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Gym Creeping

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Anyone ever accidentally be a gym creep?
I realized today I might be accidentally staring at people (girls especially) and making them uncomfortable without even realizing it.

Like I'm not even really aware of my actions I just zone out between sets and recently I'm trying to be more "in the moment" so I dont zone out in the direction of people.
I don't know, I wonder if some of them think I'm creepy because I'm quiet and don't smile much.

Either way, I don't let it bother me.
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Yeah no one has ever said anything I just occasionally catch people looking at me, that or I'm looking at them and they catch me.

I am really bad at awareness and cannot tell if it is normal to make random eye contact with people while you are at the gym.

does that happen to you guys? brief, less than a second to one second tops eye contact while you are looking for a weight or an open rack or soemthing?
Yeah of course that happens, don't think about it.
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aight thanks! I'm def not "staring" at anyone for longer than a second, just weird moments like that occur and I had no idea if that was normal or if i was bein weird.

sry all my images are so tiny in my files so I have no idea what I'm attaching to this anymore.
Why is it whenever i just glance at someone for like 2 seconds for no particular reason they always seem to know and their eyes just lock right on to me.

I was walking to the locker room and just looked at this grill in the stairmaster machine thing, just like a sideways glance, not perving or anything. And she just looked straight up from her phone and directly at me.

Is it some sort of sixth sense everyone but me has? It happens all the time and its not just me creeping on qt's
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YES. still OP here.

So I recently started wearing compressions, switched over from hoodies and loose thick cotton tee's. (just went from skinny to get complements and asked for lifting advice mode)

I now FEEL people look at me and directly catch them by looking right back. Never before did I have this so I assume when i was heavily clothed no one really paid attention.

Thats what prompted this thread, after a few days I was like "wait a sec every time I look at someone do they get this same feeling" and wondered if I've been creepin
no, I stay in my zone
I'm pretty sure I have a stalker at my gym though
I don't know why they think they even have a shot
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compression shirts, I mean.
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Oh cool I forgot I had this. heres second half. kinda random but very deep, found it randomly on

I think it's a normal instinctual reaction to notice when someone looks at you.
Thanks for your images op
yeah, they are actually the best i've ever seen, can you release more?
next time it happens, stick up your hand, wave it, and say "hi", move on. it's only creepy if you make eye contact, then don't do anything. you could even fucking act like you have something stuck in your eye, but just don't stare because it makes girls feel like you're mentally masturbating to them
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lol sure but its all random
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I thought it was all BS but after succesfuly lucid dreaming I now practice it nightly
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they go downhill from here.

Alpha/change your life kinda pics, 50/50 on each tip actually being worth it.
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This ones kinda nice.

really reasonable straightforward advice that I dont think too many people could argue with.
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and heres my favorite wallpaper :D

thanks for the info guys im outa here, glad to see im not some wierdo
Somebody now needs to download PDFs or epubs of all of these and fileshare them.

I have "48 laws of power" and "how to win friends and influence people", it's part of the /pol/ reading pack, so you'll need to download the whole thing. Link below:

filedropper com/recommendedreading
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ohhhh gimme the /pol/ one. If you havent noticed I kinda collect this stuff. Heres an unofficial /biz/ list as trade :)
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Thread images: 13

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