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Torrent or HTTP for Pirating in Germany

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I have just moved to germany and all i hear is that the germans are very strict with torrenting - seeding to be exact, they also dont have a problem with downloading copyright material if it over HTTP like Megashare or something.

My options are to sign up for something like megashare - which i have been advised to do.

or, stick with torrents and use IPVanish to Switzerland, where they take privacy seriously.

Anyone have experience with this or a suggestion?

inb4 just leave germany
over the last 10 years the only people ive heard about that got in trouble are people who download brand new music or german dubbed movie cam rips or releases from public trackers.
i know of 2. 1 got a 30,000€ fine for downloading music. and the other - 600€ fine for seeding Modern Family - last year.
I live in Germany and use IPVanish for torrenting. It's been pretty good so far but I think I'll go PIA next time again. The better IPVanish speeds simply don't warrant the higher price for me.
Which VPN do you connect to?

Thanks for the advice, ill look into PIA as well.

What speeds (mbps) are you getting with IPVanish?
Use privates.

There are services that allow you to have one account for multiple OCHs.
Why not make your own VPN service?

And just get a cheapo VPS
I don't know the situation in Europe, but in burgerland it's difficult to find a provider that tolerates torrenting.
Meh as long as it's private torrenting, but yeah I've done some torrenting on US servers before.

This one seems cheap lol, but you can find more on that site, just see what you like and just try it out.
so, install OpenVPN/Road Warrior on a spare PC and get a VPS?
whats that?

and Privates? As in Private Trackers (Demonoid?)?
Yep, install the openwarrior OpenVPN script on a VPS. Then you'll get a file which you'll need to transfer to your home PC, this file requires the OpenVPN client https://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/downloads.html Which you'll install at home and put the file you downloaded from your VPS into the config folder of OpenVPN and then you just connect.
that makes sense, so sign up for a VPS, install road warrior on it (via remote desktop or whatever they use), then get teh VPN config file and use that with OPENVPN on my home PC.

Got it. Do i need to go with a particular VPS provider - one that doesnt give my information to copyright trolls?
Yep you use SSH to connect to the VPS, terminal linux kinda stuff, shouldn't be too hard. Look around the internet for guides to SSH into your VPS.
Uhm just get a location that'll be near to you and get something really cheap to start off, which should be good with your uses.
Get a premiumize.me acc. You get a vpn, premium at some one click hosters and a seedbox service for torrents.
German here. I know one single guy who got rekt for downloading a Michael Jackson song or something like that - had to pay 3000€ and his lawyer told him there's little chance to get out of it without risking an even higher fine. Most ironic thing is that he didn't even download that shit himself, but some neighbor because his router had unsecured wifi by default and he wasn't even aware of that until after the fact.

That said, I've been downloading games, movies and anime for many years without ever getting bothered. The cases I heard of were almost all related to pop music downloads and camrips, like already mentioned. But you better be careful with seeding.
Never ever use a public tracker in Germany. Even VPN providers prohibit using their services for public trackers.

You can use sharehosters all you want. As long as you don't upload anything, nothing will happen to you.
>get ul.to acc
>go to boerse.to or w/e you prefer
>download whatever you want.
CT magazine had an article about it. There are no records of anyone who ever got busted while only downloading from filehosters. Uploading is another story.

In the past 8 years I probably downloaded 200tb+ of movies, games and so on from various filehosters. Never had any problems.
I rather pay a few shekels each month than getting a huge fine because I used to seed the new avangers.
I'm German and I've been using both DDL and public torrents for years with no problems at all. Maybe my ISP just does't care.
whats the difference between filehosters and getting a VPN through Switzerland?

not the technical difference, but wheres the problem with downloading/uploading from a Swiss VPN compared to just using Filehosters?
Actually I can't it explain it to you because I never did that. You probably can do that if you prefer torrenting with a VPN.
It all comes down to what you are willing to spent, one click hosters cost like 6-7€ a month. Which is basically the price of a DVD at Media Markt, so you download one bluray movie and you already saved more money than the price of the account.

Decide for yourself and compare prices.
File: 151124_130742.png (218KB, 1040x1664px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218KB, 1040x1664px
For quick access:
Go to share-online.biz
make account for preferred time
Load jdownloader2

Beware of excessive usage though
>pic related
OCH = one click host (uploaded.to, mega.co.nz, etc...)

Yes, go with private trackers. Sure, it can be tedious, but ultimately is better and more secure.
100gb on one day. Wtf man. No wonder that they are throttling your speed. What did you torrent?
Not torrent, file Hoster.
Series & movies, especially stuff i couldnt find in public trackers.

Anyways, good 5€ investement.
>private trackers
>more secure
>only popular content ever gets seeded
>new content never gets any seeds
>all your information is tracked 500% because muh elautism no reup no screenshots fuk u
Private trackers are less secure than direct-downloading via a direct connection to FBI HQ.
op. how is the scene for illegal streaming there ?
Not OP, but it's still grey Area as far as i know
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