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So what gym do you guys attend? What do you like about it and

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So what gym do you guys attend? What do you like about it and what do you dislike?
Planet. Cheap good amount of equipment. Busy all the fucking time closest location is 20 minutes from my house. No bar for deadlifts. Squat racks always fucking occupied by shit heads doing stupid excercises. Thinking about joining this powerlifting gym down the road though.
Fitness connection. I have no problems except it gets crowded during peak hours but I can't blame them for that.
My garage

>cheap as fuck
>close to my place
>sauna, steam room, heated pool, spa
>has everything I need

>looks cheap as fuck
>needs new equipment
>hours of operation suck
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Anytime Fitness

>Lots of good equipment
>Classes included in subscription
>Yoga room / tanning beds / showers
>Can go to any location at anytime

>Price, $30/month
>Too expensive for my friends to work out with me

Home location just installed new platforms with bumper plates
Now has 4 platforms, 4 squat racks, 2 cages, over a dozen benches, and DBs that go up to 160
Has 2 of those new 3D Smith machines so DYELs don't occupy the racks or cages
4 Concept 2 rowers
Always have ESPN and other sports on; only one TV has their Gold's channel and it's in the corner of the cardio section
Sauna and whirlpool
qt ass as far as the eye can see
I'm cool with the staff and PTs so they never push promos or sessions on me
Because I travel a lot I can use any Gold's in the country....

... but I'm paying $45 a month
Still has a sea of machines, most of which are useless
Even though I get a pass, some of the managers are worse than used car salesmen on potential members
Lots of old people and naked old man ass in the locker room
Most other locations are not as nice or well equipped as this one

Honestly I'd give it a 9.5/10. The cons are very nitpicky and the pros are definitely worth it. Although I may be spoiled, as my location is constantly listed as one of the best Gold's in Texas.
World's Gym

>cheap, like 15 bucks a month
>close to my house

>one squat rack, one platform
>obnoxious loud music and tvs playing the worst fucking music ever and constantly showing commercials
>closes at 5 pm on weekends
>crowded as fuck when I go after work on weekdays
>nobody racks weights

I'd give it a 4 out of 10

big gym
lots of equipment
cardio separate from free weights
little bitch room that used to be "women's fitness" now just houses most of the machines/cables
lots of big guys (for you) that are friendly/helpful
open 24 hours

no pool
half of the staff is fat/just shitty in general
if a piece of equipment breaks it takes at least a month to be repaired
Regular gym
>everything you could ever need from a gym
>24 hours
>cool helpful gym bros at the time i go
9/10 music could be better

Temporary home away from home gym
>really cheap
>24 hours
>shitty equipment and missing things
>only 2 barbells
>no pull up bars at a normal height all at manlet levels
>only plays a shitty local radio station. So only top 20 shit, advertising and a radio host that is too cool
4/10 at least my gains won't leave me
>Price, $30/month
>Too expensive for my friends to work out with me

Have you tried to tell your friends to get a fucking job?
Srsly who is so fucking poor that they cant pay 30$ a month
University Gym

Basically has everything I need. Power rack, oly platform, dumbbells, other weird accessory shit

Facilities insufficient for the number of students. School has something like 25,000 students, and supplies them with three squat racks and four bench press benches.

Even then, there's a shortage of barbells. There's like only enough for the squat rack and bench benches, so if someone is doing barbell work on the oly platform, one of the racks/benches is unusable

This is an extra insult because the school has a separate gym facility for school athletes that has state of the art everything in abundant supply, while the rest of us normal students are left picking up the slack.

There are two different sets up bumper plates that look exactly the same, but have different weights. One set is 45-blue, 35-yellow, 25-green, 15-black. Other is 45-blue, 25-yellow, 10-green, 5-black

Big frat bro crowd. They like to lift as much as they humanly can with terrible form. Generally annoying.
I am.
feels bad

>Friendly atmosphere
>Close to home
>All the necessities
>Offers other classes

>One squatrack
>Tiny weights section
>Very small gym
>Many gym-goers have poor gym-etiquette


>Everything's there
>Good music
>Everyone here is in shape

>Weights are constantly in use
>Curlbros everywhere
>One weighing scale (the other is broken)
>Lockers take about five minutes to actually self-lock
Anytime Fitness
>has good equipment
>24 hours and empty when i go

