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Share your grindr experience

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Hey, I'be been thinkin bout hookin up with this cute guy off grindr, but I'm very inexperienced, and need some stories. Good bad whatever. Convince me.
Unless you wanna fuck, all the good and cute dudes won't be interested in anything else.

My turnover rate (meaning meet ups) is pretty bad.
I met a guy on grindr. We had common things to talk about so after chatting for a while we met in real life to drink a coffee. While we were in cafe he loudly said that he was heterophobic. After that we left and i never talked to him again.
I actually lucked out with grindr, I lost my virginity to a guy on from there when I was 18. He was a bit older, but really patient, capable of holding up a conversation, and insisted on me staying the night the first time I ever went over. We never ended up dating because the age difference between us was like 9 years, but we're still talk from time to time, and he'll always be important to me for giving me the best sexual debut possible. If that makes sense, haha.
Be me goodlooking 37 look younger
curious str8 masculine & fit with tan
after 2 years str8 decided to load Grindr on phone
Be me fu*kiN horned to the max
connect with 2mtr tall blond little chubby guy
arrives at mine and we get naked but he keeps shorts on
im 150% hard n wanting to do 69 right now !!
he takes me softly and knocks away my hand
im gagging for full on pounding the walls & annoying the next room ( hotel )
I reach down and touch 3 inch -- thinking im not turning him on
he's erect to max and dosnt want to be touched
suckes me to completion but im now 70% n droppin excitement
he pulls himself off and i wonder wtf i got myself into
lost heart after shooting the less than normal load
say goodbye - gutted no passion was involved and i never got to suck
Be me and get used by slut for a quick bj
Boring & im now looking again for the buzz
Be me using a Russian laptop with Russian keys
Be me and read the instructions for Green text
No arrow for green text on keyboard !!

Be you and use bad English
" Help THESE poor creature "
Be you and not read the thread about Grindr experiences
Be you and build a tent in a field
copy and paste anon-kun.
try character map or atleast figure something out....
>he trips on /hm/
Don't chat shit about the other guy when you're no better, newfag.
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bu... but... I'm not trying to be better
Oh... Pls don't pull by guilt strings

and stop tripping on /hm/
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>Oh... Pls don't pull by guilt strings
hm.. Okay
>and stop tripping on /hm/

But do not fret my condolences.
I for now stop with my shit posting for today
>he still trips on /hm/
Please respect board culture.
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Just made a Grindr yesterday. Not a single cute twink in 150km. Back to fapping i guess.
There's one who I would mayyyybe kinda fuck but it says he's looking for friends/dates, and I only want sex
At least he's not a filthy Turkish shitskin like someone here...
Sorry Andrew <3
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>it says he's looking for friends/dates

a lot of guys on grindr say this in their profiles (i guess in case their mom or friends see it?) but they are totally DTF, just chat with them for a few minutes after sending them a nice face pic and let them make the first move. they will be asking for dick pics in about 5 minutes. i love fucking these guys because they aren't as openly sleazy as some of the others.

Mad or naw?
talking and being social is far from my forte. i could just ask him if he wants to put it in my butt, tho im still not sure if i find him attractive, would have to ask for more pics
is there some kind of etiquette in this board about posting pics of other people or may i post his profile pic here?

Go ahead, show us
suddenly he doesnt appear anymore kek
also why the fuck are people talking to me even though i havent even uploaded a pic or anything what the hell
They are bots, like 90% of the good looking profiles in grindr.
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None of them are good looking so i guess im safe then
i kek'd
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I used it a lot some months ago.
Only for sex. Different guys, every time a new story
Until I met the guy who is now my boyfriend.
Dunno what happenend

kek'd hard tbh fam
>>it says he's looking for friends/dates
>a lot of guys on grindr say this in their profiles (i guess in case their mom or friends see it?) but they are totally DTF
>Be me goodlooking 37 look younger
>curious str8 masculine & fit with tan
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>tfw i could just start convos with this but for some reason it sounds retarded in my native language to me (everything does really) and causes me to have anxiety
But seriously, seeing how there's not a single guy i'd fuck in a few hundred km made me question my sexuality. I thought maybe I'm 98% straight. Then I watch other threads in this board and I start thinking I might even prefer men over women. In the end I guess I just have really high standards for men.
EPIC rage faces! xD
Gold and upvotes for you dear sir. I am going to submit this to /r/4chan, i suspect it will make the front page!!!
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appeared again
Le epin maymays xD

He looks horny.
Is he talking to you?
Wait for him to make the first sexual comment.
Play it slow and cool.
You got this, anon.
lol... that guy's from my area
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Couple stories
>Meet with this guy
>HIV und, but i never play unsafe anyway
>Im pretty masc, even gay friends and family members can't tell i get down with dudes unless i tell them
>Go to his place
>We make out. He smells of smoke. Huge turnoff
>Lose interest, but the guy has a good body and a nice dick
>Proceeds to tell me im a monster and when I fuck him its gonna gut him.
>I cant cum. We watch porn. I manage to cum on his face.
>Ive been in the country only for the last year. He makes a comment about a brazillian guy giving him an ilness and hopes i dont do the same to him.
>I say i lived here for a year besides, im the foreigner so im more at risk
>We both have strep now. He blocked me.
>Totally would fuck him after I healed but he is being a dick about this.
>Can't go to my halloween party that Ive been looking forward to for a month.

>Talk with a fat guy im not interested.
>Asks me my fetishes. I'm like what the hell im not gonna do anything
>Tell him im into snm
>He says he loves introducing guys to snm
>Whatever, he is fat so I ignore him
>See cute guy, write to him. Get his phone number.
>His photo on a chat app that americans dont use much is the previous guy
>Why do weirdos fucking find me all the time?

>First day I downloaded grindr
>Guy asks "wanna blow job?"
>I say sure
>Go to his place, there is a cat and im allergic so kills my mood
>He sucks me for half an hour
>Then jacks me off.
>I cum. I leave.

>Guy I've seen before but did not thought was attractive.
>Headed to bed so gonna reply then sign out
>He says he has access to a heated pool
>Im dead tired. Im like OK
>5 mins drive
>Its really confortable in the pool. Nothing happens that day
Now we are progressing into fb. He fucked me once. I wanted to fuck him, but im sick.

This is written like a Bret Easton Ellis novel.
straight with a girlfriend and all that.
still get on grindr and meet up with guys all the time.
my favorite is to get one of the dom daddy types and fuck him in the ass and make him call me daddy.
That's funny. I'm 30. I've been with 34 guys. About ten of them considered themselves straight.

It's always the ones where I'm the first guy they've been with that I like. I feel like I'm probably the best possible person to try it with because I'm very into communication in bed and I don't care if I cum or not. Just happy to be there.
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>While we were in cafe he loudly said that he was heterophobic. After that we left and i never talked to him again.
there are lots of reasons to be heterophobic.
Im from small european town and its impossible not to be heterophobic with all those death threats closet life and homophobia around you.
You sound like a sissy.
>ditching a guy over a reasonable detail
>be me, 16
>guy messages me on grindr
>average face, thick muscular build, red hair, blue eyes, 30yo
>asks me if I want to suck his dick
>tells me it's 8in and thick
>okay whatever dude but I'm down
>get his address and go
>sexier than in profile pic
>he pulls me to the center of his apartment and kisses me a few times, he's a bout 1/8" shorter than I am
>playing with his dick through is jeans
>moves his left hand to my right shoulder and pushes down
>unzips jeans and pushes my face into his briefs
>I rub his balls while feeling his dick with my mouth
>he pulls out his dick
>mfw it's actually 8in and thick
>he sticks right index finger in my mouth, i open, and he pulls my mouth open
>pushes my mouth onto his dick with his other hand
>lock my lips on his dick and blow him for a little bit
>he starts face fucking me
>mfw I've been practicing for this
>I relax my throat and give him the "your sexy as fuck and I'm enjoying this" look
>he's getting faster and I start rubbing his dick with my hand
>pulls my arm away and he starts jacking himself
>"I'm gonna nut"
>violently squirts cum on my face and mouth
>tastes great so I eat the rest
>gives me a paper towel to wipe my face

>tells me his brother will be there soon and I have to leave
>pushes me out the door

he asked me 4 more times to suck his dick, but I never did it. I wish I knew where he was because I'd definitely do it again.
not grindr, but a website. My hottest experience ever.

Info on me; im an otter, very masculine nice body. Th things I got going for me is my dick which is 8" and huge, my ass which is kim kardashian mode and my legs which are as thick as half my torso. Rest is fine but not remarkable.

