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Who /finalcut6/ here?

I'm trying to get 6 running on El Capitan, and it's a fucking fight to the death. Why does Apple hate its pro users so much? Would it really be so difficult to offer acceptable solutions to those customers that existed before the iphone? Or is this some new age "all inclusive, everyone can contribute something valid regardless of qualifications" mentality that tested will in the key demographic?

I guess I could suck it up and go Premiere, but Adobe is racing to the bottom almost as fast as Apple is. And then there's Avid. Fuck Avid.

What NLE's does /g/ use?
Everyone I know still using FCP6 has a dual boot with a Snow Leopard install for it.
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What about 7? I don't want to call Apple over the phone and spend $1000 on a box of DVD's like it's 1995, but I also want a 64 bit OS that supports TRIM natively and can make full use of the Mac Pro.
I meant 7, don't know anyone that uses 6 actually. I think anything after Mountain Lion is a crapshoot. More problems than it's worth getting it to work.
Dude fucking move on.

Premiere Pro is essentially the same in terms of timeline manipulation and ease of use, and takes in pretty much any codec you can throw.

Or you can stop being a faggot indie-tier and go more professional with Avid and actually be an editor
>tell people to move on
>telling people to go AVID

I'm putting an SSD in my 2010 MBP, I was thinking of going snow leopard but I think Mountain Lion does TRIM natively. Time to do more reading.

Still looking for what others are using. Are there even NLE's for linux?

In a professional workflow environment there simply is no parallel. I'm not sure what experience you have with 100s of TBs of footage a month and complex ISIS/Interplay integrations but Avid simply takes the cake.

Yes it can be old, but it's honestly the best offering. There's a reason it's the standard for most news agencies, entertainment networks, and Hollywood films.

Premiere is the next best alternative. But holy shit Final Cut anything is not where you want to be.
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I don't know what version you're running, but they may as well re-name the "Avid upgrade and support plan" to "please pay us to come to your house and rape you every day." Even if you aren't using the subscription plan, Avid is still a clunky buggy piece of garbage. See >>51584357 which STILL isn't fixed after how many years?

And if you're editing for broadcast, do you know how many stations don't take avid codecs because they aren't compatible with the station's broadcast automation system? That's because DNxHD is exhibit A for everything wrong with proprietary codecs.

I do agree that ISIS is cool though. It's comforting to know that I can dump thousands of dollars into a proprietary system just for them to pull the rug out from under it 2 years later so all my nice expensive proprietary hardware is worthless (See: Unity). There are third party-non proprietary solutions for this.

The number of people Apple totally fucked over is astounding. So we need to work around, go into the terminal and re-enable qmaster, or run 6 year old OS's just to get any work done. But it's still better than the reaming Avid users take every day.
>Are there even NLE's for linux?

Lightworks. I think some of Scorsese's movies were edited with it. I know The Departed was.
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Thanks anon, this looks interesting!
Learn Nuke and Hiero you pleb and get on a real pro's level!
El Capitan is the first OS X that actually natively supports TRIM with a console command. Although you could use a third party app to enable it in older versions
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Moron, these are VFX suites, not NLE's. Sure, I could probably edit on one, just like I could use HDCAM SR to record only audio, but why the fuck would I?
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