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/h/istorical music?

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Hey /his/! Sorry if this seems like /mu/, but given its nature I thought you guys might be interested in a thread like this. I'm wondering, are there any pieces of music from any previous historical era you guys really like? I've found myself with a big soft spot for Civil War songs. "Weeping Sad and Lonely" gets me every time:


Tenting Tonight also gives me a case of heartache:


How about you guys? Any music tied to a particular historical moment really resonate with you?
There's a bunch of songs from when The Dutch opposed the Spanish Philip II. The most famous one is of course the current anthem "Het Wilhelmus". Apparently, the melody comes from a Spain Catholic soldiers' song titled "Autre chanson de la ville de Chartres assiégée par le prince de Condé" (English: "Another song about the city of Chartres under siege by the Prince de Condé"). This song dates to the Protestant siege of Chartres in 1568 during the French Wars of Religion. [From Wikipedia].

I've found the melody in a variety of contemporary sources, such as in the Dutch lute composer Nicolas Vallet, in his 'Le Secret des Muses' (http://imslp.org/wiki/Secret_des_Muses_(Vallet,_Nicolas) book II, page 26 (PDF:30)) This b)
This book is published in 1616-1618, meaning the composer was an 'Orangist', supporting the family of Orange as being the royal family.
He also wrote music on the Vater Unser melody by Luther, from which we can conclude he was also a Lutheran protestant.
I am still trying to find out which strophes of the text go with the music, though.
Cool! I've never really listened to much Dutch music, maybe I should start.
Our old anthem (still used by the Slovene armed forces, though): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urg7cpp4eNQ
I'm a britbong who plays in brass bands, so I have played/enjoy a lot of traditional and historically interesting music. What fascinates me the most is when we play something that seems really old, but some of the older members actually remember when the music was popular or were around when the subject matter of the piece was happening (i.e mining culture)

Ironically despite all the tradition, modern brass band music is extremely avant-garde
Interesting! Excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by avant-garde?
>what do you mean by avant-garde?

modern, cutting edge and inaccessible to most of the general public

the reason it's ironic is because brass bands were traditionally the music of the working man, and now the music is on the opposite end of the spectrum

for example, here is a fairly typical modern brass band piece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oal8QSC45O4
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2MB, 480x270px
Nicolas Vallet, Johan Snep, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Gerard von Brucken Fock, Gerard von Brucken Fock.
The evolution of a genre, over time, is probably the most fascinating thing.
Tell me more about the history of brass music, English man.
I won't pretend I'm anything of an expert on the subject, I'm primarily just a musician

you might find this interesting though http://fdslive.oup.com/www.oup.com/academic/pdf/13/9780198166986.pdf


Finlandia has so much historical substance, read up on it if you can
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>Song composed by Dòmhnall Ruadh Chorùna (Donald MacDonald of Coruna), a Scottish-Gaelic poet from North Uist, whilst fighting in the battle of the Somme, in the trenches of the Great War, for his love, Mhagaidh Nic Leòid (Maggie MacLeod).

Fuck man, that's beautiful ;_;
literal tears

what a work
Flanders here, some really patriotic and /his/-related songs. Although some are a bit /pol/-like.

Vlaamse Leeuw (Flemish Lion, our anthem): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcLGwJKm6ZE

De Blauwvoet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrVse9ruPdw

Omdat ik Vlaming ben (Because I'm a Fleming): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBnFBeFmDXs

Waar Maas en Schelde vloeien (Where the Maas and Schelde flow): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jah7aZezwlc

Het Vendel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB5dsVM-V5E

Het lied van Pater Callewaert: http://www.carpegeel.be/lied.aspx?id=1118 (literally propagating the 'don't racemix message')
the lion map is really cool

Indeed, it's the Leo Belgicus. Google gives some really nice depictions of it. It's not really Flemish though, as it has both Flanders, current Netherlands and a large part of Wallonia on it.


Whoops, something went wrong with my greentext. Meant to post this:

> The earliest Leo Belgicus was drawn by the Austrian cartographer Michael Aitzinger in 1583, when the Netherlands were fighting the Eighty Years' War for independence. The motif was inspired by the heraldic figure of the lion, occurring in the coats of arms of several of the Netherlands, namely: Brabant, Flanders, Frisia, Guelders, Hainout, Holland, Limburg, Luxembourg and Zeeland, as well as in those of William of Orange.
Lets go back a bit further in time
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I'm a big fan of chants, Hildegard or some Gregorio Allegri compositions.


One of Mother Slovenia's finest.
This is perfect. Thanks for sharing.



Austrian Military Music was the best
I understand this was inspired by an Austrian tune.
Ambush from Ten Sides. I went to a Wu Man concert a few days ago and she played this, shit was so cash.
I also have a spot for taiko.
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