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Television and Film

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Can we have a general recommendation thread for tv series and films based on historical events, or set in certain historical periods?

My recommendation is pic related. 95 episode action/drama about the greatest civil war in Chinese, or perhaps world history. Most expensive television series ever produced in China as well.
Sharpe is still the best though.
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The Last Kingdom
Black Sails
Marco Polo
Game Of Thrones (^8
Oh thank god, someone else liked Marco Polo. I thought I was alone.
I thought it was well done. Great production values, mostly solid acting. Orgy.

I'm not sure how accurate it is, I'm no expert.
- British navy officer during Napoleonic wars. Solid production values for a TV miniseries. Good cast. Fun stories, a bit of a decline in the end - too much adventure, not enough navy.

- Boromir and a bunch of marksmen friends during Napoleonic Wars. Great antihero. Lots of fighting and adventure.

- Band of Brothers before Band of Brothers. WW1 Australian mates. A bit cheap at times, but superb chemistry and fun. Also WW1 TV shows are rarely seen so that is good.

Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter
- German miniseries about a group of friends during WW2. Sadly not enough war and too much personal drama. Still a solid watch.

Reilly, Ace of Spies
- Merlin from Jurrassic Park is a spy during the early 20th century. Great look at behind the scenes politics and problems of the time.

Fall of Eagles
- The fate of European monarchies in the late 19th/early 20th century. Great look at how things deteriorated in the empires and in the run up to WW1. Jean-Luc Picard is Lenin.

Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
- Sometimes it gets a bit too childish, but young Indy goes through loads of interesting late 19th/early 20th century events and meets loads of interesting and famous people as a kid and then as a young man.

I, Claudius
- Great retelling of a great book. Has a bit of a theatric performance feel to it due to the production values of the time. But a great look at the history of Rome. Fantastic acting all around.

War and Peace
- Bondarchuk's four part masterpiece. Long, heavy, epic, Russian. Just as it should be. If you can get past subtitles.
Things everyone should know already:

Rome, Band of Brothers, Pacific, Marco Polo, Black Sails, The Last Kingdom, Vikings.
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War of the Arrows, set during a Manchu raid on Korea. A fast-paced thriller flick with cool archery scenes.

>actually recommending black sails and vikings
Are they not TV shows based on historical events, or set in certain historical periods?
They are, but the OP asked for shows you'd recommend.
Firstly, War Of Arrows is awesome. Good choice.

Secondly, please don't shit up our new board with your off-putting sarcasm and pretentious nonverbal critiques. Confine that kind of behavior to other lesser boards. if you don't like something, just be an adult about it and allow others to develop their own tastes. If you wish to dissent, do it in as articulate and polite a way as possible.
Sophie Scholl The Final Days, because there is nothing like remembering what /pol/ wants you to forget
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Anyone with an interest in the Cold War should watch Threads. It's an excellent drama, though it might exaggerate in places it's still pretty haunting. Extremely bleak.

I'll assume it counts as /his/ material
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What? Scaremongering counts? Red scare is so /pol/
It's not accurate.

It's about as historically accurate as Braveheart was.

Which is to say, bastardized by Hollywood
I liked the three kingdoms show too but the action scenes were the crappiest ones in documented history.
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Zulu gives me a hard on.
Highlander with Gibson was apparently extremely accurate
Three Kingdoms is great.
It falls off when Cao Cao passes tho.
Red Cliff, both parts is really good as well.
Yeah i'm about 25 episodes in and all the action scenes have been terrible.
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cao cao.webm
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It's not something you watch for the action, you watch for the intrigue/Cao Cao speeches.
Chen Gong and Cao Cao had the best bromance before he got all butthurt about Cao Cao killing people
Yeah i know. That's why i'm still watching it. Still disappointing though.
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Based Cao Cao
>lesser boards
Let's take a day or two before we start with the elitism, hunh?


Book is good as well
its a foreign film so no english in it
its pretty dope and builds up Gengis khan from his childhood till the day he began his conquests
seriously one of my top 5 movies
>no english in it
There are plenty of subtitles available, so this isn't necessarily a drawback.

On the backlog it goes
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Myn Bala.jpg
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It's an absolute shit depiction of Mongol History. Specially that battle in the end.

I'd rather watch Kazakh historical dramas compared to fucking Mongol.
I'm gonna recommend Master and Commander in every one of thesr threads. Excellent look at the Royal Navy in the Napoleonic Wars, and the books are some of the best historical fiction around; O'Brian generally just takes real events and sticks his characters in the sidelines, or has them take the place of a real commander in the action.
'71 was actually pretty good. Depicts Troubles era Northern Ireland in 1971.
Great film. The Naval Historical Center even recommended it as a learning point for modern day sailors.

The brain surgery part in the beginning always seemed off to me, though. Open air, a ship at sea, a crowd all around, a simple coin to block it off, and the guy actually recovers perfectly? How believable is that in the early 19th century?
Trepanning was a somewhat common thing. The scene is an important one for Maturin, as in the books it's the first showing of "oh shit, we got an actual doctor on board and not some guy with a rushed naval diploma and a saw", and you catch recurring characters mentioning it ten books down the line.
Beyond that, the open air would be far more preferable to the dark, musty ship decks which would be full of shitty air from the bilges and such. I don't recall how in depth the scene was in the movie, but in the book they were just pulling a splinter from his brain, so it's not as if they were doing anything too crazy. The guy also takes a while to recover beyond a slurred sentence at the end of the operation.

Had it been a regular naval surgeon they'd probably just be like 'yeah, he's fucked, sorry' and either keep him alive until they can dock and shunt him over to an asylum or just put the poor guy out of his misery.
Excellent film, I'd recommend it as well.
The Last Emperor.
Thread posts: 35
Thread images: 13

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