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About colors and feelings

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I once read a scientific text how about colors impact our perception and stimulate how we act.
It showed the orange and red colors chosen by McDonald's would make you feel the need to eat.
I'm planning to reform my bedroom next year, and I'm already planning how should I decorate it.
I always thought of having an all dark bedroom, with black painted alls so I could be comfy while watching movies and stuff. But on the other hand, I'm always studying, so I think a brighter color would help me to get woken up.
If you were to build yourself your own room, how would you decorate it?
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Something like that?
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I turned the spare bedroom into my office/game room. The walls are a dark blue. I think the paint color was called 'Blue Suede Shoes'. Similar to the attached image.
Walking into the room, you immediately feel cool, calm, and relaxed. I have no issues getting work done in there.
Yes. Something like that.

I don't have enough space, I'll keep a office and bedroom in the same place. I was going to use something like you, a mix between purple and dark blue. I live in a very sunny place.
Earth tones all the way.
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This color schemes doesn't make me want to eat.
It's literally the "healing crystal" bullshit of psychology.
Colors only affect you as a person, not the whole of humanity.

You're more likely to have your emotions influenced by a color due to its attachment with a past event rather than any psychological hold it has.
You can see this play out when people describe things such as sound or taste with certain colors; while there are a good amount who agree that yellow or green is a sour color it's usually due to a past experience at a young age with a fruit or candy that was sour and of that color, while those who had no such experience may associate blue or red with sourness.

The safest bet is to not use primary colors and make your house look like burk lives there and try giving it some colors that are actually nice to look at like soft browns.
I want an all white apartment, and modern furniture. But filled with random geeky references here and there.
I always thought that a shade of color in a image could boost its atmosphere according to its color.
Like, a sad moment full of blue invoked sadness.
And if it was bright blue or dark blue it would evoke respectively good sadness (nostalgia or healing) and bad sadness (depression and feeling of eternal loss).
If you image the exact same sad scene with dark blue with its dominant color, it kinda gets sadder, whereas it gets calming with light blue.

You could say the 4 main colors evoke the 4 main emotions:
>Joyfulness --- GoldenYellow(cheerfulness) and DarkYellow(madness)
>Anger --- Red(action) and DarkRed(evil/hatred)
>Sadness --- LightBlue(lonely and calming) and DarkBlue(depressing)
>Fear --- Green(safeness and resting) and DarkGreen(uncanny/terror)

Also, combining the colors of fear and anger, create a dark nauseating shade of green, which very well embodies their resulting emotion: Disgust.
How much am I bullshitting, /gd/?
Yes, color triggering isnt innate. We feel hunger with red beacause most meats and crunchy foods are a shade of yellow or red. Also, red and yellow are unconciously associated with fire and sunny days. Darkness is associated with fear and unpleasement. Blue is associated with calmingness because its the color of the sky and the water.
>Girls Room: pink, calming, warm

into the trash.jpg
blue is best color
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