>only has one of everything

I'm thinking about switching to LA fitness because they have more stuff, its closer, and cheaper but its not 24 hours
Local municipal gym.
Brand new facility, tons of great equipment, old fashioned hard iron from the legacy that this gym replaced, plus a ton of brand new machines and cable towers and Olympic platforms and bumper plates
Close to home
Cheap ($170/3mo including pool, sauna, track, spin classes, etc)
Lots of serious guys there, competitive bodybuilders, power lifters, old retired dudes who used to be real athletes, etc. (it's normal to see 4plaet+ deadifts for reps, highest I've seen is 6)
Locker rooms are very clean and we'll appointed
Cheap price has started to attract some shit heads
New facility but already becoming overcrowded
Poor configuration of weights and machines, making it hard to get around, or requiring you to wait for people to move or finish your set or whatever
>4 squat racks
>dumbells go up to 48kg (I think that's the heaviest)
>People leave shit everywhere and curl in squat rack
>Cable machines are always used for cable flies, need some that are by themselves
>40 minutes away
>Music is beyond fucking terrible
>Cannot stress how inconsiderate some of the members are
>PTs hog racks for ages chatting to clients

They're adding a whole new floor to my gym with a deadlift/olympic platform that was previously a crossfit jungle gym thing and treadmills. That's p. dope.
Same at Oklahoma
>30,000 students
>2 squat racks
Glad to see the Huff is still shit 6 years after I graduated. I'm at A&M and they have at least 10 squat racks, but there are over 60k students here and it's always jam packed (fucking Corps)
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well get a job = problem solved
Fitness xpress

>cheapest membership around for 199 NOK/month = 20$
>All gyms are equally and fully equipped
>Excellent air-con, open enviroment
>Boxing ring/area
>Entire 2. floor is treadmills/bikes/yoga-area

>Only four gyms. In my city, country, world.
>Hella traffick in rush-hours
>Women's only area REEEEEEE
>Not many group-lessons
>Like we need that
U of Ts Athletic Center

>Paid for in tuition
>So many squat racks
>4 wooden platforms
>Everyone there is pretty serious

Lots of equipment, 2 squat racks, 4 benches, 2 incline benches and 1 decline bench. Sauna, employees and trainers seem pretty fit and work out there pretty regularly. People are nice and since I go earlier (9a-1p) there usually aren't many people there. I've never had to wait for a squat rack or anything there before which is nice. Also it's 20 bucks a month which is not bad at all.

Location maybe, it's in an irritating part of town but I guess it's good for business. Can't really think of too much I don't like about it.
local 24/7 gym called N-Shape


>eye scanner, never lose a card to enter
>next to no staff to get in the way
>husband/wife owned
>tanning beds
>squat rack unlike PF
>someone bought a trap bar finally
>standard oly weights no BS
>clean as fuck
>laid back as fuck


>$50 a month, $40 if you prepay a year
>on the other side of town, 20 minute drive
>some useless machines but that keeps the plebs occupied
>huge free weights area
>three separate rooms for classes
>lots of weight machines and treadmills
>almost always empty
>indoor running track, bit of a gimmick but looks cool
>huge bathroom with sauna and showers

>$40 a week
>PTs outnumber gym users by like 8:1
>Some PTs can take up literally a third of the gym for some terrible circuit for their clients and get shitty if you work in using some of the equipment
>Music is dependent on the receptionist. Could be house, top 40, or soccer mom ballads. Sunday there is no receptionist so no music.
>Despite the large amount of free weights no one re-racks so even finding a lmao1pl8 is like going on a rare pokemon hunt
LA fitness

>Super clean
>so many teenage chicks
>cheap enough

Really the only con I can think of is that during the day it gets fucking packed but I go 9-close most of thr time anyways so doesn't matter always the same 15-20people.