>2 years ago chatting on planetromeo. Mostly sleasy guys messaging me so im tired.
>See this profile witha guy with buzzed hair. Looks semi decent so I message
>He messages back, we exchange pics.
>Holy shit this guy is ripped. Massive turn on for me, who is mostly in it for the body.
>I wanna fuck that now. I tell him im vers he says he is too cool.
>I get his number, agree to meet next day. I use a bus to get to his place (takes 40 mins) and then he never replies.
>I text his account (never log in from cellphone so pretty pissed) literally 5 minutes from giving up he replies and gives directions to his place.
>I walk a pretty good distance, pretty sure im gonna get murdered
>Go up to his apartment, see him in person.
>The guy is teeny bit longer than me, (I'm 5'6) and has 20 pounds of pure muscle on me. I'm in heaven
>We cuddle a bit and he stars making out with me
>Move on to the bedroom. I'm feeling him up when he starts getting aggressive
>He starts panting as f he is going crazy, says he is gonna rape me
>Im like oh yes! Full on bottom mode engaged.
>Tries to bb me but I make him put on a condom. His dick is tiny (4" maximum but im used to it) so goes in easily
>He fuck REALLY good. Pins me down, hand over my mouth.
>Literally can't tell him to stop when he grabs and plays with my dick, cum with a force of 1000 suns. He is disappoited
>Well, you hate fucked me sooo good and i really did not have another option
>I suck him a bit and he jerks on me
>We cuddle to sleep. Lot of tossing/sweating
>He force tried fucking me at night, bb again. I told him to fetch a condom and he was disappointed. Awesome fuck though.
>Next day I wake up, he is not in his bed.

I texted him and he said he had to go to work and I should make breakfast and enjoy myself before heading out. Apparently he was a doctor.

Met with him like 5 more times. Awesome fucks. And he was a total top which at the time i wasn't fine with. Last one he was seriously disappointed by me not letting him bb me. I think he stopped texting me because of that. He was a pretty stupid guy in that regard, he kept saying we are all gonna die anyway. I'm glad we never barebacked cause he had a box full of condoms and the next week it was empty. (So apparently he sluts it out big time) Awesome body and awesome top though. Wish I could find anyone remotely like him as a fuckbud here. BTW this was me 20 and him 30 years old.

There were much better guys back in my home country. If anyone is interested I can tell the story of my 35 years old fuckbud.
File: laugh1443082584950.jpg (99KB, 500x644px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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With modern dating applications/website, you have access to thousands of men when decades ago, if you were gay, you would just consider yourself lucky if there was one other gay guy in your small city that you could meet up with. Having a choice makes you picky. It's exactly the same with Tinder and straight people.
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>If anyone is interested I can tell the story of my 35 years old fuckbud

Yes we are interested. Also want to hear more about your hairy body and big tool and phat ass. You sound perfect. If there is a God you will upload pics. Also, where is your home country? What are the men like there? How old were you when first you have sex?
Whoa ok, calm down sir.

I won't post my pics on 4chan, but if I find a pornstar that looks like me ill put it up. I'm not exactly in the closet but im bi and for dating I prefer girls so don't like getting outed so much. (I would do porn if it wouldn't kill my career/future marriage potential)

Im georgian. Dunno what happened with the genes, but im short and have naturally really thick legs and a godly ass. I can't make a comment on average dick size since I was literally more hung than every guy I hooked up with. Shows you how accurate 7-8"'s are. (I measured from the base and im 7") Also im not hairy wth are you talking about.

Here goes my older fuckbud story. 3 years ago
>Bored in my dorm, on the website.
>Guy without face , nice body, send a message
>We start chatting, sends face in, has a weird rough gay face thing going on
>Eh i don't care. Looks muscled enough. Tell him i wanna get fucked.
>We skype. he seems like a redneck but im horny and he will do
>Seems a bit rude, I seem a bit horny. Whatever, he gives me his adress. 30 min bus.
>I get there, he is half naked, im a bit shy.
>He makes out with me at the door, then gets me inside.
>We watch tv a bit, asks me if I cleaned before. I did ofc. Im a good bottom.
>Not a redneck, so thank god.
>Wants me to suck him, humor him a bit, but tell him i dont like sucking.
>Takes out my dick, oh-my-god-this-is-the-most-beautiful-thing-ive-seen.jpg, im used to it so im like yeah i know
>Move to the bedroom. We paly around, he starts fingering me.
>Lubes me up, finger fucking me real good now. His dick is like smaller than half mine and thin, but I just need to be fucked.
>Goes in pretty fast, he starts fucking me.
>Before we talked about he liking it rough. I said thats awesome. He is rough, but not as rough as i want.
>Still pretty good. Pinning me down, slapping my ass, holding my mouth and all
>Pretty good, im enjoying it, jerks me as im getting fucked, I tell him to stop, he jerks me more and I cum.
>We rest a bit. He wants to get fucked.
>Every man turns into a raging bottom at the sight of my dick, kinda funny and ego boosting
>Finger him as he did me, im still inexperienced at this point and try to copy him.
>Fuck him good, but he can't stand it aftre 10 minutes.
>We take a shower together. HE is not weird about me cleaning my ass in front of him. Im impressed
>I mean, if we are sticking out dicks in the shithole, cleaning it shouldnt be that disgusting.
>Say goodbye, return back to my dorm.

We met a lot after that. He had a house, he was a hunk and fucked good. I learned most stuff from him. He even had a syrian refugee that fell in love with him over one day (before the situation was as bad but people were still slowly escaping) and we had a threesome. Was afraid to be a full bottom then, now I want to be.

Also first time with a girl was at 20, i was drunk and she realized i was a virgin and dragged me into a bar bathroom stall and took it, don't really remember too well. With a guy was a month later when I was visiting a friend at another country and i was horny and jetlagged. I had an account on this website so I decided fuck it lets try and hooked up with a random guy. Was very unremarkable. Best sex with guy was prob with the guy above, the bb wanting musclehead.
> literally more hung than every guy I hooked up with

7" is bigger than 95% of men.

>im not hairy wth are you talking about.

i thought otters were hairy. my bad.

thanks for the stories! I love men like you...
>Downloads grindr
>Everyone is old guys asking to fuck
>deletes grindr
File: 132000215734.jpg (295KB, 853x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Everyone is old

go drive near your local community college/university and park. that's how i find young guys because i live with my parents in an older suburb. there are always dudes who can host.
Posted in a similar thread like this before
>Be me now, 21, nice face, gym 5x week, athletic
>Closeted, never hooked up with any guy or girl
>Always jerked off to gay porn/fantasies about hot male friends
>I want cock
>I want my cock in someones mouth
>Download grindr
>Literally got hundreds of messages in 6 months of having the app

>Hit it off with 8/10 looking guy
>First hookup ever, getting my first blowjob
>......Its going okay.....
>Taking 45 minute to cum
>Thinking about all sorts of porn instead of him
>Literally losing my boner and getting it back again, not even horny at this point
>He starts getting offended because can't make me cum
>Was so horny looking at his pictures before we met
>Is this normal?

>Met with a 9/10 looking guy some time later
>Hot and bothered looking at his pics
>Blew him.....I didn't enjoy it
>Gag city, jaw hurts
>He came in 5 minutes, moaning and screaming
>Blew me......I didn't enjoy it
>Went soft then hard about 5 times
>Jerked myself off a bit, didn't even cum
>What the fuck. But he's attractive.

>Started talking to a 9.5/10 guy my age
>Total All-American beefcake
>Built like a refrigerator
>Knees quivering while snapchatting
>Both of us anal virgins
>He came over, stuck his cock in my ass w/ condom + lots of lube
>Felt like a bulldozer, hurt like hell and didn't enjoy it
>He came in 2 minutes
>Tried to stick my cock in his ass
>Cock softer than Drake at this point
>Jerked off til cum

>Hooked up with about four more guys over the course of a few months
>Same thing as before
>Other guy always loves it
>I either take forever to cum or don't at all
>Do I even like guys that much?
>Maybe not as straight
>Still jerk off to and fantasize about guys/men
>The thought is almost always better than the experience
>Maybe should start fucking girls
>But they don't give me boners

I don't even know anymore.
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>Is this normal?

It is normal to be nervous while having sex with someone you don't know very well. This happens a lot to many people. That is why there is alcohol and viagra.

The thing to do is to find someone you like and not have sex instantly. Just hang out and get to know them first. Then the sex will happen more organically and you won't be so nervous.

Another thing you can do is to talk about it. "I'm nervous so I can't stay hard" can sometimes break the mood and make you feel less pressure to perform. "I take a long time to cum and sometimes I can't cum' will also help. It might seem difficult at first but the other guy is probably just as nervous.

Very good looking guys (8/10, 9/10) are sometimes not very good at sex because they either let their partner do all the work or they don't get many dates because their looks are intimidating to most people. Because they are good looking they act confident and comfortable but inside they are probably just as nervous and shy as you are.

"Ugly sex is the hottest sex." This is an old saying that may or may not be true. I think Charlotte said it on Sex and the City when she was explaining why she was falling in love with the chubby, bald lawyer guy. Try dating men who aren't so good-looking and see if the sex is better. If it is awful you can always say you just remembered you have to go pick up your little sister from school or that you have an emergency or something to attend to and leave. You shouldn't have to feel pressured to do anything you aren't comfortable with.

Don't give up just because you have a few bad experiences. Nothing is easy at first. Practice makes perfect.

Do you watch a lot of porn and jerk off tons?

Well, stop doing that.
Damn, that is quite a dilemma. Have you actually though done anal masturbation beforehand? How about not jacking off before hooking up? Also, maybe you should try it with a girl at least one time to see what may happen.

