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Obfuscated hardware/software hacking/glitching thread

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Use this thread to discuss the intricacies and fun in exploring hardware and software that simply doesn't want you to do so, whether by purpose or just through sheer bad design.
The focus is usually videogame hardware and software, but anything else that fits the criteria is more than welcome.


>If you're a beginner interested in learning start here:





>3DS SDK docs

Old thread: >>47682642
I'll try metroid 2, any interesting glitches to look out for?
Thanks for the link to the last thread
>video games
take your childish hobby back to /v/
No :^)
Go watch anime.
So I've tried both metroid 2 and pokemon red.
It's not really enjoyable to play without colors tbh.

Anyway, has anyone seen something called pokemmo?
I'm curious if they wrote the game, or more likely, since it requires a rom, they only wrote the online part.
I'm not sure since I haven't looked much into it, but I thought the ROM was needed for the graphics.
I thought about that but wasn't sure. Yeah it makes sense.
Fuck yes new bread.

OP is even longer now though.
Also would like
to be replaced with a more accurate and technical version.
hi /g/uys.
Can you recommend any site with labs for hacking pc games/applications?
Also that can be included in the OP
Yeah, probably should post the pastebin instead of all those links.
anime is nowhere near as childish as video games are.
holy shit...
you fat disgusting autistic neckband

die weeb scum
guys look i have aspergers and all popular things are bad
It's better to ignore.
Either way it's probably a troll.
I'm midway with R4ndom reverse engineering tutorials and they seem pretty good so far comparing with others.
>not playing games and watching animes on Gentoo
Plebs pls go
Nice, I was thinking about checking them out, definitely will now.
So what have you learned so far?
I had learned assembly some years ago and never gave it much use. So i'm pretty much refreshing my knowledge on it. The tutorials so far are giving me some insight on what to look for and why.
I only read the first one so I'll check the other ones, but looks pretty good so far.
anyone recommend this?
this killed the last thread too :^(
>hating anime on an anime website
Not dead yet anon.
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glad this isnt
>guise hack my xberx to torrent shit
really informative stuff here guys
Too bad the thread is almost dead, if you want check the older ones they were really good.
I don't think OP understand the meaning of the word obfuscated
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i really like the conversations here lets hope these don't just come and go pls make game/console modding general
well if you have any questions/ any cool stuff youve found share it here
Interesting blog from the guy working on an Xbox 360 emulator:
And book recommendations on reversing/emulation:
>actual tech thread on /g/
>complains about it
Fuck off.
This thread deserves a bump.
go fuck yourself webb. go back to your basement and fap to your animu dolls.
I honestly don't see why Nintendo can't write a wrapper or backend that allowed the 3DS to run GBA games with all the bells and whistles of other Virtual Console titles. Just offload all of that to the ARM11 and only use the ARM7 for GBA functions.
>Interesting blog from the guy working on an Xbox 360 emulator:
Wasn't Microsoft originally going to ship an Xbox 360 JIT compiler with Windows 8 which would have allowed for playing 360 titles on the PC?
Wait, what?
I have like 10 GBA games on my 3DS.
They should now with windows 10 since you can remote play your One on it.
Those are the Ambassador titles. They don't have save states, wireless multiplayer, or any of the other features Nintendo adds to Virtual Console games.

They're run natively on the hardware by underclocking the 3DS coprocessor. Only those ten titles exist, and they are only available for those who purchased the 3DS before it dropped in price. You can't buy GBA games in the shop.

It wouldn't be difficult, or rather, shouldn't be difficult to add all the VC features by offloading them to the 3DS main CPU. It would take a firmware update to add a new mixed-CPU hardware mode, but it would be possible.
I guess the ARM7 just isn't usable in normal operation. Which is good because if it is they won't be able to remove it from the next generation.
It's almost a given at this point that the next Nintendo generation will ditch backward compatibility entirely, focusing on a unified architecture across the handheld and console, and allowing you to play games on one or the other freely.
Fuck, wireless multi sounds bloody cool.
oh shit bump
Thread posts: 44
Thread images: 4

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