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3 questions

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What are some good ideas for personal projects to undertake that I could include in my portfolio that could impress a graphic design employer?

Can I apply for a job at graphic design agency even when they are not hiring? Is there a trick to it.

Is it more pleasant to work in a small agency of 5-10 people max vs. bigger agency, especially if I'd enjoy to make friends with collective?
do a couple of complete brandings, even if it's for a fake business, go all in with 3d mock ups and everything
how can I make it clear in the portfolio it's a fake business/personal work? I am afraid they are gonna get their hopes up thinking that I actually did a big-time client job.

I currently work as in-house graphic designer but most shit I do currently is product catalogues/sales posters, it's not impressive enough for a portfolio that agency wants to see, that's why I ask.
Save like a motherfucker.
Get your own gear.
Pull a few clients on the side of your current role.
Work hard. Work until you have complete faith in your results and visuals.
When you feel confident, tell your work that you plan to go freelance and negotiate a notice period to ensure a smooth transition (help to recruit and train), and leave on good terms. Leave the door open, they might approach you for freelance.

Now, make that site spicy, hone your personal branding, create a mailer (a2 fold down work sampler), business cards and folio (buy a Hartnack). You WILL be judged on EVERYTHING.


Send emails, cv samplers with covering letters to agencies, magazines, everyone. This content has to fucking sing. If you're good, you'll be working overflow for agencies in no time.

Out of interest:
Where are you based?
Are you any good?

Pro tips: buy a decent dslr and learn how to use it. Learn grids and how to design using them. Indesign is your friend. Do not lay up with anything else. Master typography.

Ads are essentially a combination of type and image. Composition is everything. Absolutely everything.
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I appreciate your post, thanks for helping me m8, but think you misunderstood me.

I don't plan to go freelance, just wanting to move from in-house to agency, but agencies have higher standards so I need a spicy web portfolio.

Seriously, I can put out good work but it's not THAT good yet to establish my own agency. I will do it at one point, though. One of my main goals is to just learn how to co-op with other designers and such. Here in-house, I have learned well how to deal with clients and their whims, but not how to actually co-op with other creatives (I did that shit in art school but it was literally nothing, half of people in my course LITERALLY ended up doing page layout for small local newspapers, that's how far you get with only a degree in your pocket I guess. At least here in-house I actually can do design stuff, not the page layout assembly-line BS)

>Where are you based?
Eastern Europe, Estonia.

>Are you any good?
Still a novice, but I am trying. In-house clients so far have been OK with my work. I am also doing some of the big outdoors banners that are 3 meters wide, 2 meters tall (pic related, my work from last year), biggest I've been doing have been sales posters even stretch 4 meters tall, 3 meters wide right near above the entrance of the mall.

I just now entered phase where I cut out all the useless distracting shit like politics (in particular the alt-right BS which I entirely quit on) and started to read e-books on design and watch tons of tutorials and try to recreate the stuff there. I like to believe my best work will be soon to come, but unfortunately, don't have nothing too grandiose to post.

In the past I have done freelance e-book covers to some client I found, then I've studied abroad, interned to different art school abroad, attended several seminars, tried some photography, done minor websites, done lots of fine art, video editing, building tracks with FL studio, even flash when I was in elementary school etc.
Nice! Strong stuff m8.

My point is, the best way into agencies is to work freelance for them. Agencies always have overflow and prefer to work with freelance temps instead of employing full timers. Impress them and they might offer you full time work...
Thanks for the advice. I will consider this option if some employer hints that it's a possibility during the interview, or if I RLY RLY wanna work there but they are hesistant, I will suggest this myself.
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Responding specifically to #2

I discussed this in another thread, but the best way to get in good with an agency is starting out taking on overflow work for them. Cultivate a working relationship with them, never turn down a job, and when they need to staff up they'll have you shortlisted for a position. Agencies are always calling out work to freelancers that their full-time staff doesn't have time to take on, and that network of freelancers is usually the first place they'll tap to fill a position.
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OP here, this is actually a new bit of advice I didn't know before making this thread. Thanks! Do you know how to approach the agency about asking this? I actually had an idea to print out a layout of a milk carton, design it as my resume, fold it together and then show up at the agency at a random time and just give it to them and ask for jobs (though now that I think, maybe ask freelance first, full-time a bit later).

Pic semi-related, some minor shoop thingy I did according to a tut I watched yesterday.
OP here, bump, still ITT. Any advice to original questions appreciated.
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