This is 100% normal. Happened to me my first time. It's happened to about 30% or so of guys the first time I mess around with them.

You have nothing to feel bad about.

Something that helps me is to not do hookups. It's hard for me to feel physically comfortable around totally new people. Best sex is with a guy after you've known him for a while.

Also, lots of guys don't really get off to oral. Or even anal for that matter. Most guys I've messed around with finish themselves off. It's actually fairly rare to get off from only oral, in my experience.

So yeah, my advice is to (1) don't be so orgasm-focused, and (2) try a longer term thing, rather than hookups.
Other things that might help:
Stop looking at porn, at least for a while in order to "reset" yourself.
Try other ways of masturbating, after stopping for a while as well. You probably have a very specific routine that you do and you need to break it.
Look up masturbation death grip as well.
lol, if i press up to my pelvic bone, mor elike 7.5-8 inches. Maybe i should really do porn instead of a phd
This dude is so cute it hurts.
>just recently made a grindr/scruffy
>getting more messages than I thought I would (kinda fugly)
>don't know how to respond to any
>find one guy cute, kind of talk
>haven't messaged him in a few days despite wanting to
>too awkward
>end up talking more to people asking for sex for money than with people I am actually interested in
or he doesn't live in a shithole and no one treats him like that and being "heterophobic" marks the guy as a cringey asshole
Make sure your profile pic accurately presents how you look. If anyone's chatting to you then you have no reason to feel so insecure, you're attractive enough to them.
Stop talking to the sex for money people even though it makes you feel more confident, it's no good.

Also talk to the cute guy ASAP otherwise he'll think you found someone you liked better and then he'll feel like Plan B when you talk to him. That's no good.
It's already been two days, over the weekend. I feel terrible and I don't know what to say, because "I felt too awkward to say anything" seems too stupid, and I cant' come up with any reasonable excuses
>chat with guy
>hot pic with name "thrt fucker"
>pic shows smirkin face cut off below eyes, with nose and mouth, and a wifebeater on
>messages me
>tell him i only wanna give oral
>he says "cool i only want my dick sucked"
>go over place, door open
>his pants are down, watchin porn
>wtf he doesn't look like his pic, super nerdy and chubby lookin,
>fuck it, get on my knees
>suck his dick, can't get hard
>"should have gotten here faster"
>this nigga already came before i got here ugh
>keep goin down, finally gets hard
>gets really rough, and fucks my face hard
>not my thing, but try to go with it
>next thing, he shoves my face into his balls
>disgusting, smelly and has one ball cause his balls suck into his body when he gets hard
>think to myself, what the fuck where are the balls I'm trying to suck
>he gets up and takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom
>think its awkward and break grip
>jumps on his bed, get back on in between him
>fucks my face, no attraction at all, and not enjoying at all
>shoves my face into his nonexistant balls again
>try to get into it and slober up his cock and "balls"
>just can't get into it
>no attraction
>say "i think i'm gonna go"
>leave and hate myself
On the other hand, I've managed to meet a bicurious/lonely/straight bearish dad of 45 that's lonely and horny. He only likes to receive. Super nice guy that asks if it's okay mid blow job to touch my hair. Says dirty things like "you dirty boy" and "yeah suck that dick." Have sucked him off twice and have swallowed and I am always extremely turned on. He even called me drunk while on the way there to ask if he ciuld suck my dick. Had to awkardly explain to him while he's drunk that I'm an uncut fag with phimosis. Hate myself even more. I guess it comes to show that dick sucking is more than just a dick and an attraction is definitley neccessary.
I'm very tempted to take him up on his offer but I learned about what he does and it really is extremely sensitive. Kinda scared lol
A lot of the time discretion is a synonym for ugly. That money tho.... Seems way too good to be true. I don't blame you.... Maybe meet up in public first, or at a hotel. I have no idea. Could be attractive too, who knows.
why top of the morning to you my good sir! :3
oh! thanks for the gold kind stranger! >.<
Eh, brush it off dude. Just say hi again. Two days is nothing, he probably doesn't think anything of it. People don't expect you to be on Grindr 24/7. Don't even make reference to the pause in communication.
Don't. Not unless you make a habit of sex for money. It's not a good idea. Even if you're broke. Especially not if you're fine for money.

if he is your type, and you would sleep with him even if he didn't offer you money (weirdness/convo aside) do it. Consider the money as lottery. I would.

Just meet him and see how things go. What does he do that requires more than double my monthly salary as sex money?
Well my first guess was that he was a politician and I really wasn't far off the mark. He's not, but he does work in politics. I'll meet up with him and see how it goes.
Attractive guys don't have to pay $4,000 to get laid. I'm guessing... Over fifty, obese and married.
If you don't need the money, just don't. Having sex with someone that disgusts you will bring one of worst feelings that you can have. There's not a word for it: it's like a mix of disgust, shame, despair and hopelessness.
I'm meeting a guy for the first time tonight. Is it normal practice to wear condoms for blowjobs? Not having anal sex.
Made one over the weekend, already got a couple replies but no1 too close to me thats attractive. Trying lose my virginity here so a bit nervous ;c
>find highschool math teacher on grindr
>he doesnt realize who I am
>fantasy fufilled many excite
>meet at his
>regular awkard talk about life and jobs etc
>he still doesnt realize
>he blows me, i blow him
>finally he cums inside me bareback
>just as i leave i really want to tell him who i am
>pretend to be shocked and just realize as im leaving
>he says he knew all along acting all smug
>tells me he enjoyed watching me go from promising student to manwhore so quickly
>shuts door in my face
lol... and why are all you guys so turned on by old gross men?
File: 1443513011920.jpg (37KB, 500x363px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 500x363px
He was 27 in school and 34 when we hooked up. Also I didnt describe him at all. Stop child.
>he never had a hot math teacher
I also say kill the porn for a while. You've already admitted that you try thinking of porn during sex. You should feel comfortable enough to just be in the moment and think about the things being done to you or the things you're doing. If you're not willing to do that then maybe see if you can find a guy for a mutual jack off or porn watching together.
Also, receive half before and half later. You dont wanna be emoty handed if money is an incentive for you to have sex
you're addicted to porn, seek for Jesus
Hah, een Nederlander op /hm/

075, jij?
It sounds retarded in any language. Have some fucking self respect and read some psychanalytic works, see if you can't get over your internalized biopathy niggra.
Why are there never cute twinks near me ;-; it's always old creepy men
Says he's 29 and no gay sex experience but we'll see.
> be me
> be in the philippines
> be on grindr
> find a guy
> invite to hotel
> reget the whole time
> he stay the night, :|
> blows me in the morning
> i send him on his way to get to my plane
as a tall white guy who's into asian bottoms, grindr is really good
I'm too scared to use Grindr. I don't think I would want my first time to be with a total stranger, but it's not like I'm getting any dates on my own.
What the fuck is wrong with you? You do realise meeting someone isn't a binding contract to have sex with them right? Like if you're not attracted to someone why would you do it? How do you feel obligated when it's a meaningless hook-up? Not only that you let the stay the night when you didn't even like them.

Do you not have a voice? What the fuck is wrong with you? Risking diseases for some gross faggot you don't like. Disgusting.
>>1251177 Just get Grindr and check it out. There's lots of other people like you who would want to get to know someone first.
Im from the Phil. What month where you were here ?
first grindr experience. the guy is more handsome than pic, cock is bigger than the dick pic. you can't get that lucky too often, can you?
This is the fucking worst
File: 123123123213.png (251KB, 641x1137px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251KB, 641x1137px
>have grindr acc i dont use ( no pic )
>ppl randomly send me the same message (pic related)
>im not even in an english speaking country

Does somebody know what is this about ? Is this some kind of scam or something?
NSA fun. Kek
>be me with 21 years old and being a really spoiled mamma boy
>go to grindr and find a cute guy with 24 years, I'm a little overweight but not much, he's super skinny
>I mee with him in an amusement park but don't go in because it rained and the attractions are wet
>we go to a park near and sit. He starts kissing me and rubbing my dick and puts my hand on his.
>he pulls out an weed cigarette and offers me, I never ever have tried it before.
>he says its no problem because its natural and gives me some.
>I smoke and feel dumb and start laughing for anything
>he invites me to his home and we fuck lot and he keeps giving me weed.
>when I realize it's already midnight and catch a cab to arrive at home.
>my mom goes crazy at me smelling marijuana
>go to sleep, its the very first time I had a fight with my mom and actually think it was worth it.
>never see the guy again
> be me, tall Dutch guy, toned, brown hair and brown eyes, bttm
> Go on grindr
> See ad for tow guys searching for a sub bttm
> trio turns me on like cray
> Go to their place
> two brown haired guys, one a little chubby and one sexy AF, musculy body and super cute spanish looking face, just my type
> Chub asks me to strip completely naked in the hall
> walk naked into the living room
> mfw they start violently slapping my shaven ass and kissing me hard
>"get down on your knees"
> both of them force their cocks in my mouth through their boxers
> pull boxers down
> mfw bounce.gif
> sexyAF guy is 19 cm and chub 16 cm
> try sucking them both, i'm really enjoying myself
> Chub starts facefucking me, sexyAF slapping my ass and forcing my head on chub's cock
> Get pulled to the bedroom by my hair
> on my back, head hanging over the edge of the bed, both switching facefucking and rimming me
> SexyAF hits my throat really hard and i keep on lacking air, but so fucking horny
> feeling like a total slut right now
> turn to doggy, get spitroasted by them
> ass to mouth but i don't care at all
> in love when sexyAF comes to facefuck me, gives me space and is very gentle to me
> chub suddenly cums on my hole, then puts it back in so the rest will be dripping out later
> sexyAF can't cum, asks for a break
> chub ties me up with bathrobe rope
> behind my back so my hands are connected to my feet
> they leave the room, me horny af lying alone

i cont'd.

