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Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia.gif
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Have there ever been more evil cunts than Saudi Arabia and the UAE?

>funds terrorism
>poaching threatened and endangered animals is considered a status symbol
>uses stone-age legal system
>treats ''''''''''servants''''''''''' like slaves
>keeps actual slaves from poor countries and steals their documentation to keep them from escaping
>outlaws alcohol
>doesn't eat pulled pork or carnitas
>actively facilitates the spread of s*lafism
>won't let women drive or leave the house alone, but flies in Western prostitutes for scat, gangbangs, dogfucking etc just like good Muslims
>wealthy as fuck but still has a tacky sense of style rivaled only by members of the Russian mafia
>treats women and foreigners like subhumans
>won't accept their Muslim ''''''brothers'''''' as refugees and would likely just enslave them if they did
>extremely materialistic and focused on status instead of things that are actually meaningful
>gets away with crimes against humanity because muh oil money
>tries to promote tourism to distract Westerners from the fact that they are evil
>only thing of value is their clay itself
I can't wait till the day their oil runs out, I want to witness a blood bath the french revolution style, guillotines and heads a rollin'
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edgy tbqh
Hello Rahim
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hello juan
How are you liking Toronto, Abdullah?
harm yourself
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good, fresh pussy from white guilted chicks
Fuckin' same. I hope their tourism industry doesn't develop before then.

It's not edgy if it's demonstrably true, which all of the points that I made are. The only reason SA hasn't been Iraq'd by somebody by now is because of their oil.
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pepe islam.jpg
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that's haram :^)
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Not really, no. Saudis are fucking scum.
The colonial powers did a great disservice to the world by not colonizing those goat farmers instead of promoting them to gods.
How much of daddy's oil money did you have to fork over for those escorts Ali?
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none, they go to anyone with a shade of skin darker than frosted flakes to prove how non racist they are. Its UofT for fucks sake
>implying white womyn in toronto arent all overweight lesbian hipsters with stupid hair and decades-old fashion sense
All this exotic poon ready and waiting and yet...
I'm sure there's been a more evil group, but i can' think of any. I'm genuinely ashamed my government gives these subhuman fucks support.
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Pork is haram
It's still prostitution if you have to buy them shit or flash your money to get them to sleep with you.

It's pretty lol that you're spamming pro-Islam quotes when the gulf states are in large part responsible for the corruption of '''''''''''''''''''''Islam''''''''''''''''''' known as W*habism and the persecution of sufis who actually practice the religion as it should be practiced. Not to mention the fact that men from the gulf states are notorious for their sexual deviancy, which is most definitely haram. I guess Allah excuses the sins of people who were born with the right gender and social standing, though, right? I'm sure he's totally okay with the whole sexual deviancy and slavery thing if you throw enough money at him and act like a good Muslim when strangers are watching. :^)
>muslims from SA are only salafi


Saudi Arabia is based as long as they give us money.
Saudi Arabia is an unsalvageable shit hole, it is nothing but a cancerous terrorism machine, a shit stain on the face of our planet. Any "innocent" person in the country is already brainwashed by shitskin propaganda into being nothing more than a terrorist sympathizer, so just nuke the whole fucking thing.
that's some mighty fine generalizations sonny boy
Their government and a massive part of the population is salafist, at least when they're punishing women, minorities, and poor people. And of course not ~everyone~ is a salafist, but enough are to justify hating the shithole Gulf States for being largely salafist and promoting it, not to mention the fact that the states fund salafist terrorists. My friend's sufi family recently got driven out of SA after being a huge part of the community there for hundreds of years.

Also, using that quote to justify doing haram shit is just as bad as when Catholics run amok and use confession to make themselves feel better about being irredeemable pieces of shit. If you use quotes from your religious texts to rationalize why its okay to sin instead of trying not to sin to be a devout follower, then you are truly an awful servant to your god. It's like when children use stupid loopholes to try and get out of trouble with their parents.
Fuck off Ahmed, this website isn't for subhumans.
>they're punishing women, minorities, and poor people.

reddit and tumblr are that way

and forgiving sins only works when you are actually trying to do so, Allah can see into your heart
>reddit and tumblr are that way

Why am I not surprised that a Sa*di thinks that it's okay to enslave women and minorities and kill poor people over petty shit while letting the wealthy get away with anything? In civilized countries, we actually attempt to treat everyone as legal and judicial equals, even if it doesn't always work in practice. We've managed to move past caste system bullshit and have benefited immensely from it. The only reason your society isn't Afghanistan-tier poor and backwards at the moment is because of your dirt. Your backwards culture has and is going to prevent the gulf states from doing anything of actual value because you're too stupid to understand that treating other groups of people like subhumans and giving them stone-age education prevents capable people from within those groups from actually contributing to and advancing society. It's cool that you think that not literally enslaving people is tumblr-tier, though. Just more evidence as to why non-barbaric cultures are justified in their hatred of Saudi Arabia. :^)

>and forgiving sins only works when you are actually trying to do so, Allah can see into your heart