It's also 15min away but I choose this one over the LA fitness that's across the street.
>women only hours

Is this really a thing? Is it just whales working out? I don't see how a bit chick would care.
Local gym at community center
>Cheap as fuck, $89/3month
>rarely is there a lot of people there
>mostly only me and other local buddies who go, the occasional out of shape older person which is cool
>pretty versatile for beginners, dumbbells up to 150.
>if your membership runs out you can normally get away with going for a few months without paying, nobody gives a fuck.
>3 minutes from home max, next closest gym is about 15-20
>decent music
>showers, changing room, free meals on friday

>not very large, sometimes other people get in the way
>barbells only up to 80 lbs.
>only one smith machine for squats/DL's, no freeweight.
Still as shitty as ever. I have no idea why they seem to think we need seven indoor basketball courts, but the freeweight area could fit in my small ass apartment.
virgin active

Suana, steam rooms,, pool,
nice showers and changing rooms
all equip new
free circuit training sessions, 1 to 1 training if you pick your time right
lounge area with sofa's free papers, magazine, books, tv's and wifi
most people there just use the treadmills and machines so the free weights are empty
nice view, super clean


2 squat racks
40£ a month
i go to this old oly gym, lots of bars and a few homemade dumbbels and enough scuat racks and pl8's to satisfy everyone
pretty good shit honestly, it's getting a new section next year for EWC
Golds gym black membership master fuckin race here bitch
Iktf, waiting for the platform in the Rec was the bane of my life. Have they finished all the renovations?
Anytime Fitness. I like the franchise clubs especially in my podunk town. I'm one of like 50 that attend, one of 4 at my time of night. I tried to go to a bigger gym for their pool and shit but their free weights section was like looking into the fucking abyss.
Sport and Health.

>lots of squat racks, benches, machines and cardio equipment so you always have something to do
>the toilet paper doesn't hurt my ass
>lots of locations so even if i'm out of town i can work out

>leg presses only go up to 500 pounds
>biggest plates are 45 pounds
>machines are old, always fucking break and take days to get serviced

6/10 to be honest
Live Active

>£20 a month on student plan
>Access to massive swimming pool leisure center
>Music isn't the worse
>Some friendly staff

>1 squad rack, 1 bench
>Have to bet on it being quiet, otherwise you won't get any weight training in.
>at least there's always cardio machines free
I switch between 2 different YMCAs in Toronto.

>newer and cleaner
>has lots more space
>has more squat and power racks
>has a lifting platform
>has better plates and bumper plates
>has more cardio machines each with TVs built in
>a bit more farther
>always busy when I go
>not enough benches and free weight benches
>less accessory machines
>changing room isn't as nice as the other one

>has more types of benches
>has more accessory machines
>locker room is way better
>not as busy during the times I go
>small and less space
>everything looks old and rusty
>nowhere to deadlift
>shitty hubcap looking plates
>locker room has a really gay vibe
Melbourne Uni Gym
>The most well equipped gym i've ever been in, lots of power racks and enough machines that there's always something to do.
>Access to pool which is great
>Cheap for student and on campus so can lift after class
>the Powerlifting/weightlifting club there is nuts, only been there a few times but the lifters there are crazy strong and super good humoured

>very few people outside of the powerlifters talk/no atmosphere
>Get weird groups of asians/girls/bros that take up an area to do strange circuit training
>Get a free PT session per month but almost all of the gym's PTs there suck.
>only a few asians to buy gear from
Gym on a military post

>swimming pool
>close since I live in the barracks
>big gym

>packed after 5pm
>closed on federal holidays
>Recently renovated
>good hours
>2 squat racks

>expensive as fuck
>no form-checking mirrors
L.A. Fitness

Lots of equipment
Good equipment
Large area (at least in the one I'm at)
Large pool
Basketball court
Tennis court
Secondary area for smokers

> Cons
$30 per month
Chads everywhere
A large amount of people

It's a pretty good gym if you have a couple of friends to go with
>my basement

230kg of weights
squat rack
adjustable bench
pull-up bar
dip station
available all the time no wait

honestly never going back to the gym teebh
Hey dude I'm at Monash, we don't even have a power and weight lifting club. Pros and cons are mostly the same with the exception of one super bro PT who keeps it real.
Blink fitness

>Unlimited guests
>Spacious, clean
>new equipment

>Hex plates
>only 2 power racks
Damn I'm moving to where you live. It's 40 a month at mine.
Lucky you, 45 at mine. I just finished the trial period, so I wonder if they offer student discounts. Hopefully they do because thats just fuckin pricy for what they offer at the base level.

