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Thinking of trying to do a doujin - Any tips?

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Sorry for the rushjob picture but my pressure sensitivities kicked itself and I just wanted this thread out.

But yeah, as it says, I want to try and draw a doujin about Mao and Sapphire fucking (Or a girl/regular Axel being a whore). My only experience with comic making is being a colorist and I'm pretty confident in doing greyscales.

Actual construction and drawing on the other hand...one of my main problems is consistency, I'm gonna try to study their refs and draw them 100 times to get down their design.

Do any experienced comic makers have any tips?
You can't color or draw. Refer to the sticky.
I think it's pretty cute
well I guess
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desu I'm just crapping out quick sketches?
That's why it's lower quality.
Thanks at least.
Has /ic/ always been this bait dense or am I looking into the past with rose colored goggles?
Who's baiting?

I'm asking a legitimate question about comic experience.
You need to learn how to draw before you consider making a doujin. I know you're going to "muh quick sketches" but they show you lack fundamental knowledge.

Nobody here can stop you from making a doujin :p, so just go for it!

unless you take what people say here too personally and lose faith & motivation
Then mind telling me what I need to improve on? This is a artwork/critque board.
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You need to learn to draw.
As in you lack fundamental knowledge in pretty much every facet of art.

In short: Loomis.
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I'm sorry, but I really can't take you seriously unless you give me something a little more specific? All I'm really reading is 'you're bad'
I think anon is getting at that you need to start making serious drawings instead of just quick sketches before considering a doujin. If you do, go ahead and post them.
post your non-sketch work.
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Yeah, that honestly is a 'problem' for me, since I end up hating my shit at the lineart layer.
Stuff like like pic related is generally what I consider one of my better pictures.

Why are you showing quick sketches you "crap out" when asking for /ic/'s suggestions?
If you want suggestions relevant to your skill level you should post something representative of the quality you'd do your doujin in.
Yeah, you're right.
I just didn't know what to post that was relevent I guess.
You suck at drawing. You cant even make a simple background. Your anatomy is garbage.
Kill yourself. Drink bleach. Suck loomis's dick.
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i would actually consider contributing to this topic if only the thread wasn't such a shitshow.
why don't you crap out a doujin using those quick sketches of yours.
i don't even know what you want
shit i laughed so hard when i read this. Thanks for the laughs
you should crap out blood and die because these are fucking shit

read the fucking sticky hot damn
shit taste

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Hi OP,

People saying not to make a comic are giving bad advice. Make a comic, but try and improve at the same time.

If you look at say Berserk you can see how he improved throughout the years of doing it.

Take a chapter of say Loomis, learn 1 concept from it try to include that 1 concept on one of the pages. Say for example you learned 8 heads then maybe try and draw a 8 headed guy in one of the pages of the comic.

The worst thing you can do is wait until you get better to start.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 7

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