> very uncomfortable 20 minutes lying naked on the bed, dripping cum from my ass
> suddenly sexyAF comes in
> imdying.jpg
> he tells me to be very silent
> starts gently facefucking me, i'm still tied up
> he gets harder and more violent each thrust
> legit facefucking me
> loudestgagever.mp3
> chub comes in
> 'what are you doing? are you doing him without me?'
> chub lays me on my back, puts handcuffs on my hands and legs
> sits on my face while sexyAF starts fucking me, ass already lubricated by chub's cum
> thisisamazing.gif
> chub has a giant ass but idc, i actually quite like it
> sexyAF starts pounding me so hard
> chub gets off my face, sexyAF comes to me and starts cumming on my face
> loudestmoanever.wav
> they take a break again
> another 15 minutes uncomfortable lying
> chub comes in, says he's horny again
> herewegoagain
> chub starts facefucking me again, this time only 5 minutes, then cums in my throat and leaves
> i'm such a slut right now
> 2 mins later, SexyAF comes in again
> lays beside me, me being very anxious he'll do something to me again
> softly starts touching my back and ass
> gently making patterns with his fingers on my back
> turns me on like crazy
> notices my boner
> he puts me on my back and gently jacks me off until i almost come
> starts sucking me right before i do
> cum handsfree into his mouth
> feelssogreat
> leaves me naked. again
> 5 min later chub comes in, says "thank you for your service. you may leave now"
> get clothed and leave silently
> just before i close the door, sexyAF winks at me
> I think i've found my future husband
Used Grindr for years, met many acquaintances, as well as good friends, and others not so much. Rarely used it for hookups, but a few of those took place too over the years.

Mostly used it for pic trading after awhile when the same selection of faces rarely changed. But a few months ago, I met my now current and loving boyfriend from Grindr, so there is a chance for anything to come from using the app.
I too found my bf through grindr. Two months later I abandoned everything and moved to his country.
First excuse my english, it's my second language. :)

I have few encounter, good and bad.

> This indian guy
> Top
> Talk too much, feel himself important
> I meet him at his flat, noice
> He can do anything, too much self esteem
> Okay
> Let's have some fun
> No kissing on mouth, he doesn't do that
> Okay
> We open our shirt
> I go on my knees and open his pant
> Love to suck lollipop
> It's a lollipop, 3 inch biiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggg
> Okay
> It's thick though
> Okay
> Give it 10 sec suck
> He push me to bed on my front
> Open my pants
> Ass is ready for him
> Tell me bareback, he will take it out before he cum
> Okay
> Push, it's inside.
> Love the thickness
> Push, pull, push pull, push pull, push pull, push pull, push pull
> It started to feel some good
> No more push, out! WTF
> He is making my ass white with his milk
> Is it good OP? He asked.
> He no touch my pee pee.
> He fell asleep!
So you're not cute enough for op #poordat
Oh honey...
You sound like a lame lay
Get money, bitch
He played you good
it happens to me all the time
I didn t use Grindr like in a 2 months and when i came back there were like 30 mesages...
I don't even
That's also assuming $ means USD
If you live in a big area, then you'll have quite a bit of luck.
I moved to a small town and only a handful of people here use Grindr. Most of the people up for a romp are on CL.
Oh my fucking god, there's a guy in my area that keeps messaging me the same exact shit. I did not realize this was that fucking common
File: wIenEoB.jpg.png (313KB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
313KB, 640x1136px
File: IMG_0451 (1).png (936KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
IMG_0451 (1).png
936KB, 640x960px
a guy from grindr send me this. yeah, i should go out with him
Met up with him. He really is in his late 20s-early 30s. His watch alone could cover ivy league tuition for a year lol. Mildly attractive. Looots of rules if I decide to take up his offee. He agreed to the half now, half layer deal though. Still interested. And confused (scared). Any sage words of wisdom?
Don't do it, idiot.
That just sounds like it'll end with lousy head and a lousy head shaving.
This still doesn't seem right to me. I've slept with a lot of men and I'm usually the smaller one, but maybe that's just the type I go for. I'm six inches myself, and pretty thick. I don't think it's that impressive desu, but a lot of guys tell me that I'm "huge" when I fuck them.

I think it's just because I'm a damn good top, but I prefer to bottom. I'm just happy that I'm the perfect size to hit the prostate, because I make guys cum hands free all the time.
File: image.jpg (84KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84KB, 1280x720px
>quoting Sex and the City
Dear god this really IS a gay board
When I've uninstalled Grindr on Android in the past, my photos appear later on in some album somewhere.

But now they don't seem to be. Did something change? Do they get deleted with uninstall now?
>can't cum from oral
>jerks off a lot

Two words: penile callus
Start using lube when you masturbate you uncultured fuck. Otherwise sensitivity will plummet and it'll take you an hour to cum from head. It's probably why you can't stay hard, too, because you're not sensitive enough to enjoy it. This is especially true if you're circumcised. On the flip side, if you're too sensitive, masturbate without lube and you'll last longer.
>>1251153 >>1251202
I didn't invite him over to have sex. I was bored and it was my last night and I hadn't gotten to know talk to anyone outside of work... so I asked if he drank and he said he did so I invited him over for drinks. Come to find out, he doesn't drink, and was like 100 pounds heavier than his picture appeared. I was trying to chat up conversation for the time then tried to put on some TV. It was a torrential rainstorm outside when he had come over and he asked if he could stay the night. It wasn't an invitation. He is really the one who wanted to jump all over me. Anyway, in the morning, I had to get up and shower but I didn't just want to leave him in my room so I had ask him to leave and he really wouldn't leave and then decided to below me and I told him it wasn't necessary... I was pretty mad that he wouldn't leave but I'm not just going to pick him up to throw him out and cause some kind of freak police storm in a foreign country.
File: image.png (237KB, 750x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
237KB, 750x1334px
How come the bakcground of my messages keep changing colour? Does this happen to anyone else?

I'll open it up and theres no background(not even the tiled grindr logo) and then as i start typing, the background will start flashing colours after every few letters are pressed.

Its distracting as fuck! I emails grindr support and was told "Yeah, were looking into it", but i'm thinking its just a way to tell me to fuck off, since no one else seems to be dealing with it, so its limited to me.

Running android 5.1 and the most up to date version of grindr(and its been doing this every since i got the phone, which was like 4 or 5 grindr updates ago)
Lol exactly the same? Where you live?
File: foto_no_exif.jpg (2MB, 2532x4110px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2532x4110px
I've been technically straight all my life, always dated girls.

But I really, really want my dick sucked by a guy. And to pound some twink ass. Maybe I'd be willing to take it too. And maybe have my face covered in cum.

I join Grindr every now and again and almost build up the courage to meet in a wood or something. But then chicken out. It's pathetic.
>Implying there's an actual valid reason to be anything-phobic
>Being a sissy for not hating straight people

Bitter, hatred-spillig fag much?
>Implying this cancer has any decent culture
>Implying this is not just angry fags dissing newfags to show superiority
Otters are hairy.
Just try it! You won't regret it! Guys suck so much better than girls! You'll be amazed!
Just have a lot to lose. Think I'm probably bi but have a girlfriend. Was talking to a guy a couple of nights ago and getting really excited, he was willing to just bottom which I think I need to just start out. Hmm. Maybe on holiday or something. Anyone keen to show me around somewhere ha.
>My current relationship with hook up for 2 years.
pls fuck me
Holy fuck I laughed to hard

Be me, living in a European capital and using Grindr and others apps for quite some times (way too long if being honest).
Met tops, bottoms, hundreds of them.
Had sex, quit a lot. Enough to be considered a whore by whores.
Tried almost all my fantasy, like ALL of them.
Good and bad experiences.
Met a few guys, like 1% of the whole. With whom I became friend or even became the boyfriend.

Be me, almost 30. Solid 6, could be a 7 if working out and shit.
The only thing 99% of the population think of me is "being the good fuck".

