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Preworkout blend

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What preworkout you guys take and what you could recommend? I was thinking about C4 or Mesomorph/Jack3d.
breh you dont need all this shit to work out
i know, but i want something to pump me up on those weak days
That c4 stuff is pretty damn good.

Now i just take a bit of coke.
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Coffe and a fruit.Stop being a faggot.
Why americans take pills and this kind of shit fot evert funking problem?
Worth trying:
>Citrulline Malate

There are probably others I don't know about.
Also this, C4.

to be honest lad

pre-workouts are a luxury, you don't need it to workout

that said, you probably already know that, so with that in mind you should probably take C4 because it's better imho

preworkouts can be risky business though because alot of stupid shit gets put in them, i've made the mistake of taking a few before i worked out in the evening and have woken up in a cold sweat many a time
cannibal ferox + bronkaid
Bull-nox + bronkaid

If you have the money to listen away Nitroflex and pmp by Gat is beast

If you have even more money to piss away get hemovol or whatever the latest name of it is and add that to what ever pre you take. Pumps with that and cannibal literally hurt lol
URX Bombshell has DMAA in it. It's nice - feels like the old Jack3D.
There's a supp called old jack and it has dmaa in it. Friend didn't tell me, I took it with my bronkaid. I was rolling so much face lol
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Buying any preworkout is not only cost-ineffective, it has some chance of being generally less effective too. There are always issue of mislabeling and improper mixing, especially how companies are now adding 10-20mg, sometimes even micrograms, doses of a particular ingredient inside of a preworkout serving where you use a 5-8gram scoop. About half the price of a preworkout is for them to add color and flavor to it, and convenience to a degree, and the rest is them Jewing you.

Make your own and be willing to experiment. Look up the ingredients of preworkouts you have tried, what you think you liked about them, and buy that shit in bulk.

These are my favorite ingredients and the ones I use most often for a preworkout:
Betaine, Taurine, ALCAR, DiCaffeine Malate, Higenamine, and Caffeine Citrate.

What I don't use but others may get a benefit out of and/or want to experiment: Caffeine Andryhous, Creatine, Citruline Malate, Beta Alanine, L Histadine(sp), Hordenine, Synpherene, Beet powder.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of direct N.O boosters, which is why I don't currently use any. But plenty of people enjoyy them, and they mught be the favorite part of your preworkouts.

And keep in mind that a preworkout is gonna increase your performance by 10-20% the most... unless your brain is so fucked from stimulants where you NEED it to get you all fired up and motivated. In those cases, go 3-5 weeks cold turkey on all stimulants, then slowly go back on some if you want. But clean(er) eating, staying thoroughly hydrated, and 8 hours of sleep are gonna affect your workout way more than any legal preworkout supplements will.
good stuff right here
Water & air
jack3d+beta alinine

i started having a protein shake preworkout

i find carbs make me tired as fuck before im gonna lift
>1 can of monster zero ultra
>1 half scoop of jack3d
>2 cellucor super HD
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