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Injured anons, anons recently healthy or anyone with their shit together, get in here and get everyone on fit healthy for Christmas!
I'll start.

Always had tight hamstrings so deadlifts have been difficult to nail the form.

They two weeks ago at a conditioning session for football my lower back gave out. Seemed to be the muscle going from middle right into the top of my right butt cheek.

Went easier for a week and seemed to be ok but then it went again a week later but not quite as bad.

Next day seemed to be 80% and by yesterday morning with a full week of lifting I felt fine. But at a party last night was sitting in an odd position and it's completely gone again.

Anyone else had similar? Don't think it's a disc but a muscle, and don't want to rest as it'll get weaker.
In all seriousness go to a doctor don't lift weights this is serious man.Back injuries are one of the most serious injuries.
Injured my right knee this year's april, while doing sprints and explosive leg exercises

Haven't run since that, and it's not improving.

I love running so it makes me very sad, went to doctor this week and he sent me to x-ray. said it might be meniscus, will see this week. Hope i'll be able to run someday
Struggling with bilateral achilles tendinitis for nearly a year, I've had to take the last couple of months out of my sport. Heel drops are doing fuck all and my physio has me stretching every night to loosen up my calf's. Fuarking depressing bros, any advice to keep going? Heads melted not being able to play my sport
Thinking physio instead of Doctor. Last time I went to doctors was when I broke my thumb, and they wouldn't x-ray it for 12 weeks after I broke it despite me asking every other day and saying it was completely back to normal and able to lift. When they finally did they said I still shouldn't do anything with it for 2 months.

Trying to get a physio appointment on short notice. Feels bad thinking I may never lift again if it's really serious :(
I do reenactment fighting with steel weapons. Because of this, I almost always have several nicks, bruises, and scrapes across my body.
Very superficial wounds, I know, but I wonder if they will have an impact on my strength training? Will the healing affect muscle building in any way?
You never know fa m.Hope all goes well.And yeah physio might be a good idea.Though I've never been to one.
>and they wouldn't x-ray it for 12 weeks after I broke it
Can't you sue or something?That sounds horrible.Your bone could've healed wrong.
Yeah Great fucking Britain family.

So doctors will just get you in some sort of fixed state, they won't actually get you to a point where you could do your sport. I pay for private medical cover too but a normal doctor has to refer you, and if he just says it needs rest I won't get refereed...

This country is retarded
My left ribs are pretty bruised right now (hairline fracture), so lifting is out of the question. Can't even cardio because heavy breathing is pain but I'm hanging out in the gym anyway like a complete loser. Gonna be long weeks of this shit.
>tfw in an abusive relationship
I bet you have some epic scars. Superficial stuff doesn't effects the muscles, except maybe costing some temporary gains when you're soar and bruised, so no worries. Got pics?
No cool scars to speak of. Got a few small, nearly invisible ones on my shoulders. The most prominent are on my shins, from swords trying to get under and behind my shield and spears and axes that I parry downwards.

I don't have any pics right now, but I can go take a few of recent small injuries if you want.
Tore my achilles and had surgery for a sports hernia, just started working out again been out for 3months.
Please do. How do I get into proper reenactment stuff like that? Sounds awesome as hell.
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This one is from today. Took an axe right to the collarbone, which hurt like hell and began bleeding. The pain subsided after a few minutes and I got back into the fight, though. The area around it is swollen and I'll probably have a sore bruise for a week or more, but as you can see, it's no epic scar.

There are many forms of reenactment. I reenact viking fighting, western style.
Are you interested in certain time periods or fighting styles? Where do you live?
Yeah, can see what you mean. Viking era is what I'm after, general medieval at a push. Don't know much about the fighting styles tho. Any advice? Live in Norway. You Euro or US?
Sprained my ankle running few months ago, still playing up so no running for me

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1MB, 3264x2448px
Most of my scars are probably on my shins. You can see pink scarification several places, both legs. One of these recent wounds was a spear last Tuesday, another was a sword Thursday and the last one, on my right leg, was a sword this afternoon.
I got a few more on my arm and torso last Tuesday, but I doubt they'll be visible on a picture, as they're already nicely healed.

Norway has several viking reenactment groups. I'm from Denmark and I've fought against and alongside Norwegians and Swedes at larger viking festivals. I'm sure you can find some groups on google.
I can see the scars, but the hair covers them pretty good.
Thanks I'll look it up. Is it acceptable that women reenact as 'warriors' or will I be stuck by the hearth?
In western style, which is the most popular style in western Europe, women can reenact warriors and fight all they want. It is very much treated as a kind of martial art or martial sport, and there is no men's league or women's league - all fight together. I know quite a few badass girls in the viking millieu and fight alongside two of them in my own group.

Eastern style is another situation, though. It is much more violent and women are not allowed, at least from what I know.

There's also a style called housecarl or huskarl. I think that's open to everyone.
Thank you senpai:) I'll go do research.
If Grill..

Will keep you safe babe and never hurt you <3
No worries. Good luck with finding a group. I hope to see you out there. If you one day see yellow shields with twin black dragons on them, come fight me!
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 3

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