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Dealing with Justice on Open Source projects

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In recent years there has been an large increase in social justice style complaints to open source projects. Some are by trolls, some believe in their cause, but in either case the damage they can do to a project is significant, both in terms of reputation as well as demoralization of contributors. Further calls are being made for biased "codes of conduct", "removal of gendered pronouns" from documentation, and other actions to promote the political platform of social justice instead of the wellbeing of the project.

We have seen this in events such as "Transphobic maintainer should be removed from project" https://github.com/opal/opal/issues/941

Clearly opal handled this situation poorly. But, how could they have handled this better? How can an open source project maintainer handle one of these "social justice" types without causing a shitstorm? How can their demands be handled without capitulation, and without the maintainers being branded homophobic, racist, misogynistic, etc?

Tell them to fuck off.
If they try to argue, tell them to fuck off, again.
If they still don't listen, block and ignore.
they can't
there's no winning this war
i have an idea O_O ever heard of closed open source?

essentially its the same thing as open source except the source code isnt visible to the public, aka only a select few can develop for any given project.

cool huh?
>Tell them to fuck off.
worst thing ever, becouse so much of hared and it just give fuel and casus for other femi sjw

and keep good code, not mather if sjw, gay, comunnist or natzi good code and solution with DOCUMENTIon is everything
It's just trannies that can't program for shit trying to drive away the real devs from popular projects until only they are left. Then they claim ownership of the dead project, use it as an example of "see, trannies can program just as well as anyone else!" (even though they didn't contribute a single line of code), and the project stagnates.
Listen to them. Your toxic code can have negative impacts on others.
Here's an idea I had.

First, make a rule that all github, or other bug tracker stuff is strictly for technical code bugs, not for non code discussion like pronouns, or complaining about transphobia, misogny, racism in maintainers or code of conduct, etc.

In order to discuss those issues people will have to go to another private forum the project has. But this forum requires account signups to be able to post, you can't just use your github login, and also posts are only visible to registered members.

This significantly increases the friction for people to talk about these issues. The problem with the opal incident was the issue poster sent the link out on twitter, then the masses dogpiled in. They could easily read the complaint, and they already have a github account so they can easily make a comment. If they can't read the complaint, and if they have to sign up to comment, you will significantly reduce the amount of extraneous dogpilers. Without the power of the mob, the individual social justice person will not be able to cause as many problems.

Even better would be if the forum was difficult to use, and not user friendly. Maybe something like a private usenet server, or an imageboard or a telnet bbs or something not Web 2.0 that the sjw types could use easily.

I haven't thought of any ways to handle the original instigator yet (maybe have a code of conduct and ignore their complaint because of their "aggressive tone" or "inflammatory language" or something)
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>making your own offtopic shitposting thread
>samefagging in it

Fuck off.
I think 12 step programs have a great way of dealing with this sort of thing as outlined in their 10th tradition: http://na.org/admin/include/spaw2/uploads/pdf/litfiles/us_english/misc/Twelve%20Traditions.pdf

I do mean to keep all discussions of those organizations aside.

To paraphrase or translate that into an open source project it would say something like. In an attempt to true too our contributors we take no stance on issues outside of this project. Opinions or moral issues one my find in this project are to be seen as the opinion of the contributor and not of the project as a whole.

Maybe this type of thing would deflect some demands.
See how well that worked out for user "meh" in the opal issue.
"Social justice" is an oxymoron. Either it's justice or it isn't.

Fuck "social justice". Fuck it sideways with a cheese-grater.
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 2

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