blogpost
>Tfw i have my first real date tomorrow, with just a few years left for wizardship

Wish me luck bros
Hope you are arab or have a bbc friend
Good lucky, i tried to do it last week but fail.
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Good luck bro
>tfw no pic related gf

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Why is /int a good place for these threads?
>tfw my roomates brings his girlfriend in.

i did not ask for such feels.
>only girl to show interest in me was black and even then i couldnt daye her cause my dad would proabably disown me
because even though we're thousands of miles away we're all (at least most of us),introverted autists
because no gf feels is an international culture.
this is why I don't have a roomie, desu.
>tfw lonely
>tfw never even tried to get a gf
I'd fail anyway so what's the point?
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>tfw unable to maintain a relationship
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very sad frog.jpg
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>had a dream that the girl I used to love some 4-5 years ago loves me
>tfw made me feel void and really sad when I woke up

People will think you're a fag and you'll be hanged by a crane?
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>tfw you haven't been with a girl in a long time and you've started telling yourself that you stand above this desperation but you're afraid that as soon as a girl gives you attention you'll turn into a cuntserving beta again
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>tfw you regularly miss the opportunity to get involved with girls far before you even realize they were interested
Nah, as long as you don't put it up some dude's bum you're OK.
>if I shut up there would be awkward silence for 5 hours straight and she wouldn't notice
this triggers the finn
so basically it was only awkward for you cus you're an extroverted wannabe-american flamboyant homo who needs to hear his own nasal buttvoice every second or it's "awkward"
fuck you and everything you and your kind stand for

Oh. How often those executions happen? Have you witnessed any?

Just curious.
no, 26
I'm not quite sure but I think you have to have someone file a complaint against you and they're rare. I've never seen an execution myself. The one case I know about was the one that caused a pretty big uproar abroad (pic related). Apparently they raped a 13 year old boy, the boy's father went to the police and they got hanged.

So, it's just when it's a severe case, like rape, murder etc... So minor crimes are just jail.

But when they get you in the act, it's execution?
I really don't know what would happen if some guy went to the police and offered them video of his neighbors having homosex.
you must not stop trying
expirience is expirience

I'd find weird the guy who filmed it, lol.

I'd just hang all three for faggotry.
So what kind of attempts have you made?
you can't accuse someone of adultery or anything like that unless you have 4 witnesses with you in shia ideology
Doesn't video evidence make that four witnesses thing unnecessary though?
It should as there's solid evidence
but I'm responding to the brazilian because to him filming them was weird, I just gave him a reason why the person would film the faggotry
Short version.
>first i asked for a date with her
>she said yes
>after 2 weeks asked for the number of cellphone
>she said "no"
>asked "why?"
>she answered "Because not"
Oh right, that's true.
I don't mind sitting in lovely silence, enjoying each other's presence

But when I talk shit I want a reply, woman, not "o-oh, anon, y-you too"
>tfw gf for almost 3 three years
>tfw about to unlock fianc├ę mode
>tfw working with D cup tits, green eyes and French ancestry

Feels good to not be a fuckup.

But seriously I don't get it. You are living in the easiest time in human history to get a gf. You don't have to pay a dowry, or be chaperoned every time you're alone with her, or be married before you can fuck her. Everything is so easy, and you anime-loving betas STILL manage to shit the gf bed. I pity you
Don't do it, m8.
>lording your social success over neets and ├╝berbetas
Yeah, they're the losers...
I think the whole point was that he wanted reciprocity in conversation instead of just hearing himself.

Could you possibly be more of a sperg?
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45KB, 569x510px
I think it's kind of indisputable that they are, by literally every possible metric.
Any more-so than the Kazakh who is bullying them for it? I dunno, mane.
>not enjoying forbidden love, easily the best kind

You dun goofed
The Kazakh bullying them for that makes him a bully. Not a loser.
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>he hasn't fucked black, white and asian

I do have a gf now but i was a sad loser for a long time, my first gf was crazy and ruined me, people where making fun of me for hanging out with her, i dumped her after she was found shitting behind the dumpsters that are 20 meters from the student entrance during a break because i quote "the toilets where gross", no girl wated me in highschool after i dated dumpster dumper but they where loving making fun of me, but damn she was a good 8-9 qt, its a shame she was retarded
File: 1425320210321.jpg (292KB, 626x721px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
292KB, 626x721px
>tfw have bf
How do you even date? you take her to the yurta and fuck like rabbits?
I bet mine is cuter
Probably. I'm not really into cute "men".
>You don't have to pay a dowry, or be chaperoned every time you're alone with her, or be married before you can fuck her
I miss this desu
Im imagine that I grabbed that bitch from other tribe after invading and now fuck her like a true turkic warrior
Being tatar must be fun
Post your photos, guys :3
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adjusted to be me.jpg
57KB, 451x633px
>tfw no bf
File: XJLz0j7WrT.jpg (43KB, 339x457px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Tfw no ballet bf
only white and asian so far. the only blacks we get here are your british blacks, not the watered-down american ones. the british ones have seriously apish features, will not touch
>finally obtained the rare and highly coveted cute quirky outdoorsy GF
>live in comfy mountain town and go to college together
>forced to move far away from her because I got sick
>"It's okay anon, I'm used to people leaving."

I hope I can come back to her.

This. It makes the world a little cozier.
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>know girl for a few weeks
>walk her home regularly
>worked up courage to ask her out one day
>she got really flustered and said something like "Yup, yeah see you tomorrow" then went inside
>next day try calling her to meet up
>she says she's not around
>ask if she's thought about what I've said
>"I rather going out in groups"
>heart sinks
>see her later that week
>she apologises for brushing me off and says she's not ready for a relationship

>tfw I genuinely thought she liked me
if something like that's already happened, why not have fun with it?

>i'd rather go out in groups

so you press her.
>yeah i like going out in groups too. me and some frinds are going out this weekend, invite some girlfriends of yours

and so on, you just counter her every argument. if a girl is gonna reject me, i at least demand she be upfront about it
No you don't, because you beta faggots would fuck that up too.

Everything is wonderful the way it is, and you all have still found a way to be unhappy.
what men do you like then?
I have to agree with this bloke, this is the best time in history to be alive yet people still get in their own way.

>woman wants to fuck
>woman doesn't want to fuck

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Thread images: 23

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