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Any questions?

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Any questions?
Is this SS?
>alternating DB front raises
waste of time, Just do it at the same time not alternating
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is this good routine?
Why is tt such a bro?
>Monday Squats
>Tuesday Deadlift
Why? Do squats and deadlifts really work separate muscles? Sure they are different but I'm sure they hit some of the same muscle groups
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I actually enjoy the lack of leg training. My legs are already unproportionately large to my upper body do to all the mountain biking I used to do.
Lots of exercise hit same muscles.
Squats hit glutes and hammies harde. Deads hit back amd quads harder
Try making progress on deadlifts if you do them right after super heavy squats.
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Why not just take a few days off then do deadlifts?
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Just seems a bit excessive to me to do them back to back or even on the same day

>deadlifts hit quads harder than squats
>squats hit hammies harder than deadlifts

please stop.
nutrition/diet plan?
that routine makes no sense, but pic related was on gear so it doesn't matter
Can you guys critique this routine? Have been doing it for almost two months now, just wanted a four day routine and couldnt find any that didnt put too much pressure on my lower back. (tried Canditos but it just hurt my back.

Day 1:
Barbell Row-4x8
Bicep Curls-3x12
Tricep Extensions-3x12
Shoulder Press-3x12

Day 2
Weighted sit-ups-4x12
Weighted Lunges-3x12
Calf raises-3x12
Hamstring curls-3x12

Day 3-
Incline Bench-4x12
Lat pull Down-4x12
Front lateral Raises-3x12
Overhead Press-3x12
(sometimes add in chest flys)

Day 4
Leg press-4x12
Calf Raises-3x12
Hamstring Curl-3x12
Leg raises-3x12

rate poorfag routine please, wont be near a gym for another 4 months and can't have a squat rack in this small shit appart. Have 1 db a pull up bar, 2 wooden bars I place beteen my sofas to make a dipping machine and 1 iron chain that's 20 kg.

A push
-3x12 weighted dips/alternatign 3x6 with more weight every workout.
-3x3 handstand push ups (can't do more) alternating 3x12 feet elevated pike push ups
-3x10 weighted archer push ups both sides.
-3x8-12 front raises
-3x12 incline diamond push ups

B pull
-3x6-12 weighted chins or pull ups.
-3x12 lateral raises
-3x12 weighted, incline inverted rows (alternating underhand and overhand grip depends if I did chins or pulls)
-3x10 upright row
-2x12 db row
-3x12 db curls

C legs
-3x15 goblet squat with chain aswell (ony have a total of 60 kg in weights...)
-3x15 hip thrusts
-3x20 lunges
-2 min duck walk and 2 min bridge
-3x15 one legged weighted calf raises (on stairs) tfw your neighbour sees you with a db and a big ass chain half naked doing calf raises in the stairways.

Actually made some decent gains doing this started at 3x5 pull ups now at 3x12+10 kg and 3x7 dips now at 3x12+20 kg. And that in 6 weeks, I used to lift for a bit over a year thou but quitted for 7 months before starting this routine
Love these threads, there's always one autist who gets triggered.

3x6 Bench
3x6 Squat
3x8 Romanian Deadlift
3x10 Chinups
3x20 Cable Crunches
3x6 OHP
1x6 Deadlift
3x10 Pullups
3x10 Dips
3x20 Cable Crunches

On the old AxBxAxxBxAxBxx schedule.
Aiming for the 1/2/3/4 for reps before I consider changing things since I'm enjoying this setup a lot.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 6

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