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Low T?

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Help me out /fit/, just got my results from a blood test I asked my GP.

I am 20 years old, don´t do drugs nor smoke. Eat more or less healthy.
I have a testosterone serum level of 432 ng/dl or nmol/L.

My doc says I am in the normal range, but I have a lot of symptoms for Low T. Specially fatigue, lack of libido, irritability and my fats always goes to my buttocks, like a woman. . I also have real gynecomastia (it´s not fat).

I already take vitamin D, plus a Multivitamin everyday. Am I just a pussy that needs to suck it up, or am I genuinely having issues with testosterone?
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what are we suppose to say?

when your doctor already told you everything you need to know.
I'm your age and started off with 517ng/dL in the exact same situation. My doctor was a woman with no understanding for what I was talking about so I've been self prescribing since then.
get a second opinion before self-medding. you could just be depressed, since, aside from having a fat ass, your symptoms fit that criteria to a T

Yeah, I know it sounds retarded but It appears the normal ranges of testosterone are like 350 to 1150. People of my age average from 700 to 800.

It seems many people are in this shitty zone where the test level is not high enough to be symptoms free, but not low enough to be treated either.


Injections or gel? How's it going? Do you feel better now?

Already spent a year with antidepressant in the past, only made me feel weaker and less focused. But maybe I can ask my psychiatrist for a referal to an endo.

I've been injecting 200mg/week split into 2 injections for the past year. I finally have the libido, erectile function, and muscle mass that a college kid should have and I get morning wood now for the first time since I can remember (since high school)
How old are you / What were your levels pre inject / post inject / height / weight? Any sides? Acne / Hairline Recession etc

I´d hate having to go down this route, I´ll try my best to cry me a referal to an endo.
Cant do anything bro. I got tested at 19 for 392 because lack of sex drive, morning wood all that. They wouldnt prescribe. 21 now still dont go it. My advice is to just find a doctor that will but you need to tank your levels first. Youth clinics are know for giving trt as well
I'm 32 and my test is over 1100 (I get my blood tested on a yearly basis). And I've been lacto-ovo pescetarian for 8 years, non-lacto-ovo pescetarian (aka "vegan with fish benefits") for 3.
My little 2 cents. You probably have heard about something in this list already, here it is nevertheless.

Eat a lot of mono-unsaturated fats and exercise at least 3 times a week.

Do cardio, but e.g. if you run don't do more than 10 km at once.

Have sex. Not with your own bare hands. Real sex is entirely different, even for your own hormones. Consider to switch off porn if necessary (I never did that but some youngsters nowadays seem demotivated towards real sex)

Sleep well, at least 6 hours straight each night. Keep a correct sleep schedule.

Eat your veggies, possibly eat whole grain and organic, but most of all, if you really really have to eat beef (you don't) check that your beef isn't genetically engineered nor fed with genetically engineered food/soy/whatever. And that it has not been treated with hormones.
If you live in merrica, it's impossible for you to track down these elements with 100% confidence, and you should consider to just drop meat. If you live in yurop and you have gyno, you have very bad luck given that gyno is very rare with ban on hormones and obligatory tracking of everything happened to beef.
May I suggest mackerel as an animal protein source with low price, low mercury and high in DHA and B12.
Dont listen to this vegan shit bro science faggot. There is nothing you can do to natural boost your testosterone to a healthy level that you would notice besides getting on trt. Its literally your gland isn`t signaling your testicles properly to produce test or your testicles just cant produce enough. Annoying as fuck to hear these idiots give you some natural bullshit that doesnt work. Its as if telling someone whose diabetic that cant produce insulin to do some shit to make it better.
If you actually cared to read, you'd have discovered that in the post you're quoting no vegan diet is advised. Actually, it's reported an high level of test in a (not vegan but) pescetarian diet (or: "despite" a pescetarian diet)

MUFA, PUFA and SFA all increase testosterone naturally, there are countless publications on this, MUFA being the most recommended.
Same goes for physical exercise.
Same goes for sleep.
Same goes for gyno.

I know that you want to push your anti-vegan agenda, but this is not the case to shill like this.
I find "annoying as fuck" posts like yours, 100% namecalling and 100% shitposting.
All increase testosterone naturally to the level your body can naturally make you retard. If youre body can only produce 300 nothing can change that. Your shit studies are for people who have low levels because of a bad diet, lack of sleep, missing vitamin, and can bring it to the natural level their body can produce hint the "increase in test" not really an increase just bringing you to your potential level. Someone who has one testicle can do all of this and still have low level, someone who has gland problems can do all this and still have low levels. Once again gtfo you faggot with your bullshit
> ctrl + f
> "zinc" not found
fuck you, fuck me, and fuck everybody.
>Its as if telling someone whose diabetic that cant produce insulin to do some shit to make it better.
Diabetes is a pathology more likely than not induced by bad habits (mostly inherent to diet). More likely than not it's a pathology that could have been prevented with healthy habits and (once it's irreversible) it could (and should) be battled with healthy habits.
Having a low T (432 is average for a 50+ yo man; for someone in his 20s it should be between 290 and 1300, so ~800 on average) + man boobs it's a quite strong indicator of exposure to xenoestrogens; restoring healthy habits (including deeper checks on the beef eaten and on genetically modified soy - there are documented cases of gyno for it) it's the first reasonable thing to attempt; given that it's not, actually, diabetes, the glandular capacity on a 20 yo healthy individual is greatly reversible.

So no, you're full of shit.
>If youre body can only produce 300 nothing can change that.
You're making faulty assumptions, see >>35198584
>Someone who has one testicle
OP has one testicle? It doesn't seems so. OP has a pathology or something that hinders his full T potential? I didn't read that.

>Your shit studies
Sure, my dear Ph.D in gayness.
doc might say you are in a normal range but he's wrong

normal range for someone your age should be like 800

i'm the same as you though, except mine was something like 290. even lower.

i said to myself fuck doctors, went and saw a naturapath instead

now im on 50mg zinc and 30g tribulus, feeling so much better
trib make me horny
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 4

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