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Need Home Surveillance Advice.

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Hey guys, having some trouble here with getting good info on Home surveillance systems, Can you guys give me any advice and thoughts on what would be the best route to go.
I need High quality images in real time that can be viewed on multiple monitors including remote monitoring. Weather proof, Night vision that doesn't suck. Are these all in one kits the way to go? I was looking at this > Q-See QT5682-8E3-1 8 Channel.
Bump for interest
All-in-one kits are bad because you pay for stuff you don't need.
Stick with Sony.
It is weird that nobody shilled raspberry pi meme yet.
make sure it runs on free software
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Op here, Really hoping for some good info guys.
Houses are constantly being bought by renting companies and my nice neighborhood is turning shit quickly, have had 3 vehicle break-ins in the past few years at my house alone. Definitely keeping that free software as one poster suggested, I'd like something i can rig up for around 500 (I know it's not much) bucks and get 5 decent cameras. For the love of dodge challengers!
Bumping for answers our suggestions because I'm in the same boat as OP.

Someone in my town has a problem with me, egged my car last month and just yesterday slashed my tires. Need to catch this cunt.
Hey op i install this shit on the side.

All in one is barely decent. For you I'd say get the outdoor cameras that take poe.

Buy the dvr that takes that, wish I remember. Being drunk and stuffed makes this hard

Anyways poe will make it easy to pull a cable to where you want since you only need cat 5e.

I forget the programs but I know there are several. I use them to check up on customers when they complain about problems
Hey OP I'd recommend the Ubiquiti Unifi Surveillance cams, you can use any PC as a DVR, and they are POE and easy to install/set up
Is it possible to store all the security footage archives in the cloud?
Install Windows 10.
>Ubiquiti Unifi Surveillance

Dude, thank you for the heads up on these people. Some guy was going to charge me $3,000 to hard wire basic cameras... I didn't want to get roped in for ADT either.

I think this is the choice I'll be doing! Just got to find an installer thats willing to install this! Thank you again!
Someone actually uses that thing for stuff like this?
>Night vision that doesn't suck.

I really want to know more about this, anyone knows any good brands?

I checked Ubiquiti UVC-Pro UniFi Video Camera Pro on Amazon but I'm broke and can't afford this expensive stuff. I'm planning to make the system on my own, so I just need good cameras.

Nice thread OP anyway.

Exactly, would like to use zoneminder with some cameras to keep cost low. Plus have a spare server not being used.
Get a dog its cheaper and more effective.
>kill dog
>security system is out

>"kill" electricity
>security system is only down if you're a moron

>have dog + security system
>have "redundancy" and a friend
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Some faggot in the neighborhood is keying people's cars, I will be monitoring this thread too.
>5 decent cameras

You might get two decent cameras for $500 anything else will be wanting in some form.

Do you look at the non-pro cameras? There around ~$130.
If you have a computer you can use as the NVR the software is free and cross platform.
Im on mobile so this is concise.

Get PoE cameras and a switch. In spots with crappy infrared penetration you can get an extra IR illuminator.

As far as software goes zoneminder kinda sucks for higher def stuff (maybe it has changed since I last used it).

Ispy is pretty good but it runs on windahs

Bluecherrydvr costs for license but it runs on linux.
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Don't forget to get one of these senpai.
Arigato senpai

Have any IP cameras you recommend?
Really depends on budget.

Look at amazon reviews for "outdoor poe camera"

Hikvision are decent. 3MP is a must.

I'm not a big fan of the PTZ cameras. For the extra cost you might as well just get another camera for additional coverage. If you have a store and want to follow people then PTZ is fine
Also, a lot of the cameras will allow for e-mailing "events". I would suggest recording on site with some recording management software and also email events. If your recording system fails at least you can have events emailed
Thread posts: 28
Thread images: 6

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