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Not instantly, but it causes harm to your body on long term.
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post proofs
this is what fat people tell themselves so they don't have to give up pizza
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Just google it m9.
Keto orginated from Dukan' diet, which was proven to cause osteoporosis, intense
acidification (which has correlation with the creation of ketones (acids that help u draw energy from fats instead of carbs)). Restriction of carbohydrates in the early phase will literally lower your brain power and overall physical

As for >>35145968
pizza is mostly fats and protein, Ketogenic diet restricts vegetables, diary and similar sources of carbohydrates.
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Oh and overall I recommend reading about diabetic ketoacidosis, as it is what Ketogenic diet is all about
The ketogenic diet used for epileptic children can cause bone loss. The keto diet used for weight loss is different and doesn't have the same risks.

You're gonna be fine, OP.
You seem dumb.
Are you diabetic?
Cus maybe.
Unfounded, unintelligent fear-mongering.
Ketoacidosis =/= ketogenic diet. Ketoacidosis is associated with type 1 beetus, and is life-threatening.
Dukan's diet =/= ketogenic diet, why even bother talking about osteoporosis in a completely unrelated circumstance?
Keto - High fat, low carb, high protein
Dukan - LOW fat, low carb, high protein

Since you're such an expert, you would think that would be something that *anybody* with a lick of nutritional education would be able to pick up.

Try harder, troll.
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How mad can you even get?
Ketogenic diet is based on the fact that you can draw energy from fats instead of carbs. And if you do so, you are going to have ketoacidosis, which is shit. Ketoacidosis IS associated with ketogenic diet, since its a state when organism is burning fats instead of glucose and the point and it is inducted by too high protein/carb ratio. The fact that it is most common in diabetes is unrelated.
On the subject of osteoporosis, it is practically unrelated to fat intake, but again, to protein/carbohydrates ratio.

Informations that I'm sharing with you here are from first hand experience.

No need to be mifffed
>first hand experience
Diabeetus detected.

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Can you read first sentence of this article again?
>Ketosis is a state the body may find itself in either as a result of raised blood glucose levels or as a part of low carb dieting.

>low carb dieting

This article says pretty much the same thing I said.
You've got no fucking clue, stop pretending to know what you are talking about. Some simple fucking googling should have set you straight before you started spouting bullshit. The onus isn't on me for providing facts, its on you, since you're the one spreading misconceptions and pretending you're a competent source of knowledge.
>Ketoacidosis is a pathological metabolic state marked by extreme and uncontrolled ketosis.
>In ketoacidosis, the body fails to adequately regulate ketone production causing such a severe accumulation of keto acids that the pH of the blood is substantially decreased.
>In extreme cases ketoacidosis can be fatal.[1]

>Ketoacidosis is most common in untreated type 1 diabetes mellitus, when the liver breaks down fat and proteins in response to a perceived need for respiratory substrate.
>Prolonged alcoholism may lead to alcoholic ketoacidosis.

The presence of ketone bodies in the blood doesn't cause a pathological state, you moron. Levels of ketones can be monitored with urine testing reagents. In the instance of very heavy levels of ketone bodies, it's advised not to stay on such a state of keto for a long time, or to eat some carbohydrates and lower the levels of ketones in the blood.

Again, you are a retard. 'Personal experience' means jack shit.
>going on epilepsy diet just so you can keep eating your fatass food

never gonna make it

just cut like a normal human being
No, it doesnt. You're just too stupid to realize it. What it does say, however, is that any time you cut carbs, you are in a form of ketosis. Yes, it does say that taking it to the extreme will result in ketoacidosis, which is in fact dangerous.

Does taking something to the extreme being dangerous sound familiar? Like, with everything.

Do some research, and I'm not talking about on /fit/, or any billshit ketosis diet websites. I mean reputable studies, experiments, etc on ketosis. Then please feel free to try and shit on it.
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No need to be such a hothead
Read this my man, guy who posted it really made things easier to explain

Great, we reached and agreement on the fact that Ketogenic diet/restricting carbs couses Ketosis, which can couse Ketoacidosis.
Eating too much protein can kill your kidneys. Stop eating protein.

That's how you sound.

Also, cause*. Jesus, this is the type of person I find myself arguing with in every one of these threads.
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As English is not my native language I happen to make mistakes, I'm only human.

And in my opinion it's more like:
Eating too much protein can kill your kidneys. Do not eat too much protein.

