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is this any good? What do you use?
I know Scooby said that multivitamins is a rip-off, but i live in a country with shit cold climate and veggies/fruits are very expensive here.
can't hurt - might help.
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What do you use?
I heard this one is good too
Just make sure it's not synthetic and then check what you are getting with it.

Vitamin complexes are by no means any kind of waste - anyone that thinks so has never had their blood values evaluated by an actually good doc.

Unless you are stuffing your face the entire day with all kinds of fruits and veggies you won't get the amount of vitamins in that your body can potentially make use of.

That's why you supplement to reach your body's potential and eat healthy for that fiber.

Omega 3 is also a good idea as well as vitamin d is.

CoQ10 if you have additional money to spend.
This costs fucking 9$?

If it does then it has to be shit and synthetic, sorry.
This Now Adam vitamins have omega 3 and CoQ10
I personally use Orange Triad as I like the joint support - Although I don't take the recommended dosage per day just as required.
I read this thread too and i already finished my orange triad bottle. Now i just can't find it online in my shit country.
Also, for joint support you can buy separate vitamins and i heard that in orange triad the dosage is very low so it's basically just a marketing thing.

However, the prices once again leaves me convinced that their vitamin are synthetic and thus useless.

I don't even know if they have to label it explicitly, but I guess not.
Like 90% of all sold multis are synthetic.

If you want non synthetic prepare to spend at least 40-50$
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I read the supplement facts and they have a lot of natural extracs.
Barely possible to read from the label - the sources they state can all be synthesized.

Only those entries that explicitly state "natural" are those that you can be sure of.
then what do you suggest?
Also, i want to buy glucosamine chondroitin for my joints, what brand would you suggest?
ADAM has saw palmetto which thins abdominal wall, etc crazy shit in men

i remember tyvd talking about this

i am very high and cant respond after all. good luck with your vitamin ventures. multis usually suck tho, best to find individual vit/min in good forms and dose accordingly
what's the deal with coq10? I have a cheapo bottle from Swanson but I haven't tried it yet.
palmetto? It helps with prostate cancer.
The dosage of palmetto in this multis are very low, so i don't think it really can hurt anyone and "thin abdominal wall"
I used to take such tabletts but yet I just look to eat some fruits + veggies + a good amount of 'natural' multi vitamin juice. It is more than enough vitamin and another stuff from veggies and fruits. I feel better so and I live in a cold land too.

Supplements are good but it's like protein: you just take it if you don't have time to manage your food intake. It may nor harm but it can just cost you money for nothing.
I don't think it's fair to compare multis and protein powder. I bought ON whey and forgot about it in a month just because i can get enought protein from natural sources.
Like this Anon said >>35178470 if you want maximum value out of your training you have to take them.
I remember an article from a famous bodybuilder who stopped with suplements and found it grear. I will search for it and post here.
The evidence is not there if they do or don't. But multis are cheap so nothing wrong with taking them. I prefer the one's that are Iron & Calcium free.
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