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FANGBOOK IV SX6-100 Laptop Build

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I'm buying a PC for school in January but I also wanted it for on the go gaming, watching shows with SVP as well with a $1300 max total budget.

I went to CyberPowerPC since i got my desktop from them & after comparing them with other sites, I came to the conclusion of this build, which is on sale for $300 off at $1290, then $1210 total after 5% off code.


> 15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080) AntiGlare Display LCD w/ Programmable Full Color Keyboard, HDMI 1.4, mini display Port 1.2, LiIon Battery & Universal AC Adapter
> FANGBOOK 4 SX6 Cover
> Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz Turbo 3.5GHz 6MB Cache Processor
> Intel Free Game Bundle Just Cause 3, CS:GO, World of Warships
> Mobile Intel HM170 Express Chipset Mainboard
> 8GB (8GBx1) DDR4/2133MHz SODIMM Memory (G.SKILL)
> NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB PCIe (NBFANG270)
> 1 TB Seagate Solid State Hybrid 64MB Cache SATA III 6.0 GB/s Hard Drive
> 8X Ultra Slim DVDRW Internal Drive (CD140104)
> Intel Dual Band WirelessAC3165 + Bluetooth 4.0
> Sound by Dynaudior Support 7.1 channel SPDIF output
> Builtin 4x 2W speakers + 1x 3W woofer
> Killer Gigabit LAN 10/100/1000 (Builtin)
> Builtin Programmable Full Color Backlight Keyboard
> CyberpowerPC Gaming Mouse Pad
> Enermax AeroOdio CP006 up to 17 inch Buildin DreamBass Soundchip & Speakers Laptop Cooler w/ 220mm Fan
> Builtin Bluetooth
> BuiltIn SD (XC/HC)
> 6 Cell Li-Ion Battery
> Genius GXGaming Laptop Carrying Bag for 15.6 inch
> 150W adaptor
> Builtin HD 30FPS Webcam
> Builtin 2x USB 3.0, 1x TypeC USB 3.1
> Windows 10 Home (64bit Edition)
> LCD Perfect Assurance: 30 Day NoDead Pixel Guarantee for 16in and below

I was curious if this was a good buy. My only concern is that I have no estimation on battery life and may buy a second battery. I'm planning to buy this this weekend.
OP here, scratch that budget price, i have a max of $1400.

That link btw is the build i saved on the site and can be customized more.

But if anyone has a better recommendation, I'm up for suggestion.
I don't remember what I changed. But here you go. A 970m will really perform a lot better.

Try to get a 970M, everything below 970/980M is shit on laptops.
I noticed you switched it to a 970m and the 256GB SSD, but took out the Bag/Cooler (the accessories aren't a big deal, just thought i'd buy them while i was there).
I was considering a SSD instead, but thought that the 1 TB Hybrid drive would be an acceptable "best of both worlds" approach.
No it really isn't. I now remember what I did actually. You could get an m.2 ssd for far cheaper than they offer to get more capacity, until then 250gb is probably enough and I think you could get a 500gb one without stretching your budget that much. Hybrid drives live for far less than hdds and ssds as the files get transferred between the ssd and hdd storage. And accessories are dumb. And you picked the free mousepad but not the free mouse (what were you thinking?) Laptop stands are a meme btw, any laptop with active cooling isn't going to get cooler with laptop stands, those are made for the retardbooks that don't have active cooling but have a muh unibody design and no discrete gpu.
Good to know, thanks. And the reason I got the mousepad with no mouse is because I already have that mouse since it came with my PC and have since replaced it, so I have an extra handy.
Do you people really make use of the power of these ricers? You have to throttle it down any way when working off battery, what's the point?

I always suspect that after a couple of months people realize they made a horrible mistake when they are surrounded by macbooks with decent battery life and then proceed to blame it on their decision to buy a PC (instead of blaming it on the fact they bought a ricer).
> Intel Free Game Bundle Just Cause 3, CS:GO, World of Warships
>World of Warships
How can a game bundle contain a fucking free to play game?
Well it's not bad to always have more extra mouses handy, I have like 6 unused mouses just in case. It's never bad to hoard free stuff.
Well when you put it THAT way...

Usually its like $25 to spend in-game

I was considering getting a macbook, but I'm so comfortable with Windows that going Apple feels like a step backwards. Also, if i go apple, I'd only want the top tier macbooks.

I've always had a power outlet by my seat. Plus I don't wanna be a macfag and would rather get a thinkpad instead of a fagbook.

No, you misunderstand me. I'm not saying get a Macbook. I'm saying don't underestimate the value of portability and battery life. Gaming on battery is never going to be impressive period and if you have to plugin how often are you really going to do that away from your desktop?

There's some really nice premium 13" laptop PCs (XPS 13, HP Spectre X360 etc). Personally I got a Dell Chromebook 13, for which I'm going to upgrade the SSD and install Linux though because I'm a poorfag.
I knew what you meant when you made that statement. But looking at the price/specs of the Spectre and the XPS, I'm really only getting the battery life out of it. The processors aren't bad either, but I want to be able to do video editing, play the occasional game at a decent detail level, and watch my shows in SVP. I know with these desires i'll only meet bad batteries, so i'm willing to sacrifice at least a bit to get a decent battery.
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 1

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