-9$ a month
-enough weights and machines to go around
-2 falt bench, 1 incline 1 decline
-2 deadlift platforms
-2 smith machines if youre gay, I dont personally use them but people who would possibly use a bench that I would use do
-those fixed weight mini- barbells and ezbars

-old people everywhere because of squash
-old people everywhere because of squash
-old people everywhere because of squash
-only one meme station for squats
Outback Gym and Fitness (locally owned place)

>powerlifting gym
>multiple squat racks
>multiple benches
>never been unable to run out of equipment
>cheap sups
>everyone is friendly
>usually only 10 people max there

>expensive (paying $90 per month (depends on how many months you're paying for in advance))

>climbing wall
>soccer court
>basketball court
>qt receptionists
>all employees look professional af
>decent cafe
>three pools

>very few squat racks
>gym is mainly dedicated to machines
>only two leg press stations
>"family" gym

>best gym in UK

>no cons lol
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Awaken health and Fitness(Locally owned)

>fairly small and has all the necessities equipmentwise
>$25 a month because student
>Open 24 hours
>empty around 9:30 PM and later, which is when I work out

>When I do have to go early, it's cramped as hell due to its size
>Too many treadmills for such a small room
>one squat rack
Are you from Sudbury senpai? I go to world gym too.
LA Fitness
It has basketball (only cardio I can do without going crazy)
It has racks, machines, bench, ropes,
it has those little step things for agility
has pretty much everything I can think of

Only thing I don't like is that there are a lot of people
A lot of creeps
People that follow you around the gym
Or maybe it's just me
Burnsville, mn?
>in my garage
>can work out naked

>I build stuff in my garage and have to clean up before working out
>sometimes smells like paint because I paint things in here
Seriously; how the fuck can someone not find somewhere to cut $30 a month for the gym.
I go there, and while the one I go to doesn't have a free weight barbell, I'm currently only using dumbbells so it works out fine. Plus there's others that do have barbells that I'll find when the time comes.

It's also damn near completely empty when I'm there; never more than three other people, and most of the time they're just qts on the treadmills.
USA Fitness in Aurora, IL

If anyone tells you to leave, say you identify as a woman.
Planet Fitness is literally a meme

Platinum Fitness
>gymbros everywhere
>8 barbells
>2 sets of every dumbbell
>every hammer machine ever
>massive roid dealer goes there
>24 hours
>2 locations

>2 squat racks
>second location closes at 10
>closes on holidays
>music could be better

was at uni gym and saw a dude faceraping the mirror while doing barbell curls, dude was close enough to french kiss his own reflection.
me too, mayne. good gym, overall. does get crowded though, especially when I'm wanting to squat...
Student Rec Center
Actually nice facilities
Crowded as fuck
Private Powerlifting Gym

>owner is EFTS sponsored and holds a handful of equipped records
>everyone is stronger than me, but also knowledgeable and kind
>dead at most hours of the day
>private gym, so no bros
>3 racks and a mono
>only comp benches
>full set of texas bars, and more specialized bars than I can count
>prowler and some sleds
>walls full of bands and chains
>belts, wraps, straps, slangers, and even some bench shirts/squat suits on hand for anyone to use

>so fucking small
>everyone is stronger than me
>5-7 on a weekday it's not even worth going
>typically dirty
>toilet clogs easily
>older bars are bent and aren't always replaced

Very happy with my gym, the real issue is the size
desu without the powerlifting club i would say the gym is good, but those guys are nutcases and make workouts so enjoyable. It's great seeing little asian guys squatting 190kg like it's nothing in the middle of the gym.
My dorm gym. It's free, and literally 20 meters away from my room. I also have 10 other similars gyms in 50-250 meter range from me, if the one in my dorm is full.

>squat rack
>bench press
>bench that can be inclined
>pullup bar
>easy curl bars
>that thing for dips
>cable machine (I don't use that shit though)

What am I missing from those big, commercial gyms? I think even going 15 minutes by transit somewhere would make the workout a chore (because that means spending an hour preparing and travelling).
Uni gym

-Free weight area
-Not very crowded when you go in the morning
-Was like 120 euro for a whole year, I can also follow other sports courses for free

-2 Power racks, 1 bench, 1 deadlift platform
-Platform is busted and dented, meaning the bar lies lower than it should
-Bench is crooked somehow, the bench isn't in the middle so you have to make sure you grab the bar in a balanced position, also it's not parallel to the lines on the ceiling
-You sometimes have to wait for a rack or bench even if it's not crowded at all
-Most people quartersquat
-Playlist isn't very long
-Lot of people don't rerack weights, especially people who use the EZ-curl bar
-People OHP in one of the two racks
>$30 a month
Motherfucker I'm at anytime and I pay $60
ayy I hit up fit4less too. which one you go to? stoney creek here
Fitland in Holland.

