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Fatties vs Doctors and Trainers

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I know this is old but I love this episode of insight - fatties vs doctors and fitness trainers

everyones seen this already
What scares is that the old lady (who is something like a public health inspector or some shit?) actually says that not everyone can lose weight. I dont know why she is feeding fatties their delusion instead of being honest with them.
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My favorite part.
OK that what was the part I ment. I love how a psychologist deems herself qualified to talk about biology.
So diets work but only if you are on them long enough. Why did they try to discredit diets by saying that it doesn't work ALL the time?

If education was the subject, everyone knows it takes continual work to be educated
>diets don't work when you don't follow them the show
>exercising doesn't do anything if you don't do it the show
yeah it was pretty funny seeing the "doctor" getting btfo. what did he expect citing theories from the fucking 1800s?
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What in god's name is going on over at Buick? Are we all turning gay because Hamerican women are fat fat fat?

Gr8, etc.

I think from watching it again when they say 'diets' they refer to 'jenny craig', 'weight watchers' etc I don;t know if you guys have these but in Aus they're stupid diet programs with pre-made food that you buy.

Different to diet in the sense that you educate yourself about food and make intelligent choices and lifestyle changes.
desu I think for morbidly obese people there's a huge psychological hurdle to overcome in order to really lose that weight. They misrepresent the food they eat to themselves, they have no concept of the right kinds of habits, their minds rationalise away the prospect of exercise, and the shame they feel makes them even further entrench their behaviours and rationalise their position in order to try to rationalise away shame.

More shaming is probably counter productive, but fat acceptance is the same thing - rationalising away the shame admits its existence in the first place.

I don't know where this is going.

Fat people should just lose the shame and honestly look at their food intake, lifestyle behaviours, total daily activity and be honest with themselves.

I was channel surfing yesterday and came upon My Big Fat Shitty Life, and the ham was crying about not being able to lose weight to prevent diabetes.

She was sitting in her car and holding what must have been a 3 liter cup of something. I thought maybe it was cola or something, but it turned out to be ice cream. Ice cream. They don't even make ice cream cups that big in my country.

Fat people are so delusional I don't even know how you're supposed to fix that as a society....
it starts in childhood. If american schools actually gave kids home made, fresh, whole foods rather than industrial slush then thatd be a big step forward for habit forming and lifestyle shaping

Is it that bad? In my country, you have to bring your own lunch to school. There are limited options to what you can buy.

I don't understand why Anglo schools feel they need to provide warm lunch to kids.
yeah same in my country, but I just know that's how it works in america.

I grew up having to make my own lunch box

Although I guess given the obesity epidemic many American parents would give their kids shitty lunches to go too, so changing the system now won't work.
it's also exacerbated by industry - in the form of govt lobbying for standards, legislation, and food recommendations, as well as advertising, product placement esp in schools
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