Seriously guys. Unless you want to grow old and depressed, don't use Grindr.
File: 1428093594.jpg (83KB, 477x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 477x357px
no fems, no blacks, no asians, no gay face, no deep v necks, no gay personality, no old, no short, no pics no reply, no flamers, no gym freaks, no glee fans, no satchels, no ghetto, no hookupz, no criminals, no drugs, no average,
I just literally had my first experience today
>depressed after several good friends all move away, relationships falter out
>last couple weeks become hypomanic and hypersexual as fuck
>thought I was bi because I've dated women
>now I'm compulsively hypersexual sexual and all I want is a guy
>still a virgin for penetration with men
>worried about my appearance
>all my experiences with guys were bottoms who said they were switches but never did
>just want to bottom for someone rough as fuck
>finally man up and just put myself out there
>university town so literally dozens of messages right off the bat, even people I knew from class
>see a hot guy, worry he's out of my league
>don't message anyone and go to bed
>wake up and within 5 minutes I get a message from this guy
>says I'm really cute
>wants to meet up for "cuddles"
>I'm naive as fuck and think that's actually just cuddling
>impulsive as fuck so why not
>i'm overly skinny, he's beautiful, 2 inches taller, slim, and weighs a little more
>same age
>instant makeout session
>go way farther way faster than I have ever before
>next thing I know I'm blowing him
>tried to give it like my life depended on it
>straddle and grind on top of this guy
>he flips me over and pushes his cock right up on me
>lets me wrap my legs around him
>fuck just penetrate me
>flips my legs up high over his shoulders
>alarm goes off because he has to go to work
>ignore it and blow him more
>finish and he cums via handjob
>we both clean up super quick, I have a meeting and he has work
>drives me to the university and drops me off
>the farthest I've ever gone with someone
>we exchange numbers
>feels like everyone I walk by knows
and I fucking have to go out of town until Monday. I hope to hell he still wants me when I get back. Said he's out of a long-term relationship just a few months ago so he seems like he would. I dont even care. He took charge today and I want him to dominate me so bad. Oh my god I can finally be the bottom.
Going to have sex tomorrow, so any tips? Also should I douche or emena? Which is better?
>i give you 4k$
>dont tell anyone where you are going
dunno why but i think this is exactly how you would bait people into organ harvesting ops.
Guys on grindr are so pleasant to talk to
They're just bots that go off a script
>an weed cigarette

the fuck you got against satchels
Just show a bottom that and they won't say no!
>be me, college student, 20
>into hot older guys, but they're hard to find
>scroll through grindr, filter min. age 45
>fat, weird, creepy, etc.
>frustrated but then
>6'3 54 year old, in shape, big arms
>charming smile, well-groomed beard
>later found out he's ex military
>chat him up, do my thing, were into each other
>he sends me like 5 face pics, perfect smile in each one
>exchange numbers
>text and get flirty
>we agree to get dinner near his hotel
>meet him in his hotel lobby
>looks even better than photos
>strong, tall, gorgeous smile, he's into me too
>walk to restaurant, chat for a couple hours
>guy has his life together and isn't desperate
>great talker, kind and charming
>great dinner, get check
>"So you want to go back to the hotel for a bit?"
>go back to his room, he dims the light, puts on music

you know the rest

Grindr isn't all that bad folks
That takes off 99% of the people on Grindr here, the rest are not looking for my type.
>be me, 17 germanfag
>horny af, finally want dick
>get grindr
>youngest guy within 10 miles is 35
>10 miles

what do you mean "you know the rest"?

none of this happened,

well, except at some point you fucked a at guy
how else should ´murica know what i am talking about
>he put the pp in his butt.
the end
usually falls into three categories:

1. Guys who are twice my age
2. Slutty fucbois
3. Guys I have no interest in

pic is probably the weirdest experience i've had
October 2015
>be me, 24
>parents out of town
>get on Grindr
>gay friend wants to smoke
>cool beans, get here
>some other guy messages me
>he's cute, same age, still skeptical
>tell him I have a friend on his way, so maybe tomorrow
>offers to bring the booze
>rewind, you're in, get here
>recognize qt from highschool
>smoke a few bowls with gay friend & qt
>polish off a bottle of Jim
>gay friend passes out in parents bed
>me and qt hit it off, end up in my bed
>oh shit he's packing
>fuck all night
>fool around in the shower the next morning
>say bye, but meet up later

long story short we spend a week or two together almost every day, basically living at his house, meet the family, ect ect, eat sleep fuck drink smoke, repeat. Oh, we boyfriends now!

>He just went back down south, we both cried
>Miss him like crazy
>Gonna send me a plane ticket to stay for a week
>Husband ahoy!
>the daydream continues
>haven't opened Grindr since
what's weird about that? have a drink with him. he might be better in person. some people don't realize how they appear online. at least he tried to contact you. although it is kind of desperate when they are constantly telling you how hot you are.
File: gsm.gif (574KB, 630x329px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
574KB, 630x329px
>be me, 24
>cool beans


oldfag please, you're not fooling anyone!
i've never had someone beg me like that.
it was weird.
File: jellymuch.jpg (155KB, 630x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155KB, 630x1200px
Sorry, I've been listening to sappy love songs all week.
>Make a Grindr profile just to see what's up one day
>Get many messages from guys who like me for being 18
>Choose to talk to this one guy who seems pretty cool
>I just want casual conversation but it leads to him picking me up
>He arrives at my house and is way older than I expected, probably in his 50s
>Who cares, kinda horny, just really want head, so I get in the car
>We get to his place, go up to a room, and have sexy conversation
>Says he likes guys like me for the soft feeling of our skin, weird...
>He starts to rub on my arms softly sending chills down my spine
>tells me to lay back so he can caress my body and he does
>Feels awesome, never had anyone handle me that way
>After a few minutes he reaches into my pants and strokes me till I'm rock hard
>He spits a little and rubs the head of my dick with it driving me insane
>We get in a 69 position, he pulls his cock out, and there's this huge bump on his balls
>"Its just a cyst," he says, "It's not an STD, and not contagious"
>Okay no prob, I will suck you off but I'm damn sure not about to lick that shit
>We get off in a 69 position for minutes before he cums everywhere
>I wait for him to finish me but he doesn't and I'm left with blue balls...
>I get dressed, he takes me home, and I don't talk to him again.
Blue balls hurt like a motherfucker!
File: spew.gif (2MB, 280x296px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 280x296px
>"Its just a cyst," he says
wait a second... isn't that Edward Snowden?
What if he had ball cancer and that was the last moment of happiness in his short life. Dont judge
File: 1437659339187.gif (894KB, 450x264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
894KB, 450x264px
>What if he had ball cancer
Met up with a guy earlier tonight
>be me, 22, out with friends
>in slightly different area than mine
>bored/curious, check grindr
>sees a bunch of different guys.
>instantly like 20 messages.
>talk to one guy, late 30s, muscle stud
>wants to meet up, tell my friends i'm going home
>drive to guy's place
>we make out, take our clothes off, i'm in heaven
>he tells me he's a strict bottom
>fuuuuuuck yea
>lubes me up, sticks my dick up his ass
>cums after 30 secs
>says he's tired and wants to go to bed
>makes me leave
>goddammit... blueballs.
>come home and jerk off
>bitch about this on /hm/
awwww, sweetie. You're not very smart, are you?
File: abs.png (264KB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264KB, 640x1136px
File: grindr.jpg (285KB, 1046x1723px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
285KB, 1046x1723px
Thanks for all your sex horror stories,
they helped me confirm my decision to never have sex
This thread has been a good read. I randomly visited /hm/ because my gay fantasies have been on a steady rise for a while now.
Id heard of grindr obviously but never really knew much about it. Quite interested after lurking this thread.
If he wasn't such a raging faggot, he'd be cute.

The problem sounds like you not them.

How can gay people believe this shit I am 7 inches and not a size queen. Except my girth which (3" across), I am on the small size of average. I am not even a size queen.
90% chance this is fake (or someone you know :o!) but with that other 10% you could blackmail the shit out of him, even get him to kill himself. Try it. It will be fun. What would be even better is if you get loads of money and then destroy his family anyway by sending them the secret recording you took of him giving you his ass.
>>tells me he enjoyed watching me go from promising student to manwhore so quickly
>>shuts door in my face
Ha. You got put in your place, bitch
White people have strange fetishes.
Where they Mkro?
Wee what I said about white people above.
you should move to a bigger city
or try GR
so what did the bots try to sell you?
they usually try to get you to open a paid live chat window

>3" across
That's complete bullshit
Nigga, 98% of the people on Grindr just want to fuck. With the looking for friends/dates thing they just try to don't look like major sluts.
Well, over just over 2.5, I round but I forget how big an inch is desu

