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Attempting to build a <400$ computer

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I'm sorta fumbling around in the dark here, any better suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

the aim is to keep the whole thing under 400$, and be able to run most titles form the last few years on medium settings (or preferably better) and keep around 30-40fps. I don't know enough about really anything to care about the intel vs AMD thing, so changing this completely is fine with me.


if anything is (and likely will be) horrifically wrong, please tell me what and why, so I can try and learn from it.

Also, first time posting here, apologies if this is some kind of mortal sin.
>Video card
>Built-in PSU
>Optical drive
0/10, anon, apply yourself.
Also, read the fucking sticky, it's there for a reason.
i'm currently looking through the wiki now, but the building guide mentions only what a video card IS, while rattling of what order you should look to purchase things in.

the optical drive i can at least explain: i already own a large collection of older CD games (original diablo 2 and expansions, the old sega smash packs, etc.), and getting them all digitally seems like a bit of a waste of time when i already have them physically.
Your welcome f a m
If you want you can exchange the psu for an EVGA one, also there is no case because you can get one anywhere for dirt cheap or free
Look up Logical Increments. It should help you out
Since you actually bothered reading and my lecture is boring, I'll spoonfeed you a little.

AMD's A-Series is meant for people who can't afford a video card, so getting both is a no go. In general, if you're building a gaymen PC you should always spend a little more on your video card than on your CPU.

SSDs are GOAT, but also quite pricey. If you're on a budget, you should invest your shekels in other things.

You should never buy a cheap power supply, or one that comes in a case. They're all shit, don't deliver the power they pretend to and if they go down in a few months they'll probably take the rest of your hardware with them. Only buy from reliable brands like Seasonic, EVGA, Corsair... go look them up.

The video card you picked is deprecated, you can do much better. At your price point you should probably go AMD since the usually deliver more bang/buck, but Nvidia shills will tell you otherwise so whatever, pick the one you want.

Lastly, like another anon pointed out, the link in the sticky you should have found is this one http://www.logicalincrements.com/. But reading what the fuck you're buying in the first place on the wiki doesn't hurt either.
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Well op if you are still around I built this computer for 360 dollars last year. I got the motherboard and cpu for 99 dollars at microcenter and the graphics card was used and got of Craigslist for 50 bucks, everything else was from newegg, and the price does include taxes and shipping. Since you are spending more you could get a better graphics card, maybe a 760 used
Here's a balanced System for less than $400 bucks.


But like >>51614093 if you can get an older case for free you can use that money for a better GPU.

But the 370 is a good GPU that will play all your games at Medium and High settings easily at 1080p and some even at Ultra.
Oh Iam using an old trinitron crt, as well as my old ibm model m and a old Logitech mouse. If you need peripherals then spend no more than 10 dollars on a mouse and keyboard, you can get a 5:4 monitor of of Craigslist for 20 bucks
Drop the aftermarket cooler (stock is enough for a budget build), increase the RAM to 8GB and it's a good build.
thank you very much, everyone!

i'll get to more reading and comparing now.
Np man, honestly my build that I did for u ia better 960 is more powerful
Way more expensive as well. Disproportionate between CPU and video card price too.
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I just built a $10 dollar computer.
Had to add some dongles for $5.
This is good. But as the other anon said, ditch the cooler. You're throwing $20 at something pretty meh when the Hyper 212 EVO goes on sale for $25.
Heck, it's $18 after rebate right now:

The $60 for a hybrid drive is also borderline. It's only $13 more than a standard 1TB for a nice speedup of oft-used apps, but with full 240GB SSDs falling below $60, spending that $13 on only an 8GB cache is... as I said, borderline.

Best bet for a poorfag would be to get the SSD now and be on the lookout for a cheap used drive. I picked up a 640GB laptop drive for free and a 1TB Caviar Black for $20.

You also blew the budget with no case.
OP here, got it down to ~300 before shipping.

video card took the brunt of the hit, but i'm cool with it so far.

Bretty gud. Go for it.
A case isn't that expensive, but if you prefer to go dumpster diving I ain't stopping ya. Didn't you want an optical drive in the beginning?
ah, forgot about that. thanks for the reminder!
>750 non-Ti
No. Get the 370. It's substantially faster for only a few bucks more.
pcpartpicker doesn't seem to have newegg's deals up yet.


750 Ti for $90 AR.

270 for $90
Note the 270 is FASTER than a 370. The 370 is a rebranded 265, which itself was a rebranded 7850 (with faster memory). The 270 was a rebranded 7870 (with faster memory)
7870 > 7850.
alas, newegg seems to be infinitely redirecting to ti's promotions thing.
Try entering newegg.com. I don't think I did anything other than that to get it to stop.
OP here, just got everything all ordered and verified. thanks again /g/
What did you get?
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PC build.png
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Hijacking this thread since I'm sort of in the same boat as OP. Trying to build a decent gaming PC for around $400 + a monitor and keyboard. After researching shit I've got this build which seems pretty decent.


Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated. First time building my own PC and could use any advice I can get. Would like to keep the entire thing under $550, don't have much more leeway than that.
Get a used 280x off ebay or
Get this with the promo code 20now.
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 5

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