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Probably my biggest fetish is when she's on her knees, servicing the man with her lips who sits in front of her. The position of absolute voluntary submissiveness. The biggest gift she can give you.
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Hairy pussy/butthole thread. OC Preferred.

Dumping wife pics
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Last thread hit limit.
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Best combo.
PAWG's also accepted.
Amateur and webM's get bonus points.
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Let's get this started.
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aka "i'm a slut" portrait
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My ugly,sloppy,nasty oklahoma gf Ashley..rate,and comment
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My ugly,sloppy,nasty oklahoma gf Ashley..rate,and comment.
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My ugly,sloppy,nasty oklahoma gf Ashley..rate,and comment..
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My ugly,sloppy,nasty oklahoma gf Ashley..rate,and comment...

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So I'm thinking about going into porn. Is there a porn production company in Austria or something like that, where can I start?
Can anyone help me with some advice or guidances?
I'd apreciate it
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Some love
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Been a long while since I've seen one of these here
Quality pics gifs as vids only please
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who has more, lets make a thread!
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Rate and WWYD thread.

Girlfriends/wives/exes only. Nude pic is compulsory.

Post must start with a rate/10 then what you would do to her.

I'll start with my little angel.
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Post them up. I know we got some good captions.
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what do you think of my BBW wife and her tight pussy, what would you do?
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