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nvidia proprietary drivers on Ubuntu

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Holy FUCK /g/.
>Have Win10 installed on ssd, shrink partition so that I can dual boot Ubuntu.
>Install ubuntu 14.04 on empty partition (doesn't detect my windows10, but ok whatever)
>Restart PC, grub shows ubuntu, but only the windows 10 recovery environment loader (ok, whatever, test that out, loads windows just fine)
>Anyways, I start up Ubuntu. Laggy as shit. WTF. I figure it's probably the opensource graphics driver.
>I install Nvidia proprietary drivers using 3 DIFFERENT METHODS.
Each time, no matter what I do, trying to boot into Ubuntu after installing the nvidia drivers fails, leaving me with an "ACPI PCC probe failed" error.
I can't figure out what the fuck is going on.
I don't want to use the shitty noveau drivers, it seriously feels like i'm using a 2003 computer. I have Win10 and Ubuntu 14 dual booting on my shitty laptop, and it works just fine, and performs better than on my gaming pc.
Help friends!
Ubuntu and nvidia is just a lotery. If you are lucky and you get it to work (probably in the installation number 14). You still have an 80% chance of fucking up everything in the next apt-get upgrade.
Do not use ubuntu if you want the nvidia card to do anything useful ( like CUDA i.e).
That said you can make it work yes. But you will live in fear...
I have a 750 ti ftw
So fuck off to windows if you can't even install driver by settings>software &updates>additional updates. Fucking this up requires a lot of stupidity.
The method that I have found works the best is. From a clean installation use the additional drivers tab in the settings menu and reboot. If it doesnt work, run nvidia-xconfig from tty and reboot. If that doesnt work, cry and install a distro that actually works.
With the problem you describe, maybe try the nomodeset shit in the grub menu
obviously I tried that. Still led to the ACPI PCC probe failed error and woudn't boot into the OS.

IDK guys, is there any way to get at least some decent performance out of the default nouveua driver? I'll stick to gaming on windows, but as of now, I can't even watch HD youtube videos in Ubuntu without it getting a low framerate. I have a GTX650ti.
(continued).. Like, my laptop has a core i3 and integrated graphics, and it runs smooth as butter. How can it be that my nvidia card runs worse?
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This is honestly why I say linux is shit a OS

>have to deal with extreme video lag because shit half ass open source divers
>eventually navigate to on GPU manufactures website to find my version of linux's driver from the 59 that are available
>have to watch 3 youtube video and read 5 support forums on how to even install the driver
>try 5 different methods
>each one involves 12+ steps in the command console
>still only a 50% chance to get it to even work

>Things look pixalated and stretched
>open browser
>immediately find GPU driver on manufacturer website
>double click icon
>driver installed
>everything looks very clean now

This is why Linux will never catch on. You literately have to sacrifice a lamb to Stallman for linux to do what you want for it.

Say no to Linux kids.
I get it working first time every time, but that's because I'm not a fucking retard

It is true that the learning curve is steep AF but if you somehow get it to work then linux is the most productive shit ever. I cannot even imagine the pain it would be to parse data or to program without the linux cmd tools (grep, awk, bash itself, the pipeline). Of course it is useless for games and just watching movies and browse the web.
>Trying to bite something he cannot chew
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Teach us master
Thats the thing though.

He wont.

Other then the fact he has it on his computer, he can show no proof HE did it.

idk, its fucking weird shit that almost every person I know who fucks around with linux acts
Probably you just happend to have a hardware configuration ubuntu likes
Yeah think that is just the actitude around /g/. if you let this site to get in your mind with any opinion you are better off just killing yourself...
Sounds like extreme incompetence on your part
Or maybe just install gentoo
>install gentoo
>if nvidia card is older fill out form on nvidia.com to find maximum supported version
>emerge nvidia-drivers-$VERSION
I could have explained to you but then this
>>51467162 chucklefuck showed up

All I will say is that you sound like you have a hardware or firmware problem. If you're installing a new system from scratch then don't update the system software (ie. Kernel) and install the drivers together, do a restart in between
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 3

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