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Routine General

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/routine general/
Routine critique, routine findings, advice etc.

Pushups 5xf
Bench press (flat) 3x8
Bench press (incline) 3x10
Bench press (decline) 3x12
Dumbbell flies 3x12
Skull crushers 3x10
Triceps kickback 3x10
Dips 3x12
Decline situps (weighted) 5x8

Deadlift 3x8
Pendlay row 3x10
Shrugs 3x12
Dumbbell row 3x10
Barbell curl 3x12
Dumbbell curl (hammer curl) 3x8
Concentration curl 3x10
Reverse barbell curls 3x10
Decline situps (weighted) 5x8

Squats 3x12
Barbell lunges 3x10
Stiff-legged deadlift 3x5
Jump squats 5xf
Leg extensions 3x12
Hamstring curls 3x12
OHP 3x8
Dumbbell press 3x10
Lateral raises 3x10

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Most dishonorbale bumpu
Holy fuck that is so much volume. Can I see your body, I can only imagine you're DYEL?
help me /fit/ i need an hypertrophy routine with only free weights, no machines
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Is my routine Dyel ?
Trying to focus on on aesthetics but don't want my lifts to be shit.
too much here is wrong to write it all in one post
if you're novice start some basic linear progression routine (not necessarily ss, inb4 faggots)
or keep doing what you do and come cryin here in 6 months cuz nogains

if you're a intermediate, start some decent upper/lower, push/pull or ppl or hst-like split
structure it so it has 2-3 compound lifts (both heavy and medium, 2-4 isolations (to bring up lacking body parts) and kthnx bye
tfw mid smolov
Any suggestions? Tips to adjust routine to improve horizontal and vertical pressing are welcome.

Goals are getting stronger at the big 4.

Reps on main compound vary each week. The last set is an AMRAP set

Upper/Lower (GZCL method)

A: Upper Bench
Bench Press: 5x3
Incline DB Press: 4x6
DB Row: 4x6
Lat Pulldown: 3x10
DB Overhead Triceps Extension: 3x12
DB Hammer curl: 3x12

B: Lower Squat
Squats: 3x4
Deficit Deadlift: 4x6
Calf Raises: 3x15
Standing Cable Crunch: 3x12
Seated leg curl 3x12

C: Upper OHP
OHP: 5x3
Close Grip Bench Press: 4x6
Chin ups: 4x6
Seated Cable Row: 3x10
Lateral DB Raise: 3x12
Face pulls: 3x12

D: Lower Deadlift
Deadlift: 3x4
Pause Squats: 4x6
Calf Raises: 4x8
Hanging Leg raises: 3x12
Seated leg curl: 3x10
Thos routine is fucking AWFUL. Scrap all that bicep and fucking chest shit, you know what scrap the whole program and go look up coolcicadas ppl for fuck sake i can only imagine that dyel body. You have to go INTENSE if i did all this shit at proper weight id be so burned out, anyone not on steroids would be.

Tldr scrap it get coolcicadas and lift with intensity.
Deadlift: 5x5.
Bench Press: 5x5.
Barbell Row: 5x5.
Barbell Curl: 5x5.

Overhead Press: 5x5.
Deadlift: 5x5.
Barbell Curl: 5x5.
Skullcrushers: 5x5.

Don't do any squats because I get a sharp pain in my ass near the tailbone, think it might be flexibility issue (working on it) so I do deadlifts instead.
Mon: SL 5x5
Tue: HIIT run
Wed: SL 5x5
Thu: HIIT run
Fri: SL 5x5
Sat: HIIT run + fucking around accessory work
Sun: Ruckmarch
I need some advice for my chest workout. I usually train it alone since I have a day for arms/ shoulders and back/legs. Here's how it goes.

- 4x 6-8 Bench press
- 4x 6-8 Bench press
- 4x 6-8 Incline Dumbbells press
- 3x failure Dips
- 2x 6-8 Chest flyes
- 2x 6-8 cable flyes and each after each set I drop the weights by 50% and do another set till failure.

Rests of 2 minutes.
Am I doing too much exercices ?
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 3

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