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choose between s6, Edge+, Note5

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So I work for a Samsung subsidiary and we are getting a free phone as a present of sorts for the holiday. I get to choose between the s6, s6 Edge+ and the Note 5 (or whatever the latest one is I forget)

I am leaning towards the note 5 for the battery life and exta gig of RAM, but am afraid it will be too obnoxiously large as i have smallish hands.I don't really see the purpose of the edges, and I feel like they may make the phone more fragile over all as well.

Do you guys have any personal experience or recommendations? (all are 32GB models by the way)
I'd go for the Note. The battery life beats the Edge by a landslide and the S Pen features make it better than the Edge imo. But honestly, it's pretty light and doesn't feel _that_ big, I have rather small hands as well. I personally prefer the way the Note feels even though it is a tiny bit bigger than the Ege+ because its smooth, curved sides make it more comfortable to hold. I have to hold the Edge a bit differently because if you're not careful you'll accidently activate an app or other action on the edge of the screen.

But for either phone you go for, be sure to get a case or skin because they're slippery and made of glass.
Note 5

Then sell it and get a nex 6p or z5
thanks m8 I really appreciate it. Size was honestly my biggest concern but good to hear others don'r really have a problem with it.

what do you think I could get for it "used" unles the 2 phones you listed are just head and shoulders above it somehow I would really rather stick with whats free. Not to mention they look pretty solid anyways
Not him... but you can probably sell your Note 5 as new aslong as you dont open it.

If you sell it used because you decided to try it you can still probably get a lot for it. Enough to make money and still buy the nexus new.

The nexus is not really "Better" in terms of hardware. But you'll be getting a different experience, one that a lot of people prefer over that of samsung.

I went from a note 4 to a Nexus 6 and love it. Youd basically be doing the same thing but for the next gen (Note 5 to 6p)
Thanks not me for replying to him :DDDDDD
I appreciate the insight, but what do you mean by a different experience? Obviously a smaller phone I am assuming but better UI? It looks like it lacks touchwizz (which I have heard is awful).

The biggest differences I can find are the nexus being down a gig of ram while possibly having better battery life. I would be genuinely interested in hearing your comparison of the two if you had the time (or if you could point me to a solid review),
*not a smaller phone, put that in before I read some initial reviews.
The ui is imo wayyyyy better than touchwiz, the camera and battery life would probably be on par with the note 5.

The lack of 1gb of ram is not that much if an issue, it is more than enough for even a laggy shitty java based os called android and the next should fare just as well as the note 5, if not better as it doesn't have to deal with the extra bloat and piss poor memory management. Also, the nexus will get day one updates and probably a longer support timeline than the note 5, in addition to being developer friendly and easy to root and install custom roms (if you're into that kind of stuff.

The xperia z5 is pretty similar, besides a smaller screen, to the nexus 6p in many ways, mostly untouched ui, great camera and also imo it is just the sexiest phone in the market right now. It also has a SD card if you care about expandable storage.

The note 5 though, is just an engineering marvel. The hardware specs are untouchable, there is no other phone on the market that can contest the power of the exynos 7420. The camera is good and the device sports the best amoled panel to date. It's a shame that such a great phone hardware wise is crippled so badly but its software.
I am not the one you replied to, but the Nexus phones are just stock. Nothing Samsung about it in the software, and because they comes straight from Google, they tend to get more updates, as well as faster updates.
Then again, looking at things like Samsung's work on some things, I guess they're not too bad? The phones themselves are rated highly when the software is taken as subjective.

Still, would you be willing to sell your gift? I personally feel that's a bit rude, even if you got the gift from your work.
And when people ask you why you're walking around with such an expensive phone, you can tell them you got it as a work bonus.
Thanks guys, /g/ is definitely the best board here its great to be able to get legit pro and con advice. Since I am coming off of a dual core phone with less than a gig of ram and android 4.1, I think either is going to be great. Just for ease of access and so as not to insult anyone I think i will indeed go with the Note5.

Thanks again!
6s plus
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 2

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