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I've got half a dozen X201T's, X220T's and an X230T. I prefer the new keyboard. Feel is equal. I don't use the missing 7th row of keys.

I love the backlight on the X230T keyboard. I love having the "Delete" key isolated at upper right.

I converted from the X220T to the X230T in August, 2012. I've been a ThinkPad user since 1995.
Hmm, seems Christmas came a bit early this year.

x220 i5 - $130
256GB SSD - $100
4X2 GB RAM - $30+Free
90W Genuine Charger - $12
9-Cell Battery - $27
Bottom Case - $10
Things Lenovo has improved with the new ThinkPads:


Things that have been ruined:
Keyboard layout (/=/ design/appearance)
Soldered RAM
Lack of magnesium rollcage

Fingers Crossed...
Gonna get my 755 CE soon.


BOOM goes the dynamite!

Insert Drive A...
(signed by the devs of Diablo 2 & Warframe)

Into Slot B. (that the seller didn't tell me lacked a caddy)
Fingers crossed again....

Good to go!

All the major functions work too. Loving the keyboard already. Gonna take a while to force myself to use the nipple though.
What thinkpad should I get for programming? Was thinking of a T61, but doubt it'd be powerful enough
I love the 'chunky' feel of the keyboard, more robust than the 365XD.
got 2504 dock for my t60 today.
how the hell do i take key out when it's unlocked?
what's so special about thinkpads?
lurk moar!
So I have a t420 on the way and my question is what ram voltages does it come with. It has one 4 GB stick I hope and I'm going to buy another one just unclear which to get.
nothing that other enterprise class laptops can't do
Best OS for my x61T?,
id say 7
t. owner of one
Opinions on the Thinkpad Yoga?

I would love an old X-series tablet but I can't stand that low res screen.
my x61T get way to hot under W7, even tho I have replaced the thermal paste and cleaned the fan, ~~60C while firefox is open with a few tabs,
Mine is ok, but man, on XP this shit was hot
thinking about putting the new osx on my l512
any obligations?
whats you temps like idle & while browsing.
I get 50-60c while pornsurfing, drawing and trying to get ren'py to fucking work
I want some advice on thinkpads. I've looked at the used guides and I feel they are lacking in actual advice. I know for certain I want an X series thinkpad.

I don't know which model.

I figured the x200 would work but it only has a core duo and I can't imagine that would perform well. Am I wrong? I plan to put an SSD in whatever I get.

Is the X201 or X220 worth the extra money?

All I want is something to work on for school and watch chinese cartoons and movies off a Flash Drive.



For example, would this be pretty good?
Is there a way to change the cooler or the fan so It doesn't get that hot, My x201 gets around 45-52C while watching 1080p, and a few firefox tabs open, Is it the fan that suck or the layout or why is it so bad?
I got my x201 for around $300 ish here in sweden It came with 8GB ram and i5, I put in a ssd and it just works wonderful!
It even has a digitizer, I think I'm going to buy one

Don't know much about it though
that's normal for a laptop

and pretty good as well
whats the thinkpad with the longest batt life?
they are 12.5" laptops... 1366x768 really isn't that bad on them

I own one and regularly use a 27" 2560x1440 monitor. The screen size and resolution on my X220t really don't bother me at all.

Along with my opinion of the Yoga is that it's shit.
>soldered RAM
>no docking port
>no DisplayPort
>small, nonswappable battery
>no trackpoint buttons
>no screen latch
>difficult to access hard drive
>dragging the most sensitive and important part of the laptop (the keyboard) on shit while in tablet mode

Yoga is dumb and retarded and has nothing in common with ThinkPads that /g/ approves of and likes.
>45-52C while watching 1080p videos
I was wondering howcome my x61t get so much warmer.

X220T. 20 hours with slice battery.
non-tablet should be better

The X220t only has 3-cell and 6-cell option for the regular battery. The non-tablet can take a 9-cell.

And then the slice is the same, 6-cell for both.
File: kaszelket.jpg (73KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 500x500px
ekhm...wifi card
i just want a laptop with 10+ hrs batt life
What's the best option for extending battery life on the T420, currently with a 56Wh?

Does the 9 cell 94Wh stick out much / prevent the laptop being level?

x220+9-Cell = 12 Hrs.
x220+9-Cell+SLICE = 20 Hrs.
File: IMG_4578.jpg (87KB, 1023x554px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 1023x554px
It sticks out this much. It is flush on the bottom. It's also very sturdy you can pick up the laptop by it quite confidently.

Those are very generous numbers, maybe at idle and if you have the CPU undervolted and brightness down a bit.

I get about 6 hours from my X220t with 6-cell, which is still in good condition. With the slice I would expect to get about 12 hours.
>I get about 6 hours from my X220t with 6-cell

and yes of course, hours are taken at the modified battery saver setting.
It's a 62Wh battery, with pretty much the exact same internals and specs. It is comparable.

Rule of thumb is that you can get about one hour per cell. Obviously varies with condition of the battery, what you're using it for, and what your power settings are...

But 12 or 20 hours of battery life is not realistic under usage at all.
T430s almost best laptop ever here.

cons display

other wise love the fucker, get 10 hours bat life from it
Looks good, thanks.
Very affordable!

>they are 12.5" laptops... 1366x768 really isn't that bad on them

I don't know. The X-series is really tempting because of the great price/performance ratio. But after using a modern laptop with high ppi it's hard to go back. I always hated the pixelated look of low res screens and love how the new high ppi screens have almost the clarity of magazine. But I also have a limited budget. Sure I could afford it but with a X220T for example I would have a lot more money left so I wonder if I shouldn't just bear with it. It's a hard choice since I can't try any of the laptops out myself because no store I've been in has them. Only the consumer non-thinkpad models.
For CPU intensive tasks, isn't a desktop better in both heat/performance ?
Is a screen latch really necessary ?
And what's wrong with the keyboard in tablet mode, it looks awesome
what's a good price to buy a x61t. can't seem to find that thinkwiki pricing guide.

Thanks anon!
i have a t400

i want to know what the upgrade possibilities are, especially the cpu
Got an X201 with two crap batteries. Shit's pretty cash even without underclocking.
File: x201.jpg (54KB, 676x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 676x675px
Thread posts: 56
Thread images: 12

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