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Making It

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19 was supposed to be my FUCKING year /fit/. Now I'm here, and I don't feel that I've grown in any way (intellectually, spiritually, etc.) I'm in a degree program that I'm not sure about, I'm concerned about my future career, I'm physically weak, I'm going to be non-teenage virgin, I constantly try to change but last mere days before sliding back into mediocrity. I can't remember the last time I was truly proud of something I did. Get in here /fit/, tell me how you made it, or how you are making it. What changed? I'm tired of the BS that is my life.
My GPA is fucking awful /fit/, my gains are non-existent, there is no romantic love in my life, I sped literal hours in my chair every day, I don't even feel motivated to change even though I want to.
I constantly think I'm going to change but I never make long lasting changes. I want more out of life
has everyone on fit made it
you have missed out on teenage love
you'll never be 15 and in love
lying on the grass on a warm summer night, watching the stars, carelessly chatting
not worrying about rent, bills, student loans
only worry in life is how you're gonna cheat on that history test on monday
you'll never take a young, tight, hot-bodied girls virginity, pulling out to cum all over her back and have her look in your eyes and say "I love you"
you'll never have a girl around every day after school, pretend to be doing homework together, but instead just **** like rabbits
you're in your 20's now
gotta get a good job
gotta be a serious man now
all the good ones are taken
maybe a nice girl will eventually settle with you
they have already felt all those new exciting feelings before, and are usually jaded and bitter
you missed what it feels like to have not a care in the world other than making your girl happy
you have missed out on teenage love

whats the point?
first step is to go outside and leave ur comfort zone, i know its hard and seems pointless but trust me from one anon to another, leaving ur comfort zone leads to unexpected shit that u might end up enjoying

Fuck you anon. I don't need to be reminded how great life was when I was 15 and how now I'm a bitter alcoholic having to rethink my life yet again.
I had a friend die getting hit by a car while leaving my house when I was fifteen. Made me think about how little time I had

What you need is a mindset change OP. Stuff that can help/what I recommend:
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
discourses by Epictetus
Unrelated to motivation but GHRP-6
Waking up early and taking a cold shower on weekdays
Getting laid via tinder
It starts when you stop looking for a fast, major turn in the tide and start savoring smaller victories. Expecting yourself to just will things to change majorly and immediately is not ambition, it is impatience.

The macro is just the sum of the micro. Only giving yourself credit for something when it gets big enough to brag about to somebody else as some kind of benchmark is masochism. Finishing every training/study/practice session with, "Shit, I'm still not X enough yet," instead of, "Good, I put another score on the board," is masochism. You're not a hopeless screwup, you've just made a habit of self-flagellating. Relax. Stop banging your head against that "get hype and motivated all the time" burnout strategy and fall into the serenity of a steady gait.
thank you for replying, I recently picked up meditations.
thanks for your contribution man. I hope one day to have the same mindset as you
step 1: okcupid. It's the only one anyone uses
step 2: acquire fatty. (All the available ones are landwhale to BBW status)
step 3: Get V-card punched, you'll stop worrying about and you'll stop dropping your spaghetti all over the place
step 3.5: Oh you can't punch your v-card? You're worried about droppin spaghetti? Who cares, if you drop spaghetti around a fatty they'll just eat it up.
step 4: So much confidence, you don't give a fuck, you got your fatty on the side, no more spaghetti to spill. You can engage a hotty in conversation without spilling. Maybe even setup a date. Get date. Get second date. Breakup with fatty.

(I ended up marrying my fatty, ohwell. Beware of it, maybe. I love her now and can't leave)

You have it right now. You just need to figure out what part of your day you're using it on accidentally and exploit it more often.
idk man I go on dates n shit just somehow still a virgin
Hi r9k, fetishizing being a teenage boy is lame as fuck. Being a child might mean no responsibility but it also means no power.

Thats also a copypasta
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>Who cares, if you drop spaghetti around a fatty they'll just eat it up.
Jesus Christ we sound like the same person in every aspect besides the fact that I've had the consensual sexy times with the cuties. if it makes you feel better there's another 19 year old oUT there who doesn't really like what He's studying, has no idea what proffesional direction his life will take and does jack shit but smoke pot and do the bare minimum to get by in school and at the gym. what saddens me the most is knowing I'll probably get old and live a mediocre life. fuck my sorry ass, depression prone, beta genetics.
epictetus is way better IMO, skip meditations, its a bunch of bullshit about the universe
>the consensual sexy times with the cuties
do you really talk like this? i hope not
obviously fucking not dude this is 4chan the one place in the world where I can say things however the fuck I want without consequence
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>Get in here /fit/, tell me how you made it, or how you are making it. What changed?

-Got rid of my main social circle. They were retards, we were rarely on the same page, and they just kept mocking my success and looking down on me instead of sharing the happiness which is what true bros would.
-Spending more time with people who really matters, real bros.
-Started going out, enjoying social life
-Gradually better at not dropping spaghetti
-Escaped dyel mode mostly through diet (now getting called a big guy in public)
-Started going to raves even though I've always loved the music but never been. dem real life gainz
-No longer any barriers
-grill game improvement 1000%
-Now actually enjoy talking to strangers (not only to fugg) and being out
-professional life and studies better than theyve ever been
-already have dream job for when I grad in 6 months

>we're all gonna make it

1st step, get the fuck out of your computer. Shut it down and go DO something.
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 3

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