>Pretty cheap
>Pay by week instead of month
>Encourages olympic lifting over machine and cardio shit
>Staff has decent knowledge
>Free vitamin water
>Free bidon
>Good equipment

>Only one squat rack
>Closed in the afternoon on weekends
>Crossfitters everywhere

Overall it's 8/10 I like it.
YMCA in sw london
Little powerlifting/boxing gym called Fitness 4 Life

>Good boxing facilities, plenty of sparring partners
>Pretty empty at the right time
>Super friendly staff, train with and go to meets etc with them all
>Staff are very knowledgeable
>Friendly customers, gotten to know a lot of them and train with them regularly
>Cheap supp shop
>Show UFC all the time and sometimes Pumping Iron

>£20 a month
>Free weights area sometimes a little small at peak time
>20kg/45lb plates are the heaviest
>Dumbbells up to 50kg only
I work fulltime at $14 an hour and I can't afford that really. I don't have internet or tv either. I just use my phone internet. The real world sucks.
Local small gym.
>Easy access, 10 minutes away
>Friendly owner
>Cheap ass membership (£15/m)
>All equipment I need

>Full of roided up monkey like retards
>Crowded as fuck after 6PM (so I go at 5)
>Music is wayyyy too loud
>No water fountain
>One shower
You are either in debt or you are really shit at managing money.

With $12/hour I still have like $300-400 at the end of each month saved.
I'm at two.

1 - Planet Fitness

>$10/month (lol)
> 3 Blocks from my flat
> I'm still in noobgains territory but am somehow much stronger than almost everyone else

>No free BBs
>It's PF
>Indians in jeans

2 - Crunch Gym

>It's the SF Marina so 10/10s everywhere

>$60/month (lol)
>Not walking distance
>Effeminate cunts admiring themselves in the mirrors constantly
just regular gym

>has everything you need

>guys that work there are fagets that wouldnt
teach me how to do squats and deadlifts
>not alot of room to deadlift

im thinking about joining some powerlifting gym
that is pretty close but there are only barbells so i cant do some exercises
fuck, i fucked up the greentext
I ran into this issue, but something about being able to lift weights late at night always gives me a chub.

Well then you must be in zero debt, because I'm making 15.45/hr, but balancing school loans, rent, utilities, internet, gas (I have a 1 hour commute to AND from work), my car payment, then food/nutrition; it can get tight.

This leaves whatever leftover money for either savings, or expenditure. Luckily I have a decent fitness center for free at my place of employment, but some people don't have it so easy and should not be judged. fuckwad.
Tried Planet Fitness.. ended up similar to this, but with more fat asses huddled around the pizza

four seasons

>Large Facility
>Heavy Weights

>Too Many sandpeople
>have women only hours at Uni gym
>squatting, small group of women ~50 ft away
>one comes over and says that it's women only hours
>oh cool! What are you working on?
>well we're doing a body weight routine but-
>nice! Body weight stuff is definitely good, I'm just doing legs myself
>well I was going to tell you that we have this place reserved for-
>yeah don't worry about it! It's pretty cool that you're able to use all the equiemt that you need. Must make works pretty quick! Do you want to work in on the rack?
>no, like I said we're just doing body-
>oh that's right! Sorry about that! Well I'll let you get back at it!

Completely ignoring some problems and being an ass does in fact make them go away in some cases. Pretty sure I acted like a brick wall but now it's women and anon only hours. No one else bothers to try.
Maybe you just live somewhere cheaper than me. I pay 850 for a studio and i live in the cheapest place in the county. Do you pay all of your insurance and bills and put into a 401k?
Cheap gym in canada called fit4less.

8.99 a month
not super busy
lots of bench presses

Cable machines are always broken
Only one squat rack (FUCKING ONE)
Astronomical amount of douchebags and curl bros
No water fountains
Rec center near my house. $120 for a year, they have a power cage (with an extra barbel), two benches, 4 cable machines, decent dumbel weight, foam rollers, etc. It's never too crowded and it's pretty nice for what I pay.
I was at this small local chain place, it was extremely cheap (100$ up front for the entire year) and always super clean. Marginally better than Planet Fitness, I guess - no "lunk alarm", shit tons of cardio machines, limited free weight area.