What are our experiences with this diet, I assume you didn't have any issues?
I'm now convinced you are a troll. The article literally repeats what I just said.
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Its says that if your diet doesn't provide enough glucose you are going to get Ketosis and raising levels of Ketones can lead to acidosis. Isn't that right?
There are states of being worse than death.

Ketobody'd is one of them.
I tried it on a cut a couple months back, and plan on doing it every time I cut from now on. If done right, it's convenient, safe, and easy.

For reference, I used to be a fatass a few years ago (300ish), dieted/exercised my way to 180ish, stayed there for a few years before I started lifting seriously this year.
I'm not an expert on it, but my nutrition class in med school said that a normal, healthy person has no problem with regulating their blood pH in ketosis, therefore it doesn't lead to ketoacidosis. Healthy individuals have to tweak their blood pH all the time, and there are metabolic, respiratory, and renal ways of doing so. Diabetes can't regulate the lowered pH in ketosis, so it can lead to ketoacidosis (dangerous).
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This is really interesting, what were your macros when on Ketogenic diet?
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Okay you convinced me.
If only these hotheads could learn something from you, it would be great.
I don't remember the specifics desu. I followed a Calc I found with a Google search, and used that as an outline. Upped the protein it suggested and lowered the fat. I was eating around 110g of protein, 30g of carbs, filled the rest in with fat until I was around 1800 calories.
No, that's not right, it says low levels are normal, very high levels can lead to ketoacidosis. There are many, many methods the body uses to buffer the pH in the blood. Ketosis isn't a harmful state. Immense levels of ketones in the body can eventually cause blood acidosis by basically being so saturated with hydrogen ions from bound ketones, that the methods can't keep up.

As for levels of ketones:
Anywhere between none to medium high is fine, so long as you keep an eye on your diet. The solution is to drink a cup of tea with 2 sugars if it's too high.

Wouldn't you say the same thing about a person counting calories? Smaller caloric deficits are fine, larger ones are fine too, but enormous deficits are not fine.
>mom thinks she is going to lose weight by taking that keto powder without changing any other aspect of her diet
Wtf is keto powder
post more snakes
this shit
Thanks for the laugh lol
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Unless you have renal issues, there is zero evidence for a high protein diet causing problems for the kidneys. Those fuckers are adaptable as hell, and can easily tolerate more nitrogen filtration.

If you go full bodybuilder and decide to eat like 3-4-5g of protein per kg bodyweight per day, your wallet will most probably take way more damage than your kidneys.

If you're diabetic, probably.
Dude, no.
Being in ketosis is a backup solution for the body to ensure it has enough glucose even when the diet fails to provide it.

Ketoacidosis is a whole other deal, and it's a specific and acute shitstorm that can only happen to people with t1 diabetes.
If a person with t1 diabetes becomes really sick or gets,say, a bacterial infection, the body responds by increasing adrenaline and cortisone.
Adrenaline increases the amount of glucose in the blood(blood sugar levels increase) and cortisone helps prevent it from going down.

As a t1 diabetic has problems producing insulin, it has problems getting all that blood sugar into the cells, which prompts the body to think it needs to increase the amount of sugar in the blood, which it does by ketosis. This leads to very very high levels of both blood glucose and ketone bodies + beta hydroxybutyrate in the bloodstream,and as ketone bodies are highly acidic, the pH of the blood falls.

Ketoacidosis also leads to being dehydrated, as water are pulled out of the cells due to osmosis,and further gets flushed out by urination.

As the pH in the body continues to plummit, the body tries to compensate by increasing breathing rate to try and shift more CO2 away from the blood. Eventually patients risk falling into coma ,increased intercranial pressure ,and dying.

TL;DR Diabetic Ketoacidosis relies on the body not being able to regulate insulin. It cannot work if your body can use insulin properly = it can only happen in diabetics.
what about card cycling?

im about to do a carb cycling routine? is it of any harm?
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First time went into ketosis last week.

My body started going into some sort of adrenaline starvation mode. Kept drinking water. Took a day to get over the feeling, now I feel normal. Heart sort of races once in a while, but for some reason I do squats when that happens to "fight" it.

Since then I lost at least 5 pounds. Consume anything as long as my daily carb intake is less than 20. Das it.

Main food consists of hoarding leftover thanksgiving meat, eggs, and steamed vegetables.

If I do really well (less than 10 carbs a day) I will reward myself with a mouthful of reddi whip at night.

>tfw I'm preparing myself to be a nightly cum guzzler
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