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When I was younger...

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Post your old computer specs

gtfo if it's newer then 2004... That's not old
I don't know which year it was exactly, but around 2000 I used to have Dell Latitude D505.
CPU Something Pentium 1.4 GHz
128 MB RAM
1024x768 matt display

I know it had a Bluetooth icon, but apparently it didn't have the actual technology.
I also have an exchangeable 3.5" diskette tray.

Don't remember anything more, though I still have it somewhere at the bottom of my drawer.
I use a thinkpad 755ce every day. Specs:

Standard Features
Intel 486DX4 100MHz CPU
WD90C24 video controller with 1MB
10.4" TFT display with 640x480 resolution
Removable LCD cover to support overhead projectors
8MB memory standard
340, 540 or 810MB HDD
IBM Mwave Audio and Modem controller
IrDA 1.0
UltraBay with 1.44MB FDD
(2) Type II, or (1) Type III PCMCIA slot
What do you use it for?
Also, what OS did you install?
I had an older Leading Edge laptop with a 386; used it for QuickBASIC, as it had a passive-matrix LCD, and anything else was painful on it.
Still have the 60MB HDD somewhere.
I got windows 95 on it. I use it for text editing and some light dos gaming. But mostly for writing.

The keyboard is godlike and a step over the T420 and T43 i have. Its also very modular in its components and very easy to maintain. Also floppies are still a thing.
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1MB, 2000x2667px
Still have the damn thing somehow.
33 Mhz PowerPC, 12MB RAM.

Minitronix MP5000e
Celeron 800Mhz
256mb ram
1024x768 Touchscreen
20GB storage

why do I even own this?

This thing, fuck I would have loved to own one like it. Nice, don't sell it yet. Old Apple products are rising in price faster then anything

>buy old Apple devices
>Wait 15 years

Get 10 times more money, why would you even store your money at a bank?
>dat treasure mathstorm

why they didnt just replace all K-5 math classes with this game i will never know
Screen is kind of fucked unfortunately, the contrast gets all screwy after it's been on for a few minutes for some reason.
Dell Dimension 433Si :
Intel [email protected] first, then replaced by a [email protected]
8MB of RAM
Cirrus Logic SVGA chipset with 1MB of VRAM
Can go up to 1280*1024 interlaced, and display 24bit color
1*DSHD Floppy Disk Drive
1*Single speed CD-ROM Drive
1*512MB Western Digital HDD
3com Etherlink III ethernet card
Creative Soundblaster 16 value sound card
OS : MS-DOS 6.22 & Windows 3.1
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An Intel Pentium [email protected]
Nvidia TNT2 16MB for video
And a 15" CRT monitor.
I bought it in 2002 or something like that, I spend a lot of money for it, but looking back I think I got ripped off pretty hard.
4.77 mhz on turbo
360k floppy
640 ram
Double dragon
Laary the lounge lizard
20mg fdd
Pentium II 233MHz
32 MB Ram
Windows 95.

Those were the days. ISDN and NetscapeCommunicator made sure that our Phonebill went through the roof every month.
Pentium III 450mhz
224MB RAM DDR2 (32MB went to onboard s3 graphics)
1024x768 15'' Samsung CRT

Had this circa 1999
Actually it was 6GB, I remember I didn't have space to install Baldur's Gate
CPU Intel Pentium III 700 MHz
Cache L2 - 256 KB - Advanced Transfer Cache
Front Side Bus 100 MHz
Chipset Intel 440BX
RAM 192 MB
Technology SDRAM - non-ECC
Speed 100 MHz
Form Factor SO DIMM 144-pin
Optical Drive 1 x CD-ROM - removable
Read Speed 24x
Sound Emission 40 dB
Resolution 800 x 600 ( SVGA )
Color Support 24-bit (16.7 million colors)
Graphics Processor AGP 2x - ATI RAGE Mobility M - 4 MB SDRAM
Sound Microphone
Signal Processor Cirrus Logic CS 4297A
Compliant Standards AC '97, Sound Blaster 16/Pro
Type TrackPoint, keyboard
Network Interface 10/100 Ethernet
Compliant Standards IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
Max Transfer Rate 56 Kbps
Expansion Bays 1 x front accessible
Slots 2 x memory ( 1 free )
1 x CardBus ( 1 free )
Interfaces 1 x modem - phone line - RJ-11
1 x docking / port replicator
1 x network - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX - RJ-45
1 x display / video - VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)
1 x keyboard / mouse - generic - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2 style)
1 x parallel - IEEE 1284 (EPP/ECP) - 25 pin D-Sub (DB-25)
1 x serial - RS-232 - 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9)
1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A
1 x infrared - IrDA
1 x audio - line-in - mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
1 x microphone - input - mini-phone mono 3.5 mm
1 x audio - line-out/headphones - mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
Width 12.5 in
Depth 10.6 in
Height 1.5 in
Weight 6.4 lbs
The last computer my father bought me. Told me I was responsible for my own hobbies from there on.

