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How much does contrast ratio and GTG response time mean? I am

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How much does contrast ratio and GTG response time mean?
I am in need of a new screen because the current one is passing away slowly.
Have been eyeing this beauty. Asus VS248HR. It's 180$.

I know right,
>TN panel

But every time I am to check screens, they are either out of my budget or don't have what I would wish for.

IPS screens have slow response times. How much does response time matter?
If they have high one, the contrast ratio and light emission is shit (like 200 cd/m^2).
If I get a screen with good emission, contrast and response, it's TN panel. Which has shit colours.

300$ (or €) is limes superior in my budget. 24" is the biggest I could handle, so these are harsh boundaries. Which screen should I pick up? (It should have a DVI connection. I know DisplayPort is out of my league.)
Lower response times means more blur on very fast moving scenes. Anything 4ms or less work well at 60Hz. Doesn't matter for desktop usage or work.
Higher contrast ratio means deeper blacks.
Generally, nobody uses more than 200 cd/m^2 unless they're in a super bright room. 350 cd/m^2 feel like looking at bright concrete on a sunny summer day.

Unless you're playing a lot of fast paced games, you should try to look at VA panels. If you're gaming, it has to be a display with a kind of adaptive sync (G-sync or Freesync). The tech is just too good to pass. DVI or DP doesn't matter. Most modern screens support DP, and most modern GPUs have a least a DP output. It's the superior choice, while DVI is a legacy connector.
The problem with modern screens, and the grave problem with *Sync is that it's really, really expensive.

Have been loking around shops for supply, the cheapest models are 500$+.
Get a TN if you're a gaymen.

Get an IPS if you watch a lot of movies/anime.

Also get an IPS if you code and plan to attach it to a swivel and move it around and use it in page orientation.

Simple as that.

Get a TN if you'll be coding always in album orientation.
Well I do code, watch movies, learn and play games.
Right now I have an Acer V173. It's a TN 1280x1024 17" screen with 20000:1 CR, 300 cd, 5 ms response time and D-SUB connection. And it is slowly passing away, already had a motherboard and power unit replacement, but now the panel is kicking its lasts and panel replacement would cost almost as much as 3/4 of a new screen (this means approx 100$)

But it can do 75Hz! And ffs I'm lucky it can do, because if I set the output to 60Hz, the greys in Visual Studio, Steam and Atom.io are flowing like I'm tripping on acid.

Living in Europoorea, I'm fairly sure the 60 Hz distortion is just interference from the electrical wires, the screen has been doing this since it was bought.
What brands do you want to avoid?
Currently using an LG IPS LED and it's been alright for the 3 years I've had it but recently it's been whining and sometimes shuts it self off.
Was looking for a new one and saw another LG IPS for £120 as well as an Acer IPS for £190.
The Acer has 100m Contrast, 4ms, 350 brightness and 4k.
The LG has 50m Contrast, 5ms, 250 brightness and is only 1080p.
I was wondering if the extra £70 is worth it for what the Acer monitor gives.
That sounds like dynamic contrast marketing bullshit; IPS and TN are closer to 1000:1. The marketing numbers can technically be achieved through turning dynamic contrast on (which adjusts the backlight in addition to the pixels) and passing the monitor entirely white or entirely black images, but it will not work like this in practical situations.

Your problems with refresh rate affecting image quality are probably caused by the analog VGA connection you're using (with the D-SUB connector). No new monitor will have this problem.
>No new monitor will have this problem.
Only if they are not connected by the same VGA connection.

Can you link that Acer, please? Also that LG, for the matter.

I don't think I am to avoid any brands. For the time being, I did not have problem with the major screen manufactures like LG, Acer, Asus, Samsung... are there any more on the market? Oh yeah, Dell and BEN-Q. They weren't problematic either.

Do new monitors even have VGA?
Holy shit it's 280 pounds... where does the -90 come from?

The 4k-ish screens available in my country are really freaking expensive.
Consider this: https://www.pcx.hu/termek/samsung-u24e590d-led-monitor-669086
It feels like the same tier as that Acer (without the -90 GBP discount(?)), unfortunately, same tier money-wise too... costs a whole lot of fortune, one whole month's of salary.
Go for the LG one, not only because it's 90 quid cheaper but because 4k is kinda lacking right now and honestly wasteful at 24inch. Unless you want a 4k monitor of course.
Thread posts: 12
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