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Anyone got any good stories of raping girls, either while they

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Anyone got any good stories of raping girls, either while they are conscious, unconscious, drunk, etc?
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interest bump
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>In highschool I was pretty much a social outcast, not very many people wanted to hang out with the weird kid with the torn clothes.
>I wasn't bullied verbally or physically, but rather emotionally.
>Desperate for things to change I asked for advice anonymously on the internet.
>I was told that all I had to do was be more confident, that I had to be comfortable with myself to make others want to be around me.
>That fall the school organized some kind of Halloween party, and thus I wasn't excluded.
>There's a big group of people sitting down, most of which are already drunk off of vodka that someone smuggled in.
>I sit down next to them, hoping to get in on their game of truth or dare.
>It soon becomes apparent that some of the more popular guys are using me as some kind of "worst possible consequence" scenario.
>When the turn comes to Amber, a pretty but malicious brunette who played the innocent and sweet girl to adults but tortured the less popular girls relentlessly.
>Some douchebag asks her to give me a kiss on the cheek, but she refuses.
>The other guys start heckling her, trying to bully her into kissing me.
>She flat out just refuses and walks away, leaving the whole group of people berating me and accusing me of being a pervert.
>Deeply hurt I leave the group and make my way to the back of the place where the party's at, fidgeting with my phone and waiting for everything to be over.
>Two hours or so passes, and it's getting really late.
>I'm just about to get up and head back home when I hear people arguing outside the room I'm in.
>Afraid that it's some of the popular kids who's come back here to look for privacy I open the door to the balcony and sit down.
>The voices are louder now, and I can hear them more clearly. Fear grips my heart as I realize it is some of the popular kids, and they seem upset about something.
>Trying to breathe as quietly as possible I listen to their conversation.
>Apparently they're arguing about Amber and if they should call her parents or not.
>After a while it seems like they've reached the decision to leave her in the room.
>I sit outside in the cold, trembling for almost half an hour before I peek into the room.
>It seems to be empty.
>Walking back in I close the door after me, and to my shock and horror Amber is lying on the couch completely still.
>A wet patch of drool just next to her mouth indicates that she's just passed out and not dead.
>Still afraid of what might have happened to her I gently shake her shoulder.
>No reaction.
>Contemplating calling for help I realized that I might be blamed for this shit.
>Unsure about what to do I just sit next next to her limp body, not daring to touch her again or just walk away.
>I'm very upset at this point, and her mean words about me still echo inside of me.
>However, I just can't leave her like this. If she starts puking she might suffocate.
>I decide to put her in the fetal position so that she won't choke if starts puking and after that make my escape.
>Prodding her arm carefully I check to see if I can't wake her up after all.
>She's still just laying there, completely blacked out.
>Laying her on her side and putting her arms out in front of her I almost panic when she starts coughing.
>She seems fine though, and I decide to leave.
>Something about her gave me pause though, and to this day I can't really tell what it was.
>Remembering how she denied me earlier makes my blood boil with anger and shame.
>The realization that I'm alone with her, and that no one would know hits me.
>Sit completely still for several minutes before reaching out to her chest.
>The feeling of her soft breast under my fingers were indescribable.
>Cupping it in my hand, I just sit like that for a while letting the sensation of actually being close to a woman wash over me.
>When she didn't react even to this I knew that she was not going to wake up with less than someone slapping her.
>A feeling of complete and overwhelming power came over me, and my adrenaline started pumping.
>My earlier hesitation melted away, and soon my hands were running all over her body, caressing, kneading and squeezing all over.
>Halfway out of my mind with anger and lust I grabbed her shoulder roughly and rolled her over on her back.
>Hiking her shirt up I wantonly caressed her breasts.
>Hoping to god that no one would come in I reached around and fumbled with the clasp of her bra.
>When it came undone and the full beauty of her round breasts were revealed to me I felt like my life was complete.
>Then I got scared. What if someone were actually to come in? There was no was I was going to be able to dress her up in time or explain anything.
>Standing back up I could feel how my heart was beating so fast it was almost thrumming.
>On unsteady feet I made my way to the door and locked it. And after that it was as if I had passed a limit where I no longer could turn back.
>Rushing back to the sofa I started undoing her pants. When they came off I carelessly threw them into a corner of the room and parted her legs.
>The sight was heavenly.
>Before me lay the girl which had snickered when I walked past in the corridor, who had been so disgusted by the thought of even kissing my cheek that she had refused with passion, and she was wet.
>The revelation shocked me, but there clearly was a darker hue to her white panties over the mound than elsewhere.
>With shaking hands I parted her legs and sank my head down to her panties, drinking in her scent.
>Driven wild by my desire for this woman who so clearly had rejected me I put my lips against the stained fabric and kissed it.
>My head was spinning, all rational thought muddled or drowned out by the sensation of her excitement.
>I knew she wanted it, she must have wanted it all along. That's why she did all these things to me, that's why she had refused me, and that's why she was wet now.
>Urged on by my own mad rationalization of the situation I pressed my tongue against her and I could feel how her wetness permeated the cloth.
>Unable to control myself I reached up and pulled her panties aside, and that's when she gave up her first sound.
>A low groan escaped her lips, and she shifted uncomfortably around as if she was trying to get away from something.
>Holding her thighs pressed down to the sides I ignored her protests and delved my tongue inside.
>As I parted the puffy wet lips of her mound I ascended into heaven, nothing could stop me now.
>Her taste filled me, rushing into my through my mouth and hitting my brain like a sledge.
>Something deep inside of me crackled and came apart, all the anxiety that I had been building up for years, all the fear and pain and hate and jealously all burned up and in their stead something else was left.
>No longer caring for risk of consequences I brought my fingers to her, pushing back the little hood that protected her nub, and my mouth found it.
>Writhing and turning around before me, Amber started to wake up and I could feel weakened hands running through my hair.
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>She was mine. I could hear how her breath quickened, and I could feel how she started to spasm under me.
>Forcing a finger into her, I could feel how it was engulfed in the wet heat of Amber's fresh vulva.
>I was certain that no man had ever experienced what I did at that moment, to take from her what she so preciously guarded. To make her act out the ultimate form of love with someone as lowly to her as me, it was glorious.
>Then her convulsions started.
>Originating around her waist the traveled up along her spine and down her legs, causing her shake and quiver as the orgasm rippled through her unconscious body.
>I felt how her grip on my hair became harder, how she clawed at my neck and pushed me downwards, her own body's desire betraying her will.
>An audible moan filled the room as she woke up, and I could see the shock and confusion on her face as I pulled back.
>Sitting on my knees in front of her on the sofa I must have smiled like a madman because I remember how her eyes widened with horror when she saw me.
>Weakened by the afterglow of her orgasm, Amber could not muster the willpower to scream and instead just crawled backwards, away from the monster she saw before her.
>With a roar of triumph I lunged forward, pinning her down to the couch, weighing her down with my body.
>She kicked and writhed, but a man in this position does not back down.

