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windows 8

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Just ordered a new computer. Currently I use a linux distro and occasionally windows 7. This comes with windows 8 but is windows 8 really as shitty as ive read? Should I just DBAN and put another OS on it?
It's not shitty if you just use something like Start8

Or you could use the free upgrade to 10
How about you try it and form your own opinion
>oh no my startmenu is gone and i am unable to adapt
There's nothing really wrong with 8, just some people crying because they didn't like metro.

If you only use it occasionally it matters even less, so you might as try it out.
I lived for one year with Windows 8 and I think it's shit.

If you want to install GNU/Linux and you have no experience with it I'd recommend you Ubuntu. You may install Archlinux (with some motivation) (don't install Manjaro, it's not even bleeding edge, just half-baked) or Gentoo Linux (more motivation than me).

I hope your drivers comply well with the Linux kernel though. What is your computer ?
>GNU/Linux and you have no experience

>Currently I use a linux distro and occasionally windows 7.

>hurr what is reading comprehention
>using the preinstalled os in the first place
lol, superfish

just install your favourite linux distro and ditch windows man, you won't regret it
It would be good if the lack of start menu were compensated by more apps on its market. It's not the case.

You've got Minecraft (since Microsoft owns it), Asphalt 8 (F2P pay-2-win) (if you call the fact of simply enjoying a game winning it), some calcs and not much more.
I wouldn't call Linux Mint experience in computers.

But I was off-the-topic, sorry.
He never said he used Linux Mint and he did say he only used 7 occasionally, which probably means he uses Linux more
can linux play battlefront 3 natively
8.1 is literally the comfiest OS I've ever used.
The idea of having what tiles you want in what place you want, grouped as you like is way better than the old start menu with all the submenus containing also READMEs and uninstallers.
If someone is gonna argue about the search function, it wroks the same. Win, then start typing.
If someone is gonna argue about "muh fullscreen when searching" you can always call the search menu with win+q.
Win+C showing time, battery and connection info on top of whatever you were doing without losing focus from that window was great and I'm still sad they have removed it from 8.
It's better than 7 and better than 10, in my opinion.
I ordered the lenovo y510p
does it have directx 12 support
I have Win 8.1 and it's good. Depends on what you expect from it. Personally I like the fullscreen start menu, but i made it only show up if I press the windows key or my wheelmouse button. In this way, I can access all my pinned programs in maximum 2 clicks. But I have a Microsoft mouse with a custom hotkey for that.

If you have the fullscreen start menu, then it's probably not for you. Personally, I hate the Windows 95-style start menu on a side which was brought back in Win10. It's one of the reasons I'm not so thrilled about upgrading to 10.

Performance is very good on Win 8.1. It only needs about 2GB of RAM for normal use. I'm saying "only" because other OSes use the RAM more aggressively, which makes them open the cached programs faster, but makes everything else slower.

Just make sure after you create your local user you don't use the account linked to Microsoft anymore. Also disable automatic updates, imo, and it will be fine.
*if you hate the fullscreen
Serious question to all the start screen detractors:
Did you customize the position and grouping of the tiles to your liking?
Did you take the 10 minutes necessary to unpin what you don't use and pin what you do use, and group it by some logic, be it frequency of use or category of the program?
Did you?
Because of course as soon as it's installed the start screen doesn't reflect your way of using the pc, but once you do this is much better than anything else.

No, and I understand that if you play vidya you may want it.
Other 3 features missing in 8.1 compared to 10 are:
Better multi monitor taskbar support.
Virtual Desktops
Scroll on unfocused window

I'm sure the last 2 can be solved with third party software, even better than how 10 handles it natively, not sure for the other 2
It did it and I still didn't like it.

I only need Libreoffice, Corebird, Gimp, Firefox, Dolphin, Octopi and Konsole. There is no need to arrange the mess of programs then, I just set them as favs in the KMenu. (Half of these programs have no equivalence or are much slower with Windows.)
out of curiosity could someone explain this
Meant to link that. I was wondering why someone laughed at my mention of dban
there is no point in doing a dban if you're not trying to get rid of content that could get you in jail or going to sell the device. just do a format or re-partition the drive
Ahh I see. Thanks for that. That has always been my go to
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 1

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