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Choosing a CMS for a website

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I want to create a flexible website for my teaching/retail business. My business involves teaches classes and selling machines/supplies for those classes.
I'd like way for them to be able to register on the website, register for classes online, and look up their own schedule by group on a calendar. Additionally, I'd like to be able to have them order parts online, probably via a order sheet(not really paying on the website, so maybe not e-commerce). I'm guessing a lot of these extra features can be added via Jquery, but I need a back-end that is scalable and customizable for blog-like updates/content.

I've taken a look at some CMS software (like Drupal, Magento, Joomla, etc.), but not I'm sure which (if any) have these all the capabilities I'm looking for or if I need all they offer.

So can /g/ help or am I on the wrong board?

Building website, need a CMS that offers:
• Content on-the-fly
• Product Inventory (equipment, supplies)
• Membership database
• Class registration and schedules
BAMP for info
>So can /g/ help or am I on the wrong board?
Yes, because what you want is quite simple. If you were on the correct board you'd opt to just throw something simple together yourself instead of using some monolith of a solution for such simple problems.

I never really liked most CMSs, I've found them to be fairly inflexible and generally a complicated mess to tweak even the simplest of things. Besides that they're also a fairly big security risk if you don't set it up properly and even if you do when a zeroday comes either for base(less likely but still frequent enough) or a plugin you use(very frequent) you're VERY likely to be affected(because of how easy it is to use search engines to find targets) and if you aren't up-to-date on the latest vulnerabilities etc especially when it's just some random plugin it could take you a considerable amount of time to find out you're affected if you find out at all.

>TL;DR for something this simple I'd always OPT to throw something simple together myself(though doing it fairly often I have thrown together a fairly simple,modular "CMS" which I generally use now for these sorts of things)
Okay, could you link me to the right board or just some info sites that would help me create a simple, modular "CMS"?
Moodle looks like it meets most of your requirements.

I'm not so sure about it doing product inventory out of the box but there might be a plugin available.
Stealing OPs related thread

I want to start blogging and /g/ isnt the perfect place to do so.
Any service that respects freedoms and shit?
Thank you, my family
Moodle seems more like a education institute platform. I teach the classes in person, not online. I just want the students to be able to register and I can assign their schedule.

Fack off, I'm not through here.
Are you starting from nothing(knowledge wise)?

Things you need to know:
1. You need to know the basics of the OS you plan to host the website on(generally this will be Linux though FreeBSD has some nice integrated features that would interest lots of people)
2. You need to pick a webserver, (I'd recomend Nginx in most cases) and learn how to use it.
3. Learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript
4. Learn a server-side scripting language(I'd recommend Python but PHP may be easier for you).
5. Pick and learn how to use an RDBMS(MySQL and it's continuation project MariaDB are the most popular).

And that is really all you need to know, it sounds like a lot but most of it isn't the kind of thing you'd sit down and read a book to learn if you don't feel you need to.

Just host it yourself, it's stupidly easy to do and quite cheap. Get a domain for maybe around 15$ - 25$ a year and a VPS for 5$ a month.
I did some web design (front-end), but that's awhile ago.

1. I'll look into that, but I can generally work with both, had fedora linux training a couple years ago, just didn't keep up with it. I can get back on the horse, I guess.
3. I've learned/know HTML/CSS3/JS & jQ.
4. I mostly developed the client-side stuff, but never the server-side stuff. I'm not a total newbie, but this is stuff I haven't done before. I know a bit of PHP.
5. I think I know a friend that could help with that.

Thanks for the info, anon. I'll look into this.
long-time web CMS user here... they're all full of security holes but i'd first try to make things work with Wordpress, then if you can't try joomla.
Okay... is it just difficult to start up with or just plug your info in and then it's all go? I tried Wordpress awhile ago, didn't really get the hang of it (didn't really try too hard to, though). Does WP have the options I had mentioned before?

Like >>51522191 said, if it's quite simple then I'll make it myself- just how do I make it? I don't mind learning how to do it, just need a step in the right direction. The look and feel I can do myself easily enough, it's just making a "cms" and extending its capabilities to what I want.
ghost blog
Dont listen to these farts, use Moodle for classes and PrestaShop on a shop subdomain.

Look into caching and optimisation for these applications. Use PHP 5.5+ with OpCache, make backups and keep your shit updated.
Thread posts: 13
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