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Why not rack-mount your PC? Why not rack-mount EVERYTHING?

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Why not rack-mount your PC?

Why not rack-mount EVERYTHING?
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I'd personally kill to be able to do something like that. Route all of my cabling across the house to devices for output like tv/monitors/etc using those awesome track things that you stick to the wall and them cover up after your cables are snug.
I would fucking love to
I don't have the room for that.
op i found a used rackmount with sound proofing foam preinstalled. not excellent ventillation but i plan to fix that.
anyway, i have intent to mount my personal PC, my server and my render farm inside it, then leave the cabinet in my pantry, and run all peripheral cables through the wall to my desk.

zero sound, dont have to worry about my office getting hot... hopefully the 9ft DVI-D cable still allows 144fps :x
Too expensive. It was hard enough running cat6 hundreds of feet.
I ran 300m of cat6 through my apartment.
Stop whining.

Also, rack-mounting is already a fucking standard in the music and professional network industry. Home computer (cases) tend to get smaller instead.
>track things that you stick to the wall and them cover up after your cables are snug.

Disgusting. Why not route thru the walls with conduit?
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Ease of access maybe? To be honest I just think it'd look nice having very neat lines going to and from all of my major devices along the walls and to the ceiling.

Conduits are always cool though, I'm just kind of a ricer piece of shit and I drool over stupid crap like that.
I don't know why more people don't rackmount their shit.
Do it all the time for audio, why not PC and networking equipment?
That'd clean the shit out of people's houses.
gj, you improved a home you don't even actually own.
Anyone else loves the idea of hot plug HDDs?
I would use that system on my pc if I wasn't poor.
Fuck that.

I just pulled my guts out of a 4U into a tower.

Ran way too hot in the 4U despite having 6x120mm's going full tilt.
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How many of you actually own the home you are in and run cable?
I had the same idea man. Maybe when I move out of my parents basement.

I'd always wanted a house with a finished basement I can make my man child den with anime figures and tech stuff sitting around an entertainment center with upstairs being normal.
Have you ever held a 4U? Shit's heavy as fuck and only cools through brute force.
This. Took weeks to find the time and energy to go under the foundation to run cat6 throughout every room in the house the right way and also jackhammer pavement to run more ethernet to the office garage.
Cable management I can love. Makes mine look like spaghetti.
Man caves and man dungeons are always nice to live in.
Yep. Got a Norco 4224 at home and shit's awesome.

Now I only wish they made a decent mATX case with 6x 5.25 bays so I could chuck two of these in for my work PC. Corsair makes a few cases with built in hot swap bays at the rear of the case but apparently they aren't very good and only have 2 or 3 slots.
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I have a whole folder full of this shit
I used to have my desktop in a 4U in an ikea lack rack (the wheeled one), had no problems with it, it was pretty neat.

After that I moved to micro ITX so it's a bit small for a 4RU case, it's in a normal case now.

I really like rack mounted stuff though, I still have a lot of stuff racked in the basement.
Because it's fucking expensive unless you can get the equipment used?
How about getting your head out of your ass. Even better, get your head out in the real world. Practically no one is going to bother with it.
Do share, please.
This is better than sex.
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Refreshingly honest answer. Keep that honesty up and you'll be outricing Paul walker in no time.
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unless your apartment is fucking giant there is no way you could even do that
>tfw renting
>tfw cant crack open the walls and route muh cables
>tfw will never be able to afford a house in shitney or lelbourne cause the prices are too damn high
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>He doesn't make cable spirals to max out data transfers terminal velocidensity.
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One more just for that fucking gif
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Please don't stop dump the album on imgur or something
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I only have a few more, if that.
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racks aren't just for servers.
>unzips dick
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Last one, the rest are cringe tier messy wires.
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So... how one manages these cables? I would barcode them up at the two ends at least but I'm no sysadmin.
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>live in washington
>renting an apartment
>could literally go 5-10 miles and be in forest
>could literally go build a goddamn log cabin if I bought the land
>mfw still <30 miles from seattle
>Less than 50KM from the city...

thats a fukn long ass commute nigga
there's a lot of people that do 60+ miles every day
I don't work in the city though, if I did I'd live in it
I dream about it, becouse 7970 is so fucking loud and i really need the hot swap becouse too
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Thread images: 32

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