>he stares me down, hands on my hips, standing
>great kisser
>clothes start coming off as we make out, he's feeling me up all over
>once were naked he turns me around and gropes my chest and cock from behind while kissing my neck
>gets me rock hard, turns me back around and pushes me onto the bed and smiles
>this isn't the same 'charming' smile from dinner, this one is sexy/lusty, not cute
>im on my back and he gets on top of me
>continue making out
>i start to suck his cock
>rock hard, pretty long, has some curve
>"the curve makes it sort of tough to deep throat, but if we fuck I can hit your sweet spot"
>deepthroat him anyways
>he sucks me off a bit but he can tell that I want something else
>flips me over onto my stomach
>starts aggressively rimming, fingering, lubing me up and talking dirty
>he slaps on a condom, lubes it up
>he gets off the bed, I perk my ass up on all fours on the edge of the bed
>starts slow, it hurts, I haven't been fucked in 3 months
>takes lots of time just to get it in once, still hurts but it gets better
>once the whole thing slides in and I feel his hips pressed up against my ass I tell him to go harder
>starts getting more and more aggressive, talking dirty
>i start to moan and get into a rhythm
>he just starts pounding away full speed
>he's right about the sweet spot
>keeps going for a while until I cum without even touching it
>lay down on the bed panting in a wet heap with my cock dripping
>he gives me a rest, I lay down and he cums on my chest and face
>clean up, cuddle and talk for half an hour
>dry off, blow each other again till we cum again
>cuddle and talk again
>I leave

planning on meeting up with him again in a few weeks when he visits again, can't wait
aren't they the same?
>nobody likes these stupid fucking posts
>I forget how big an inch is
>I have so so many shitty, unintelligent opinions and here they all are XDDD
anon, your writing skills are getting better and better. Your gay sex fantasy erotica website page must be very popular.
cute <3
Where do you live now? :3
hell yeah dude, look at that massive cock, whoa!
Não perde essa chance, vai la mamar um caralho de verdade rs
>Muster up the courage to finally message a guy that is a qt3.14, and says he's looking for dates, friends, and a relationship
>Plan out what I'm going to say, try not to be yet another "hey, sup"
>Write a slightly thoughtful greeting that uses information from his profile
>No response, not even a block or a not interested

Haha, time to get myself into a drunken stupor tonight. I feel pathetic. I think I'm too fragile for grindr.
you get callused over time
started chatting with this guy a bit ago, he seems almost overly friendly (maybe i've just had more bad experiences on grindr than good), but he doesn't seem to want to send me any more pics of himself. not 100% sure if his prof pic is actually him but my reverse image search turns nothing up so far

he seems kind of cute but can't be too sure with this pic
File: image.png (189KB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189KB, 640x1136px
lol, gaymer
File: 1400993311764.jpg (69KB, 694x530px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 694x530px
>hi, what's going on?
>hey how are you?
>hi, hey, how's it going. Pick one and then we can go from there.

I told him to go and pick up some weights and then get back to me, he started crying about how I was shallow.

Really buddy? Tell me, why did you decide to message me in the first place? Because I've got nothing on my profile but a shirtless public pic. Fucking hypocrtical loser. Grindr and Hornet makes me cringe so hard sometimes.
>they never take the hint
File: topkek.png (233KB, 393x391px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
233KB, 393x391px
>he started crying about how I was shallow
Kek its a fucking sex app
File: 1418019945869.jpg (72KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 900x900px
That's cold queen
I've hooked up with a good number of guys. Too lazy to write out any stories but I'll answer any questions
Can I copy paste a little from the slutty thread since this story continued just the last few days?

All my sluttiness within the last week...
>only have a had a few partners, never went far
>never could hold down relationships, nothing sexual for the last 3 years
>exhibitionist fetish
>get so pent up start taking pics
>delete them immediately nervous they'll be leaked
>fucking mania sets in because I'm a bipolar fuckup
>hypersexual swing: ohboyherewego
>take a bunch of pics and post them online
>nervous and self-conscious, worried people will find them ugly
>people actually like them and the views kind of blow up
>20x the ammount I expected
>install grindr for the first time
>meet up with a guy within an hour
>come over for "cuddles" and end up blowing him (never done that before)
>he goes to work, I leave for classes
>have a shitty following day, come back from trip early, message him and he comes to pick me up when I'm stranded late at night
>give roadhead for the first time
>so fucking nervous and excited someone will catch us
>go back to his place and stay the night
>he wants to see pics
>show him and he says they're hot
>blow him like my life depends on it
>grind for hours in several positions
>tell him how much i like to be dominated
>pins me down and even grips my hair and neck
>finally takes my anal virginity
>cum buckets and we fall asleep
>wake up and fool around more
>shower together and clean up
>he takes me home
>I post more pics online
And now here I am...Jesus Christ I went from gay virgin to online exhibitionist slut who pretty much did everything he asked me to. And now he that knows I have pics online he wants to dominate me more for some. So I'm sure the sluttiest is yet to come. Fuck, and this is all within the last six days.

Thanks Grindr, I guess.
This is gonna sound weird but I actually have a thing for creepy older men. Should I use Grindr?
File: eDxiqzw.jpg (61KB, 600x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 600x1000px
>creepy older men

craiglist is better for that
>be me, 18, tall and skinny
>out of town, staying in an airbnb
>straight but curious about hooking up with a guy
>get drunk on my own and decide to get grindr
>drunk and excited so I'm messaging/sending nudes to everyone
>blackout and fall asleep but get woken up to a knock on the door
>realize I invited a guy from grindr over
>I let him in, pretty standard looking
>6'0, black hair, average build, in his mid 30's
>as we start talking I realize thats its actually happening and get a little freaked out
>wondering if I should go through with it or not
>he tries to kiss me so I tell him I'm having second thoughts
>he's pretty chill about it, talk some more and keep hanging out
>30 minutes go by and I'm still drunk
>he asks for a tour so I show him around
>get to the bedroom, he sits on the bed
>fuck it, I sit down next to him
>he asks if I've ever seen another guys cock before
>asks if I've ever touched one before
>say "no"
>he takes off his pants
>I reach over and touch his cock through his boxers
>it feels like im grabbing someones forearm
>surprised and excited by how big it is
>pull off his boxers and start jerking him off
>hes getting hard and his dick keeps getting bigger
>it feels like im holding an 8" long coke can
>im horny as fuck at this point but still nervous
>he gets up and stands in front of the bed
>his cock is in right in front of my face
>lick the head
>run my tongue up his shaft and work up the courage to put the tip in my mouth
>move my head in and out while im stroking his shaft
>so fucking hot
>Im sliding his foreskin up and down as I push his dick in and out of my mouth
> I can hear him moaning loader and loader as I suck faster and deeper
>cant believe im about to make a man cum for me
> pull his dick out as he tells me hes about to cum
> keep stroking it in front of my face with my eyes closed and mouth open
>he lets out a moan and I feel his cock pulse in my hand
>his cum shoots all over my face and into my mouth
>didnt realize it was this warm
go on...
Hooked up with a guy from tinder last night when I was in the city miles away from my home town.

Flew back home today.

Miss him, feel sad n odd.
what a desperate fgt
Where are you from? I'm in Switzerland and got the exact same message several times, are those bots or sth?
Eh seems normal
you're probably just fugly
wuts ur prblm bich
u wan sum fuk? hm?
Hey guys, before you kick me out of /hm/ and chase me to /soc/, please help me out.
> Mainly use Grindr for hookups. It's been working great so far.
> Guys usually just ask me out or I ask them out on a date then his place the same night.
> Rarely meet the same guy twice. OK with that. I lose interest pretty fast.
> A couple of days ago an 8/10 guy messages me. Starts asking me about my degree, what I do etc.
> So bro-y. Seems pointless to keep flirting. He doesn't seem interested. Why did you even message me?
> He's so handsome, I decide to just keep trying. He blocked me the next day. I get over it.
> Get on Instagram, he messages me. He says he deleted Grindr because he "wasn't about it", but he thought I was “a cool guy” and wanted to get to know me better.
> I gave him my number because he is so fucking handsome.
> Now starting to think more and more that this guy is just some discreet closet case.
> Always replies 1-2 hours later. I get annoyed, used to a much faster pace.
> He says he’s hooked up with guys before, that he finds me attractive, that “the desire is there”.
> Never really given this much effort to keep a guy’s attention before.
> He says he can’t meet up with me until next week because of out-of-state interview.
> I’m now weirdly obsessed with this guy. I think it’s because he’s really testing my patience.
> I keep thinking all the time he’s not interested. Through text he seems like an asshole, but I know better than to judge people based on how they text. Also he keeps sending me selfies.
> Didn’t even wanna call our first date a “date” as he’s never been on a date with a guy before.
> He also says he’s not the kind of guy who’d flirt.
> He keeps just pulling me back every time I think of deleting his number.
> While I’m writing this, I realize it’s all because he’s so fucking handsome.
What should I do? I think I'm actually giving this guy too much
...attention. I've been texting this guy for over a week and I honestly can't stop thinking about him. I'm a huge fan of reciprocity and there's not much of that going on right now.
File: 1447216642376.jpg (48KB, 620x592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 620x592px
>guy keeps messaging me everytime im on
>haven't replied in like a month
>finally say hi one time out of curioisty
>exchange numbers for nudes
>super annoying though
>messages me everyday asking about my day
>literally have not replied in days
>still says good morning and how are you

how can people be so oblivious?
File: funny-names-18.jpg (34KB, 500x666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 500x666px
>how can people be so oblivious?

persistence sometimes pays off.
he is probably hoping that you will eventually give in and let him have some of that. you should feel flattered. if you really are not interested then just block him and save him the trouble of bothering you.
You sound like a real piece of shit. Just leave him alone, you don't deserve him.