man this is the hottest shit

please tell me you fucked her until she loved you and was your gf and all her friends made fun of her for going out with you but she loved the D too much
>With the mad strength of a man long denied what's owed to him I reached up and grabbed around her throat.
>Her protests turned to muffled whimpers for help, and her flailing arms grew weaker as it got harder to breathe.
>Knowing what had to do next, I grabbed the base of my shaft and aligned my tip with her entrance.
>I could feel her quickening heartbeat against my chest, and I could see the fear in her wide open eyes as time slowed down to a crawl and I thrust forward.
>With agonizing clarity I could feel the insane pleasure of her inner walls wrapping themselves around my cock hard, almost as if they wanted to prevent the unwelcome guest from going any further.
>Something broke before me and I could feel how she tensed up under me as her hymen broke.
>A single tear trickled down her cheek as I took from her what only a lover should.
>My mouth and tongue came upon her face, licking the tear off her cheek and sloppily kissing her in the most vulgar, vile manner.
>She pursed her lips and tried to keep me at bay, but when my grip around her throat hardened she relented and I managed to force my tongue into her mouth.
>Without regard for her own pleasure I let my tongue press against hers as our lips came together, locked in what was my first kiss.
>As if moved by some otherwordly force my hips started moving on their own, slamming onto her like a dog could do to a bitch.
hurry up bitch and post u fagget ass peice of shit. slow fuk tard.
>my hips started moving on their own
>slamming onto her like a dog could do to a bitch
Looks like we got ourselves an author/poet in our midst here.
please tell me this is real. humanity is desperate for people like u
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Pathetic shilling techniques agent...
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 14

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