Then it's quite hilarious that the people running the gulf states are knowingly committing precalculated and grave sins while forcing the uneducated underclass to gulp down the steaming pile of shit that is salafism in earnestness. The god of Abraham has always hated hypocrites above almost every group of people, so I'm sure your people will get to burn in Hell for a long time. The thought of this is very gratifying to the Westerners who have to put up with the shitty antics of the gulf states because of their oil.
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good one lad.jpg
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>saudi reading skills
File: 11212.png (253KB, 1398x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
253KB, 1398x1500px
>types out some garbled word salad and expects me to read it

kafir plz
I guess I shouldn't have expected you to be able to read more than 2 sentences of basic English; even with your daddy's oil bribes you were only able to get into a large public university in a meme country. That's bretty grim. Sorry, my mistake. :^)
There is nothing edgy about wishing Saudis to get destroyed if you're not a fan of wahhabism of course. Every time I see our planes bombing terrorists I cringe because to solve a problem all these bombs and rockets should level Riyadh and Doha instead of several goatfuckers with AK.
whew, ease the butthurt buddy. Too much SJW there. Saudis basically use sharia and all that as Saudi man's privilege. I, for one, would love to expand on gun rights and codified Christian law in America to motherfucking lynch sjw shit like you.
Uhm, I remember this Russian general promising to beat them by throwing hats at them back in the day. Can't remember his name, although it was Chechens. not Saudis. But I wouldn't be so loudmouth there, Ivan.
>codified Christian law

I'm glad fundamental Christians only breed with their sister-wives in their own insulated groups. In a couple generations, you folks are going to be as deformed and barbaric as the Saudis, if you aren't already. :) Luckily Westerners as a whole are too intelligent and well-educated to take people like you seriously. Nobody who thinks that Christian doctrine should be imposed on the judicial system is every going to have any real power outside of sub-Saharan Africa again.


Please call me a c.uck next, I'm not done rolling my eyes yet. Aren't you embarrassed when you use old memes? I can already tell that you're like 14 at best.
>I can already tell that you're like 14 at best.
Jesus, and he proceeds to call me 14 year old. You know who is bothered by age and talks about it? Exactly 14 year olds, retard.
>fundamental Christians
That's fundamentalist Christians, retard. Britain is basically a country with official religion and elements of codified Christian law in there. Please sell your le secularism and we le progressive shit somewhere else.
>Westerners as a whole are too intelligent and well-educated
I'm not in anyway a whole with you fagget. Why don't you go fuck intelligent and well-educated faggets, while attending enlightened gay parades.
That's because they are rich. Rich people are, by definition, evil.
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64KB, 538x482px
>somebody who wants Christian law thinks people will listen to him outside of the tearful moments on his My 600-Pound Life episode

You should move to the Central African Republic and become King of the Jungle.The '''''''''''''''people''''''''''''''''' there might actually take you seriously.

Why are you even on 4chan? It's a sinful place desu. You shouldn't violate your precious virgin eyes with animu and naughty words! :^)
I want kikesteins to go.
I think that most of it is cultural t.bh. Macau is a ridiculously wealthy place and doesn't have most of the issues that the gulf states have. I think the worst part about the gulf states is its religious hypocrisy, which is bretty unique to the Middle East for the most part.

Why do you think it's worse than the gulf states? It's a p shitty country, but they don't do as many heinous things.
>supporting the most evil countries in the world because I think another shitty country is worse 'cause /pol/ told me so and it makes me feel cool to say words like 'kike'

literally kill yourself if your Southern obesity doesn't suffocate you before you can reply
too much asspain bro. Too much.
No, seriously, you are actively committing a sin against God by willingly browsing this website. Jesus spoke in great length against Christians who publicly professed themselves as Christians but knowingly committed sins all the while. Hypocrites are condemned in Christian doctrine more than any group of people, even adulterers.Of course, you don't know that because you're clearly one of those white trash Americans who professes to be a Christian without having actually studied the doctrine. I hope you enjoy burning in Hell m8, you're carving your path there just by viewing this post. :^)
Wow, Muslim apologists are really desperate, aren't they? They literally raped that quote so hard it looks nothing like the original.
Control your autism.
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1MB, 1260x1782px
>like I'd let a gulf state swinehund tell me what to do
This faggot has been shilling islam for some time now
Mu ham mad
Fuck, I'm the OP and have apologized for Islam numerous times on /int/ and still fucking hate the Gulf States. They've spread their shitty version of ''''''''''Islam''''''''''' to the entire Middle East. Islamic intellectuals used to churn out brilliant works of art, architecture, scientific innovation, and philosophical thought, but now they've been reduced to fucking goats and blowing themselves up thanks to the Gulf cunts and their s*lafism. Saudi Arabia destroyed their own culture and religion.
>>won't let women drive or leave the house alone, but flies in Western prostitutes for scat, gangbangs, dogfucking etc just like good Muslims
... any videos?
Then why does the name of your prophet contains the word ham?
Preach it son

Fuck Saudi Arabia, literally responsible for most of the evil in this world over the last 60 years
I like this angry canuk
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Look up 'tag the sponsor' for some info on Saudi sex depravity. Ignore the permavirgin sites that discuss it and go straight for the meat.

Fucking same, I will throw the largest party I've ever thrown when they suffer a happening for being such vile pieces of shit.

Y-you too anon. :)

I like most people and things and try to treat everyone with respect, but I would openly celebrate if a nuke were dropped on the gulf states. Even North Korea is better, since its citizens are held hostage by fear and the worst that it does to other countries is sell meth and counterfeit money. Bretty much everyone in the gulf states who isn't a slave is an irredeemable piece of shit "human being".
They're scum and I wish the Western world would stop being involved with them. Too bad they have oil.
Kind of off-topic, but how dependent are Germans on oil?
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The Saudi's should be nuked.

>Man's hand cut off by Saudi Authorities as punishment

>Saudi sentenced to death for abusing Islam
>Man also charged with ripping copy of Holy Koran

>Woman Is Publicly Beheaded in Saudi Arabia's Tenth Execution of 2015

>Saudi Arabia's 2015 beheadings the most in 20 years

>Saudi blogger flogged for 'insulting Islam'
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23KB, 288x499px

Very few of those points apply to the U.A.E
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