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Downloading Windows 10 for imediate install over Ubuntu. Can

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> be me
> using Ubuntu 14.04 as my main OS at home for ~2 years.
> fed up of not being able to use industry standard tools..
> no XenCenter, Photoshop, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, ASDM.
> (Libre Office sucks ass)
> fed up of not being able to use some trashy but convenient apps..
> no Skitch, iTunes
> fed up of the limited number of games, and those that are available performing badly..
> Nice thought Steam, but the selection is shit.

So here I am, currently downloading the botnet OS just so my hardware can actually reach its potential.

Talk me out of this madness /g .....

Pic related; cat is symbolic of my Ubuntu install.
Use whatever OS you want, I don't care desu senpai baka.
At least don't install 10.
And dual boot like a rational person.
>duel boot
Wat? y-you really don't care...?

Got me thinking.. Perhaps 10 is just self-harming.
Maybe I don't have to go that far.
7 and 8.1 are reliable and bug free, 10 is still a mess, it works just fine for some but it never works right for others.
Then there's the whole Microsoft spying on everything you do aspect of it.

I dual boot for muh games and photosop, but for everything else there's Mint.
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Aye, maybe dual boot is the sensible option, but I've never been a fan of it.

Just personal preference but I always seem to end up favouring one OS far more than the other after a period of time.. The favoured OS gets more care / maintenance / personalization and it just becomes a vicious circle where one OS gets all the TLC and the other neglected.

Also only got a couple of small SSDs in this machine so not very roomy on disk..

Download is 68% complete.
Because you enjoy linux more but are forced to boot Windows for the photoshop and games.
That's just the way it is. Photoshop, MS Office and some games run in Wine but they either run like ass or crash a lot.
I usually get 3-4 days in Mint before rebooting to play something that needs Windows.
just use a VM for software and dual boot for games if you don't want to set GPU passthrough.
I also remove Ubuntu to use Windows 10, 2 days later i was back on Ubuntu.

Thanks anons. Appreciate it.
Didn't really expect anyanon to actually be rational desu.
Thought I'd get shitposted into oblivion or ignored. But you actually got me thinking...
>Talk me out of this madness /g/
no. if you're considering even using windows, it is already hopeless.

/g/ is not your mum.

your decision to use windows, your loss.
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Thanks Dad. That's some tough love. :^)
Every non-neckbeard wizard who tries Linux does the same, anon. It's perfectly normal, you realize Linux is shit, that the Free Software movement only cares about 4 freedoms that you will never use and doesn't care about your coziness, happiness, productivity or efficiency.

Stop pretending to be retarded and drop that "botnet" paranoria, install Windows and use your time in something more useful, like learning a programing language.

Let's D-d-d-d-d-dDuel!

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>mfw I have to deal with winfag

windos 10 is privacy fucking botnet, nothing has changed besides UI since 2000
Sounds like a decent plan. I too decided to
go with Windows as my main OS and play with ubuntu in virtualbox.

>using ubuntu
Any program that takes longer than two seconds to load is no program of mine. Enjoy your bloated garbage m8.
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tfw I honestly don't know if you're having a dig at Windows or Ubuntu
Thread posts: 20
Thread images: 6

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