Sounds like he's just a decent guy with good priorities ie interview is more important than hitherto unknown rando from grindr. 1-2 hours? Come on, that's nothing. He has a life. So he find you attractive, yeah, but he's not desperate. There are plenty more fish in the sea. Maybe this is just the moment you realize you're not the center of the universe and other people have priorities different to what you want.

tl;dr - he's normal, you're conceited

It's obvious you two have differing thoughts about meeting guys.

You want hook-ups... meet and fuck the same day.

He tried Grindr, didn't like the hook-up aspect but started talking to you because he liked you. He's not the hook-up type of guy.

If you think you could actually date him, since I think that's what he's looking for, then stick with it. If not, if you are just looking for hook-ups, then explain to him you're only looking for quick sex and thanks anyway.
it's 4chan, we're just ironically gay
Had a lot of grindr meets/experiences

Get used to the fact that people do not want what they say they want.

First grindr meet
>Age 18, he's 40, fat, bald, has a son my age and married to a man.
>Meet him in city center, he picks me up in his car, the photo of the dick he sent me was not his, he has a buried penis fat people have.
>My first gay experience, so I thought fuck it, I suck his micropenis for a bit and he cums
>Pulls up his pants and walks back to car leaving me to finish myself off, which I didn't bother doing
>Drops me off, I never speak to him again and block him

Generally though my grindr experiences are good.

>Meet a ginger stubbled guy who loves to suck dick (my favourite thing is to receive oral)
>He's very quiet, doesn't speak to me much, I think he's nervous/not that into me
>I suck him for a while, he cums
>I don't finish again, not really fussed.
>Walk him out of the building and we continue to speak every now and then
>Meet him again, he's now got a huge ginger bear and he's gorgeous with it
>He's slightly more talkative, warming up to me
>Suck him, rim him, he's got me all in a fluster
>He cums, so do I, he gets ready and I walk him to his car.

I have met quite a few guys on grindr before, two of my worst experiences are dirty bottoms, guys who don't bother preparing themselves for anal sex beforehand, so when you finish a layer of shit comes attached to your dick. Or the ones who are in relationships secretly, which you generally find after you come across their facebooks, as I refuse to meet someone in a relationship.

But overall 6 or 7/10 generally.
i'm sorry for that negro
I'm still not sure about what he was trying to say
Do you stay in texas by any chance?
This doctor guy here hits me up alot.
I just got back from my first Grindr hook up ever. Also my first sex with a black guy ever.

Overall pretty good.
Don't listen to all these moralfags trying to guilt you. He's obviously just a closet case that probably had random one off hook ups as a spur of the moment thing but is still too much of a "bro" type to give into his feelings and embrace the faggotness inside.

Honestly the very fact he seems to be coming back to you as well speaks volumes. Don't leave that well alone as it will deliver. Eventually.

You made the right choice anon
go take his cock, duh

literally happening right now
>persistence sometimes pays off.
No? this is pathetic
>behaves like an entitled millenial cunt with a guy who seems nice
>gets called on it
>"muh slutshaming", "moralfags", "it's 2015, wake up!"
You would love my life, I can't keep creepy old fucks from being lecherous to me.
>be me, some time ago
>decide to install grindr because why the fuck not
>this 33yo 7/10 guy messeges me
>exchange some pics
>thick, juicy 18cm cock
>he picks me up
>im just doing this for the dick
>while we drive to his place he doesn't shut up about how much he earns or how good his english is (forgot to mention that everything took place in norway)
>we finally arrive to his place
>we start making out, both instantly hard
>he gets me naked
>"uh im into shaved guys only.."
>he fucking shaves my hole and my balls
>that actually feels really nice
>we go to the bedroom
>he spent like 10min working on my hole so anal wouldnt hurt
>fucking hurts
>fucks me anyways
>suddenly pulls out and cums on my ass
>start making out again
>he's hard
>reaches down for poppers and fucks me again
>this goes on for 2 hours
>i loved every minute of it
>rip hole
>i couln't sit that day
Actually kek'd
Well faggot, it certainly paid off in the fact that you replied.
Obviously this guy is an ugly that you ignored or turned down and he is serving you justice.

Ignore him as well. If you feel you're always the one making the first moves that means he is not interested and is just wasting your time.

Don't be desperate about a good face. Respect yourself. You shouldn't allow him (and anyone) to affect you that much.

And yes you should delete his number until he contacts you back on his own, if he ever does.
I thought he was trying to rap. Maybe that is how negros express their desire to procreate?
Same problem. Are you on any antidepressant ?
Had an old co worker do that to me before. He'd always say good morning and ask me what I was eating for lunch. Pricks who don't understand personal space deserve to get blocked.
>be skinnyfat, short, 24 but look 18, light skinned mexican with attractive face
>get thousands of messages, compliments and views in the past year on daddyhunt and its accompanying app
>most guys who hit on me don't turn me on the slightest
>try to start a conversation with someone who i do wanna get with
>it never works out, they hardly reply back and if they do it rarely leads anywhere

I've haven't had the best of luck. I'm not out to chase 9 or 10/10s but I can't even manage to talk to the guys who I think are "in my league." I don't know if I'm not as interesting or social as I thought, or they just aren't interested.

>all these one line replies that don't really lead anywhere

And here I thought older men were supposed to be better.
Are you in SGV? Sorry if I'm disturbing you.Just block me if so.
They are prostitutes silly boi. offer money they will fuck you
I don't know if this is even a serious reply but why would I? I've never had someone be "generous" before, which looking back is weird..

Oh god, there's this guy that keeps messaging me hi, hey, when are we meeting, you're hot, etc. and I haven't replied back to him. This shit is ridiculous. There was another guy before him who did the same. I don't understand how anyone could be THAT oblivious, holy shit.
I'd at least say hi
Check this stud out.
guess ill share. this is like super recent stuff

>be me, 18, extremely horny and sexually unfulfilled
>dl grinder, cute chubby guy messages me, asks what i am
>say vers top theoretically (still almost a virgin at the time)
>says hes vers but wants to top me
>whatever, hes cute
>lives just a short walk from my dorm
>meet at midnight, takes me into his apartment
>we talk for a while bc im visibly anxious as ive never done this before
>hes actually really sweet
>we make out for a while, rubbing dicks etc
>says im probably too tight for his dick (it was only 6 in)
>really horny so i put it in anyway
>wow this is easy
>spending entire time trying to get used to the feeling
>kinda lay on back while he finishes
>bad sex in retrospect
>shower and leave
File: original.jpg (3KB, 64x114px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 64x114px
forgot to add he never talked to me again after that, but its whatever

>next night, meeting a different guy
>drive to his apartment, about 10 min away
>similar situation, talking because im nervous
>he eventually picks me up and throws me on his bed
>mfw its 8 inches and thick
>filled with determination to take this one
>eventually do
>"not bad for a second time"
>he fucks like wild, rough as hell and really dominating
>inner faggot comes out
>what feels like an hour later he finally cums
>shower and lay on his couch watching some movie for a bit
>eventually leave

ive actually met up with him a lot since then. we're currently "talking" (his words) and have fucked a few times, mostly with me bottoming. every time besides the first i had to back out because it was so uncomfortable, though he let me top him once.
It was a 50 yo white guy sending these
how come the background keeps changing colors as i type in grindr? Shits gonna give me a seizure.
Signed up yesterday. Had the perfect experience within the hour. FFffffuuclklllkkkk
Not a story,, but just a funny exchange.
Post your anon pics please, I want to see what kind of guy he is attracted to for research.
Just bee urself :')
But for real I'm not that impressive looking familal unit
He is a man.

are you some smooth twink femgirl?
I've never been accused of being that in my life. I'd say in pretty close to the opposite of that, I just know how to pull the type of guys I like
post your anon pics man,
>recently turned 18
>curious about sexuality, never really been into girls all that much
>don't know many gay guys and no one has ever hinted that they've thought i'm anything over than straight
>want to have a gay experience
>download grindr, set up profile and i'm getting quite a few messages already
>check pics and not really interested in anyone (don't reply idk if that's bad)
>come back from a night out round 1 and check grindr
>pretty cute guy pops up and get chatting and share pics
>meet him in his car and drive out to somewhere pretty quiet
>talk for a bit and then get into it, he's 29 but doesn't look it
>kiss each other and mess around, then start sucking him off
>he sucks me off etc etc and asks if I'm top or bottom and if I want to fuck
>top and yeah
>put on a condom while he lubes up
>bends over and I go for it
>try and penetrate
>still pretty drunk from earlier in the night and can't get fully erect
>he's alright about it and we do what we were doing before
>he finishes on my chest after I suck him off again
>drives me home and we chat for a bit

>TL;DR first grindr/gay experience, almost fucked a guy, not bad.
Someone needs to report this thot.
I see a profile like that locally every few weeks. Makes me rage. Most of the time its a fat bitch who just looks like the stereotypical anime fan who gets off on those yaoi comics who have some weird flawed perception of what gay men are actually like.

Dont get me wrong, seeing 2 cute twinks holding hands and cuddling is hot, but thats not really what 90% of the gay community is like, and not AT ALL what grindr is for.