A couple weeks ago they closed down, and gave me literally 24 hours notice.

I found a new place that's closer to home. It's actually a public indoor soccer field which, for some reason, has a small gym attached to it. It's dirty, the cardio section is like 2 treadmills and a couple of rowers, but as far as free weights go they fucking have EVERYTHING! Cages, 2 platforms, stuff I've never even seen before... they have this, I guess it's called a Prowler sled, never done that before but I did it yesterday and it was fun as shit. It's more expensive than the other place but still only 25$ a month which I'm thinking more and more is actually a pretty sweet deal.
>Thinking about joining this powerlifting gym down the road though.

If you're a member of planet fitness what could you possibly have to think about in regards to changing gyms?
Sounds like both the best and worst you'd want in a gym

Apartment complex gym.

>Within walking distance.
>Even though it serves 5 diff complexes, it's dead at most hours, especially the weight area.
>Nobody knows what the fuck they're doing so #judgementfreezone.
>The busiest part of the gym is the ellipticals which I don't use.
>Only 145/year to have access to it and the pool.

>nobody knows what the fuck they're doing.
>they still stare at me when I lift.
>only two power racks, so if there's 3 of us who need to lift and we're all doing diff exercises (which, since most of the time it's guys benching, we do) then I have to go run or spin till they're done.
>Only five accessory machines and there's always. Someone. On. Them.

I don't know, I might switch to the company gym when I'm hired on full-time at my work, since it's supposed to be way bigger and I can buddy up with coworkers. All my friends use chain gyms, so it's pretty lonely for me.

The staff is /plg/ as fug
Beautiful powercage
Eleiko plates
There's even an annual powerlifting comp

cons: small
Like three barbells small
Depends on where you live and your circumstances t b h.
Went to fit4less for months, full of shitskins
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but op, didn't you know? they finally admitted that they aren't a gym.
YMCA too senpai


>has basically what ya need, although it could use more
>MILF booties errrrrywhere
>couple of really swell/swole regulars

>from the time of 3:30 - 4:30 PM you want to kill yourself. That's when all the scrawny teens come in
>only goes up to 100 lbs dumbbells
>most benches (not bench-press benches) are garb
>creepy old guys
school gym

is nice as fuck and lots of qts

but its usually busy
LA Fitness (Home)
>Cheap (legacy member so only $25/month)
>Equipment is nice
>Good amount of racks/benches/free weights
>friends w/ most of the staff
>Good hours

>Gets packed half the time
>Lots of geared up HS football players leaving their shit everywhere
>Metric fuckton of old man ass
>Punkbusters comes out to yell at me every time I decide to do Deadlifts

University Gym
>Lots of racks and equipment
>Fairly clean
>Fairly big

>Crowded as fuck half the time
>PE class shuts down an entire weightroom
>Lots of curlbros and wannabe powerlifters
>Hours suck ass
Sport & Health

No oly platforms, everything is on the second floor of the building.
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Edge fitness
>$10 a month
>tons of ellipticals, spin cycles, and treadmills. Never had to wait for one
>power racks and squat racks usually not occupied
>tons of free weights
>lots of machines
>usually not many people there if you go at the right time

>go at the wrong time and you're gonna regret it
>DYELS like it
>hours are good (5am -11) but weekends are a little lame. Closes at 8 day/sun

Honestly have no problem with the place. The people there are cool and don't bother you. Never had a problem with anybody and I can get in get my work done and not get bothered.
Only a 7 min drive.
Nope rochester, see them everwhere tho
Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence

>free because am student
>40 minute walk from home
>beautiful equipment
>squat racks for days
>everyone is serious about lifting
>everyone is polite

>I am weaker than basically everyone there, including some women

Turns me on just a bit desu
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Anyone know a good gym in Riga? (Latvia)

Need to find a nice gym where I can lift heavy things up and down, preferably more than 1 squat rack..
New york Sport Club

>$40 everything included
>2 floors (1rs weights ,2nd machines and their crossfit shit)
>4 squat rack
>free towels if you are the in 40 plan, 20 can fuck off
> Lots of high Test qt
> close home

>Lost of gay dudes...way too many
>peak hours are pack
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