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Why is Islam no fun allowed

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Is it really that totalitarian? sumptuary laws? I don't want to use le current year maymay but yes. It just like Escape from LA.
Sharia forbids:
Smoking Weed
Smoking Tobacco
Drinking Alcohol
Using drugs which are not medically prescribed
Homosexuality, Sodomy and other sexual deviance
Going outside of private space in improper dress
Pretending to be another gender
Music, Fashion, Art and Architecture which is unseemly
Use of foul language outside of personal space and in the media
No fault divorce
Pagan festivals such as Halloween

It is quite simply incompatible to integrate by fully respecting all these observances to something else. That's not a bug it's a feature.
Because absolute sacred values?
Alcohol was allowed until people started showing up to prayers, drunk

As for the rest, it is necessary for Islam to hold a complete sway over your life. That's why Islam is going to hold strong forever

Actually, for the majority of Islam it was far more tolerant of these things than many other religions, creeds, etc. Also, moderation is more key than outright banning so-and-so but the modern wahhabi arabs go around polluting and trying to enforce a strict code because of their own strict interpretation.
Just become an Alevi/Bektashi and you get away with being able to do all of those just to piss off Wahabists

"An imam was preaching about the evils of alcohol and asked "If you put a pail of water and a pail of rakı in front of a donkey, which one will he drink from?" A Bektashi in the congregation immediately answered. "The water!" "Indeed," said the imam, "and why is that?" "Because he's an ass."

Wow, that is really hardcore quote.

Also yeah, a lot of this shit is just wahhabi pearlclutching in panicked response to the similarly total control over life and mores exerted by the capitalism. Ottomans were fucking boypussy for at least 500 years without giving a fuck
>Music, Fashion, Art and Architecture
this is bullshit, I'm not an expert on islam or something but I'm sure that this is not against a rule in the religion
They are hostile to your pagan non-sense.
Sharia sensibility is political correctness in endgame
Music is debatable, but anything with instruments other than the drum and some other percussion that I am forgetting at this time is not allowed

Dressing decadently is not allowed. Men cannot wear gold or silver. Men must cover up to knees and women the whole leg. The hijab and niqab are more cultural things, there wasn't anything in the Qur'an and Hadith about them IIRC

Art that has a face in it is not allowed. Some scholars would say literature that is un-Islamic is not allowed either, but this is debatable.

Don't know anything about architecture restrictions
This constitutes as fun to you?
I am confused. I know that there is a debate about whether Islam allows music or not, but whenever I hear the "haram" side, half the time they say only instruments is allowed, and half the time
they say only voices are allowed. What does the "music is haram" side mainly believe? Voices, instruments, or both?
For voices it depends on the lyrics I believe. Nasheeds are allowed by most schools of thought. Music is haraam crowd believes that other than nasheeds and the banging of drums, everything else is haraam. So basically all Western music
Yeah but you get to be ruled over by Nietzschean ubermenschen who live a life of total license behind closed doors.

Who can put a price on that?
Which is ironic considering how a lot of western music has its origins in a Muslim country
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