>Pentium III 500mhz, overclocked to 620
>No idea on the motherboard, PC was a stock Fujitsu
>2x256mb ram
>DVD + CDRW drives
>Riva TNT2
>17" CRT

Played some good games on it, later upgraded with a Geforce 2 MX 400 when they came out.

The overclock I had on the CPU was the only setting the stock mobo could handle, since there weren't any voltage or other adjustments.

I ended up frying the PSU three times, and the mobo twice, both times on warranty :)
>Macintosh Performa 630CD
33MHz Motorola 68LC040
4MB RAM (if this wasn't when I was a kid it'd be at 36MB)
Mac OS 8.1

>Summer 2001 iMac G3
15" 1024x768 Diamondtron (iirc) CRT @ 75Hz
ATi Rage 128 Ultra
Mac OS X 10.4.11

>iMac G4
700MHz Motorola G4
100GB HDD (same one that was in the G3)
15" 1024x768 TFT screen (a downgrade but shit was cool)
512MB RAM (this one was weird, it had a user serviceable laptop module under a plate and if you removed the bottom you gain access to a "factory service only" desktop module)
Nvidia GeForce2 MX
Mac OS X 10.4.11

>PowerMac G5
2x single core 2GHz IBM G5s (970MP)
1x 4TB HDD
2x 1.5TB HDDs
2x 1.5TB HDDs
1x 160GB HDD
ATi Radeon 9600 Pro
Mac OS X Server 10.5.8

PowerBook G4
1.5GHz Motorola G4e
120GB HDD (soon to be SSD)
1024x768 screen (soon to be 1400x1050)
Nvidia GeForce FX Go5200
Mac OS X Server 10.5.8
Oh and the PowerBook has 1.25GB RAM
Kill yourself faglord.
intel celeron, i don't actually remember which, equivalent to pentium IV
256 MB RAM
GeForce 4, what a beast of a videocard, totally ran Half-Life 2 on max settings
40 GB drive

bought it 14 years ago for almost $1000 (including the 775 Flatron display), traded in recently for a discount on a hair dryer.

Fuck you, pre-intel Machintosh were nice.
Just ignore the underagers
Intel MMX 133 MHz 66 MHz FSB
2x16MB Edoram
S3 Trio 3D/2X
Seagate 3GB
ISA Soundcard
Windows 98se
14" crt display

still works until now
i can playing theSims1 with this pc

The iMac G3 was actually pretty nice, I still own the Snow White one
Intel Pentium 166MHz
1x32MB RAM
14" CRT Cancer Display
No CD-ROM until around 2002. Bought it around 1999. Was a shit computer even back then but I was a poorfag. Still I owe pretty much everything I know now about computers to this machine.
>Mac OS X Server 10.5.8
What's the difference between 10.5.8 normal?
compaq presario 433
Intel 486SX/33MHz
2 mb ram
200 mb hdd
internal modem

> muh doom
>muh qbasic
>muh $600 phone bill from connecting to bbs all night(got grounded)
> muh Windows3.1 'riced' with tabworks
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Fucker still works like a charm.

>intel celeron 850 MHz
>120 MB ram
>Windows Me
my first computer
133mhz pentium
some weird co-processor for graphics rendering
as it was given by my uncle who used it building blueprinting.
I love vintage / older computers. I can spend days watching videos on youtube. I mostly like pre 1995 computers and laptops.
Macintosh LC III
25 Mhz 68030 CPU
4 MB of RAM
A guy bought a 386 IBM ThinkPad at a second hand store a few days a go i was a few seconds late :(
What model?
Why are 386 computers so fucking hard to find?
I got a few of each 8088, 286, plenty of 486 and pentium+ machines, but never a damn 386.
Thinkpad 300 (not x300)
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IBM PC Server 325, still running 24/7.

cant remember the specs of the quantex, so thinkpad it is.
File: T23.jpg (843KB, 2304x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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2002 ThinkPad T23
1.13GHz Pentium III CPU
16MB S3 SuperSavage GPU
30GB 4200RPM HDD
14.1" 1400x1050 LCD

>still my main machine
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Thread images: 9

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