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Lea Seydoux

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dam sun
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post more you nigger
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She's French, therefore I know there are some nude shots of her. Why aren't those nude shots posted here yet?
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I think it's rarer to find pics of her with her clothes on.

But she was awesome in Blue is The Warmest colour
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Well this is an enticing photograph.
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if only we could see her naked
Watch 'Blue is the warmest color', its soft porno with her (or just normal french movie for kids).
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is this shopped?
Yup. Even in La vie de L'Adele they did not show cunts, just prostetics and makeup.
>just prostetics and makeup

While I realize you're probably right and it should be no surprise, my bubble just got majorly burst.
>you're probably right
It's true.
>Léa Seydoux, who plays art student Emma, has complained that Kechiche made her wear a prosthetic vagina for hours
She need to star in more fantasy movies.
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>sad kitten is sad
god damn I love this woman after seeing the new shitty 007 movie and her dyke movie. Goddess indeed.
Eh. I'm still not sure about the whole thing. Irs not helped that we live in a time where autistics will look at any nude scene and scream "CGI!!" No matter how clearly it is not or how unknown the actress is.

There's a shot during the lesbian scene just as one of them is about to eat the other out where you clearly see labia and it don't look fake. CGI or otherwise.

On a personal note I like to believe the whole "fake vaginas" story was a PR way to get around obscenity laws by telling everyone that they weren't actually doing what the actors appear to clearly be doing.

At most I think it's more a mistranslation and that by "fake vaginas" they mean a latex strip kind of thing like what they would use on other films involving cunnilingus.

Shut your fucking whore mouth about Specter, or I will impotently sorta rage then forget about this!!!
Bet you loved that boring Skyfall bullshit with all its Dark Knight ripoffs.
Specter is weak on every aspect, story, villain, tension, at first I thought it couldn't be worse than Skyfall, but it does anyway. The only diamond I saw in this motherfucking film was Léa Seydoux, and also stop shilling and fap to her your fucking degenerates.
Already blown my load for the night.

The villain of Skyfall was gay blonde Joker who's plan made no sense at all yet apparently everything went perfectly the way he wanted it to until it was time for the film to end and he got a knife in the back. I'll take Blofield over him, even if him claiming to be behind the last 3 films sounded like bullshit.

Not saying it was very good but at least Spectre had more than one action scene and felt like a damn Bond film for once.
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Thread posts: 49
Thread images: 32

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