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Agartha Thread 2

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File: 1448643168639.png (40KB, 1885x2010px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 1885x2010px
Here was the original image. We have hexidecimal, qr code, and caesar cipher. Hexidecimal became a random string of characters, but I found that the anon who translated it to this forgot a few characters.
The qr code result is here


I found myself unable to decode the base64

The Caesar cipher is shifted 17 to say PAY ATTENTION TO THE COLORS

There's probably a message hidden if you open the image as a txt file, but Amaze isn't cooperating with me right now.
Maybe the value of the colors have some significance
Never mind, there wasn't a message found if you open it as a txt file.
Yes, I've wondered how though. Blue, orange, and maybe transparent if you count it. Perhaps their hexidecimal values would help?
The blue is #049eef
and the orange is fb860c
Can someone try outguess on that image?
I have no luhnix installed
File: color.png (161KB, 500x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
161KB, 500x900px
We have Blue(049eef), Orange(fb860c) and transparent if that counts.
File: hex.png (13KB, 1086x137px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 1086x137px
The code on the top is shorter than SHA-256 but longer than MD5 and SHA-1
Uh, context?
looks like something cicada 3301 like
I never used outguess before, what should I be doing with it? So far I did this:

[Downloads]$ outguess -k '049eef' -r qr.png message.txt
Unknown data type of qr.png
maybe try the color hex in combination or the width and height of the image
None of those worked either.
Also the height and width is 2010 and 1885 respectively.
Is there any variation in these color values over the entire image? If so, the message is probably hidden in the color values of the individual pixels.
FB C5 11 57 D2 AC 6F BE F7 9D 76 9A 7A 57 E8 7A 3F 67 08 53 90 14 20 17

Pretty sure its Tiger, does anyone has good hardware for a brutforce attack? :)
Nope, the colors appear to be uniform
Maybe we have to decrypt the message itself first?
>Blue and Orange

fuck, it's everywhere
Could it be that the colors are somehow related to this?

f4uJMze1m/kMLxyKTyAsmg==4aGc1DvU89LI7zvbDaCgGMu0HPKLAamcEEKJ+M.... (spam warning)
no idea, but here's that base64 blob decoded into its hex values:

7F 8B 89 33 37 B5 9B F9  0C 2F 1C 8A 4F 20 2C 9A 
E1 A1 9C D4 3B D4 F3 D2 C8 EF 3B DB 0D A0 A0 18
CB B4 1C F2 8B 01 A9 9C 10 42 89 F8 C7 4D 12 5C
40 F2 34 57 2A 2C 1C CF DE 86 45 5C F4 3D A2 6B
7B 4E 79 28 24 AA 52 D1 3F 24 95 67 53 27 AC B7
AE E2 2F C3 C4 31 D1 4F 8C DC 83 86 2F 06 EE C7
87 BA 35 02 6F 85 17 B6 BD 41 3E C4 DB 2C A2 E0
83 81 AA D0 2E A3 AE BB EF 45 02 10 1A 10 8F D5
EA 77 B5 08 45 3C C8 8B F7 95 47 90 1F A1 B3 9A
I should add that this represents 576 bytes.

576 % 16 is 0, which suggests that this Base64 blob is the output of AES encryption, which uses 16-byte blocks
the base64 is salted
the salt is the color of the qr code converted from hex to dec
you can shift/salt base64 with any value/string
you have to then unencode it using the same value
What do you mean? You can't salt Base64, it's just an encoding scheme. Do you mean the data is the output of a hashing algorithm that was salted, and then Base64-encoded?
Anyone has something?
>You can't salt Base64
code snippet example of what i mean
modified encode/decode base64 functions
you can make it so you cannot decode an encoded base64 string which used a randomized base string of legal characters (like bac instead of abc) without using a modified version of the functions
tons of places do this
what is this shit
to be more clear
_i_fu: "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/="

is actually randomized like
_i_fu: "CHfYJZKABeIDgEpikFjhGLaPNQRqdMcOsTWUruVXSvbnomtl0z1xwy342567+98/="

if you don't know the seed (key/salt/whatever you want to call it) which was used to randomize it, then you're fucked
Ok, yeah, I get what you mean now.

But that seems overly complicated. I think it's more likely that the base64 content in the QR code is simply the output of some encryption algorithm, which is a common practice.

One of the clues was already the Caesar cipher, which was child's play to crack, and it shouldn't be lost that the shift was 17, which is a favorite prime number of mathematicians. I would anticipate a more advanced encryption somewhere in this thing. Feel free to go down that path and let us know if it leads anywhere, I'm gonna try and just decrypt the content.
"Look for the good, and you'll find it" That's gotta mean something, right?
>I think it's more likely that the base64 content in the QR code is simply the output
no, if that was the case "==" would not appear in the middle of the code
it would only be able to appear at the end in normal base64 encoding.
File: neo_genesis_1920.png (4MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 1920x1080px
no idea (^‿^v)
Shit, where did you get this?
or what do you mean
Ok, yeah, your theory sounds more plausible now. So how does the seed work? Put your seed word first/last and then just put in the rest of the alphabet? There's no way we could try all the permutations, since there are 64! of them. What are the most common strategies?
Are the colors the seed?
I don't know, but here are some modified base64 alphabets to try:

// orange


// FB860C

// fb860c
Since it says color's' i guess blue and orange should be combined or merged somehow.
Yeah, that's true, but I have no idea how you would combine them. Should I just add them together? Because the G values would be more than 255 in that case.
I have the same problem, i dont know in what relation the colors stand.
I'm gonna have to call it quits on this one. Good luck, gents
I have a 32 core server with 64gb of ram

lmk wut I gotta do
Report back if you got something

Thx and bye anon
I got no fucking idea what I'm supposed to do, was just reading thread because interested

I could run whatever, the server is in my room with me. Family went out black friday shopping (kek)
It looks like there is no fucking software to bruteforce Tiger hashes -_-.
Normally you would generate as much hashes till you get one that matches
the right one.
Ah I see
so if I randomized x amount of characters with assuming we can do alphanumeric since it's just sentences we're after.. and never repeated them

and just kept going until the one matched whatever I was trying to match

I wouldn't know how to multi thread that though
>I wouldn't know how to multi thread that though
me neither, if someone knows how to code that with cuda or opencl:
pls halp :)
could do in python or php or javascript easy, and then take a million years to find answer lel
thats the problem if its not like 3 characters long.
I thought the orange colour means that the top is tiger encrypted
that would be to obvious for my taste.
Its also just a hash algorithm not encryption :)
Bump for interest
Thread posts: 55
Thread images: 4

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