I dont know. Shit happens to me too. I'm using a shitty chink phone though.
Just post a dick pic, faggot!

Would probably expect an evening of "free" shit. Fucking keks.
File: 1376522951067.jpg (102KB, 579x804px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 579x804px
fucking do it. You could be a "republican senator"s secret bitch and get paid to do it!
my dream.
t-that's my dream too anon

beautiful fetish
>Be straight
>No seriously, be straight
>Want to experiment with a guy (still do, hence my presence on /hm/)
>Get Grindr
>See attractive guy
>Start talking
>He's also wanting to experiment
>He takes off his shirt
>I take off mine
>He literally cums in his jeans
>He apologizes
>We actually Netflix and Chill after that.

It was... interesting. I'm still a male-virgin.
Sometimes its better to go a slow pace : p
File: dyel.jpg (44KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 640x480px
>He literally cums in his jeans
This means you aren't even close to straight
Fucking Grindr sometimes, I swear to god. This happened a month or two ago, in a single evening:

>Be me, 27 attractive fit Aussie, top masc
>Traveling in Amsterdam, decide to check the local talent
>Meet a New Zealand dude living there, we meet for coffee, he's weird and conceited. Oh well, he's a btm and I'm toey.
>Go back to his place. Making out on bed, shirts off
>Suddenly stops and says "No I can't do this on a first date", asks me to leave

>Leave and get back on Grindr
>Meet qt3.14 Dutch local, bi and not out
>He startles like a unicorn, has no experience, I chat with extreme care
>Convince him to come and pick me up on the street
>he arrives, pulls over
>freaks out and changes his mind as I'm approaching the passenger door
>mounts a curb trying to drive off at 100kmph. Stops responding on Grindr.

>Back to Grindr again
>Meet local Dutch Rail rent-a-cop
>Tells me he'll pick me up, only lives a short drive away
>Picks me up, drives me 45mins to his place in the middle of nowhere
>I'm definitely going to get murdered
>He actually ends up sucking dick like a pornstar, and I fuck him twice
>Make up a lie about needing to catch a plane, he drops me 45min back at my hostel

Take home point: Gay people are FUCKING RETARDED.
>60% of users nearby are brown people
>put "only interested in white guys" in about me
>millions of replies calling me racist and insensitive
>delete the app immediately
Fags are awful.
Has nothing to do with being gay. That's hookup culture. "No strings" doesn't just apply to the aftermath.
Protip: don't put "white guys only." That's SJW bait. Don't list a preference, just only respond to guys you're into.
You deserved it my man
Lately I've been telling guys I'm 16 (I'm actually 26) and for the most part they're all really into it. I knew a lot of gays are pervs but I didn't know 99% of them are.
thats actually gross
Not a gay thing. Not perverted. Most men remain attracted to and attempt to date people near the age of majority for obvious biological reasons. They have done numerous studies on dating sites where all men, young and old, are messaging the 18 year old women. Women, meanwhile, behaved hypergamously within their own age groups.

And 16 is a sexually mature person on the cusp of legal "adulthood." In many places outside the States, they'd already be legal. Let's not act like the dude said he was 10 years old.
wanting to fuck a 16 years-old is not being a perv, it's a normal things males want to do and is legal in most countries in the world, because, you know, a 16 years-old has gone through puberty and knows enough about sex to know if he wants it or not
Kinda turns me on actually to roleplay as a younger guy and getting scruffy, buff guys to fawn over me.

I'm decently attractive and look young - I could meet these guys in person if I wanted but they'd figure out pretty quick that I'm not really a clueless a virgin
Hooked up with this guy that had really defined abs and a huge chest
>head over to his place, he has an accent but whatever, really hot
>he's wearing a hoodie and jeans
>start making out
>he pulls his shirt off
>told him I was verse, but now I'm in complete bottom mode
>I must swallow his seed
>he let's me feel his body up, feel his abs, and run up to his chest
>Feel chest
>pecs, solid
>literally shiver, his dick has been in my mouth for the past few minutes
>keep sucking like a madmad, he gets me on his bed, eats my ass a little, then we makeout while Jerking off together
>really good kisser, knows how to use his tongue
>when he's about to cum, force my mouth over his cock, vacuum until it's filled with his cum and he pulls me off
>he asks if I wanna go furniture shopping with him, his "friend" is coming over
>uh. No. I'll just go it's cool.
>his friend sleeps on the other half of his queen sized bed
>end up laying on his bed for the last 20 minutes before leaving
>gave him my number, he probably won't call me back
He was really hot though. Fuck I don't know if he was on roids or what but my god he looked good.
Yesterday was International Mens day:
>Grindr tries to sell me on getting a cock enlargement(no mention of mens day), and obviously stands to make a referral bonus to people who click through
Today is Trans awareness day:
>Grindr gives a popup that lets everyone know, without trying to sell anything

You would *THINK* grindr would know its audience, and kinda lay off the social-marxist BS... I mean who here actually appreciates the trans folk on grindr? Frankly, i hate it, mostly since atleast half of the ones who have spoken to me only told me a few messages in they were trans(they refuse to use the trans 'tribe' tag) which i would think is something that most guys on grindr are not looking to find(its a hook up app. It would be like trying to sell a computer in Auto Trader!)

.... but no. Lets fight against the whole "MRA's crying about oppression' by ignoring that day, and elevating tranny day! What better way to guild those privileged cis gay men...
>>Suddenly stops and says "No I can't do this on a first date", asks me to leave
Basically he is telling you he finds you disgusting and doesn't want your sex, without offending you.

>>freaks out and changes his mind as I'm approaching the passenger door
>bi guys honestly
Is that what you tell yourself?
you're also not straight shittard
File: 54X27JT.gif (985KB, 400x170px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
985KB, 400x170px
>he's about to cum, force my mouth over his cock, vacuum until it's filled with his cum and he pulls me off

i hate it when people do this.
he pulls you off because it is fucking painful.
stop suckin when they are cumming.
just use your hand on the shaft.
>Mens day

every day is mens day.
feels good man.
heh, yeah, sure.... Try to talk about any male issue in any setting. Odds are you'll get called a baby, told to man up, something something male tears, etc...

Theres no group that is more openly mocked now a days, than men. And Gay men get shit on from both sides now. Knowing that a sizable chunk of gay men are self flagellating keks who fall over themselves to help women, PoC, trannies, etc... all to the detriment of their own makes it even easier.
File: grindr-fail-8.jpg (53KB, 640x314px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 640x314px
>Try to talk about any male issue

Like what? You haven't had your period yet?

Jesus. Men don't have "issues" that is a female thing. You fucking baby. Something something male tears.

See what I did there?


Grow the fuck up. You don't need to waste your time talking about your feelings. Nobody wants to hear that shit and it isn't going to make you feel better. Every time you feel like talking, just shut the fuck up and do some push-ups. Then you will be a real man and not some whiny piece of shit.
I have one from a while ago.

>be 17, shut up I know
>open grindr account, fill out info, state I like white men explicitly in bio
>like 10 non-white ugly fucks message me, telling me about how I just haven't had X dick yet
>finally, after like 3 days, a white guy messages me
>no pic, apparently daddy type, early 40s
>decide to take a chance, tell him to pick me up at nearby coffee place
>he pulls up, decent looking, stubble, kinda cute
>get in passenger seat, ride for about half hour to his place, he's rubbing my thigh and holding my hand, super cute stuff
>finally get to his place, go to his bed, undress
>he's like 6", cut, average thickness
>go to town on that dick for like 10 minutes, then he pulls me off
>he stands up, off the bed, tells me to bend over said bed
>oblige, obviously
>he lubes me up, feels like heaven, before sticking it in. Didn't realize no condom until later
>fuck like that for like 5 minutes before he gets back on bed, leaning on his left side, cock bobbing
>I lay on my left side, leg is up, he enters me
>fuck for another 10 minutes, he cums inside, tells me to get off and clean him
>still in sex dumb mode, oblige
>afterwards he drives me home, gets me a coffee and muffin cause its like 3 am by this point
>go home, masturbate furiously, fall asleep

I regret not keeping in contact with him. He actually wanted to help me get my drivers license. Like, pay for it and everything. I was dumb as fuck then
All the guys near me are white or black, keep grindr for about 4 weeks didn't really feel like meeting anyone

>some white guys message me
>I'm not into white
>they get hurt

black guys message
>Me: I'd like to do some kinky stuff
>What kind of kinky stuff? ;)
>Me: Doing some Voodoo to switch bodies
>you need Jesus

honestly I don't even take grindr serious anymore

>19 yr old nerdy white boy messages
>Vents about how his friends don't talk to him cause they're busy
>tell him to stop being a bitch and go do your own thing
>I'm on grindr to make new friends
>Good luck with that kid
>Be 21 yr old super fucking closet bi
>About to meet up with this kid and sleep over
>We both blaze
>Have had 1 BF for a year so can suck some dick
>My meat sword Shall be hung up tonight
>About to leave will take pics and post more
Op here fuckinh suck his dick ,3 times he comes each time I do what my gf dld it ito me

How I want to meat up with a guy like you..... but haven't :(
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